Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 20th October 2015 Written Episode

The episode begins with, amrish says i have to pay back the welfare fund money back n i have used it for rajs acting class, koyal says uncle i will help u with 2 lakhs, i know its not a small amount but i will manage, just don’t tell raj, he will get tensed n spoil things,amrish says i know, n u know koyal raj is working so hard to marry u, i have never seen him so serious n its all bcoz of u, koyal says i know uncle n for raj i will help u, u relax, amrish says thanks koyal come lets go.
Koyal reaches function n sees raj n maddy together, n thinks on how she will manage two lakh in five days n hears leela scolding caterers on not supplying the order n says company will give u no order now, koyal rushes to leela n says aunty what is it why are u tensed, leela says koyal navratri 4 more days are left n caterers will not supply food anymore, koyal says aunty plz give me this order, u have tested my food, plz give me this order i will make it in 2 lakhs plz, leela says koyal its a huge deal n u have exams so concentrate on that n leaves.
Koyal in house arranging stuff, n is tensed abt 2 lakhs, n says if raj gets to know abt this he will leave studies behind n start working for 2 lakhs i have to do something n help raj, koyal sees tani n says tani di i need help, see u know samar sir is very impressed with u, tani says koyal nothing such, koyal says di i have noticed it plz ask samar sir n give me the durga pooja catering order, tani says ok i will talk to him but why u want it, koyal says di i will explain u things later, u plz talk to samar sir.
Koyal praying to god to give her contract, tani goes to koyal n says samar said yes n u have to work really hard for it bcoz its a company thing n u have ur exams too,koyal says di don’t worry i will manage, tani says ok but tell me what are u upto, koyal says later di, tani says ok go start with the work.
Koyal goes through the kitchen, tani says koyal u will have to manage alone i have to go factory bye best of luck, koyal says ok, caterer gives her the list of food, koyal sees she has to cook 1000 people food three times a day, koyal says i have just made food for 4 people n this is 1000, n says yes i will manage n fulfill the contract, koyal starts guiding the workers to cook food, n starts working on cooking food, koyal tries to study but a worker says madam we have to make some more food, koyal starts helping n guiding them cook food, she gets a call from raj but she doesn’t receive it n says raj i cant i have to miss this call n its just for u.
Raj gets upset on koyal not receiving call n says god koyal where are u i am so worried for u n since i don’t know where u are i am unable to concentrate in studies,i am so tensed, maddy calls raj n asks where are u, raj says its all koyals fault,she isn’t answering any calls messages nothing i am so worried for her, maddy says even i didn’t speak to her, i will go check her house, raj says u don’t worry i am going to her place, maddy says ok but do inform me abt her.
Koyal reaches home n sees raj n he starts yelling where were u, i was calling u since morning where were u, koyal says u are mad raj n takes him away n says its so late, ma will scold u, raj says koyal u know i cant live without u n u always bug me n today u didn’t call me at all, koyal says i was studying u shd study too go, raj says koyal u forgot that we have to go maddys house n we were gonna study together, koyal says no raj i will fail if i study with u, n amrish uncle is so tensed n u look at urself go study, n if u love me go study, koyal leaves, raj says koyal come back cmon, koyal goes in locks the door n starts crying, raj feels bad, koyal says u cant see me raj, u will get to know i am tensed n i don’t want this to happen since i have to help amrish uncle.
Raj leaves n meets shobu on his way n says why did u dash me, shobu says u open ur eyes n walk n its late night have some sense n come in morning, raj says oh plz get lost n goes, shobu goes in, tani says shobu where were u so late, shobu says was with a friend n tani di this raj why does he come so late n has no sense, tani says shobu don’t get so angry, he is gonna marry koyal now, shobu says so what did u forget how did he hit me, tani says shobu forget the past, shobu goes to koyal n says why did u meet raj so late, koyal says shobu plz enough of u n raj, tani says yes go sleep n let us sleep too.
Shobu leaves n sees tanis phone n takes it n says now i will now what she is hiding from us n sees messages on her phone. Venkats family busy in pooja arrangements, venkat helping maddy in decoration, n sees raj n says maddy why does raj come to our place, maddy says appa he is my friend, venkat says u shd know who ur friend n enemies are, maddy says appa just bcoz of him n koyal i cant forget our friendship n he needs my help to study so, venkat says so let him fail he deserves it but u will never listen to me n leaves, raj asks why did uncle go, maddy says forget it lets go, raj goes in with footwear venkat scolds him on that, raj says sorry n removes his footwear n thinks i guess leela aunty n uncle are still upset with me.

Precap: raj n maddy go to factory pooja arrangements n go to kitchen n asks who is ur incharge, the workers points at koyal, raj n maddy unaware of its koyal walk to her n call her, koyal cuts her finger due to distraction.

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