Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st October 2015 Written Episode

Gaura tells Dharam that Meera is duffer like her father and she is their trump card to take revenge against Kokila and family.

Durga goes to Vidya’s room, applies sandalwood on her face and says she did not do her muh dikhayi yet. Vidya gets emotional. Shravan watches that and thanks Durga for taking care of Vidya and says he should have realized baaji’s plans and should not have gone out.

Gopi insists her mother to come to her home. Sona (Gopi is not surprised to see her readymade adult sister) says her mother will not go anywhere. Madhuben says she does not want to come to her house as she has a very valid reason. Gopi asks what is that reason. Madhuben says Kokila. Gopi and Ahem are shocked to hear that.

Gaura sees Meera sleeping in front of devi idol and Vidya adding ghee into lamp and angrily wakes up Meera. Meera sees Vidya adding ghee into lamp and fumes. Gaura taunts Meera she lost her devi blessings as Vidya took them. Vidya says she saw lamp blowing off, she added ghee in it. Meera shouts she would have awoken her. Gaura says tommorow’s sunrise aarti will be performed by Meera and then sunset aarti by Vidya.

In the morning, Meera enthustiastically steps out of her room and slips on cow dung. Vidya runs to pick her, but Gaura stops her and says Meera is dirty now, so she cannot touch her. Meera says she will take bath and come back for aarti. Gaura says shubh/auspicious muhurath will pass, so Vidya will perform morning aarti. Meera angrily goes to take bath.

Vidya brings aarti thali and asks Durga to perform pooja. Gaura and Dharam fume while Shravan gets happy. Meera comes back after bath. Gaura brainwashes her that Vidya must have kept cow dung in front of her room door as she wanted manhoos/Durag to perform aarti. Meera angrily looks at Vidya. After aarti, Gaura shouts at Vidya that being under water, she is challening crocodile. Vidya says she did right as Durga is badi bahu of this house.

Precap: Gopi takes Madhuben Sona to Modi bhavan and says Kokila that she brought her mom and she will stay with them now. Kokila says she cannot stay here.

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