Tere Sheher Mein 21st October 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rama bringing Tilak home. Tilak thinks to take letter by making some excuse. Everyone talk to Tilak and be good to him. Sumitra asks Tilak to have dinner with them. Tilak refuses and Rama insists. Rama says he will go with dad. Sumitra goes to prepare food. Amaya gets tea for Tilak. He stares at her and smiles. He says you have scolded me, slapped me, and I have saved your husband’s life and apologized too, won’t you put tea in cup and give me. Kangana says I will give tea, I m Rama’s sister Kangana, thanks for saving Rama. He thinks he does not like Kangana, he likes Amaya.

They all sit for dinner. Rama asks Tilak since when is he here. Tilak says once his work ends, Banaras will remember him. Gupta says yes, you are doing a noble work. Tilak helps Amaya and tries holding her hand. He acts sweet and says he loves to serve others, he serves food to his mum and sister at home, Lord helps them who helps others. Sumitra says you won our heart. Rama asks Amaya to have food. Amaya thinks why is Tilak doing this, he is behaving good after I scolded him, how to tell Rama that Tilak is not a good person.

Sumitra asks Kangana to go and have rest. Tilak says now this is my home, I can do work here, and goes to keep his food plate in kitchen. He says I will leave now. Sumitra asks him to come anytime when he missed home. Tilak touches her feet. She blesses him. Tilak says your family is good. Rama thanks him. He goes to drop his dad to his room. Tilak goes to get letter. Amaya asks why is he coming this side, the exit door is here. He says its beautiful home, I was just seeing. She says its night, this is not time to see home. He says tell me, if there is any work. She says we don’t have any work. I know you are not right guy, you are just pretending to be good, go from here and focus on your ashram. He asks anything else? He smiles and leaves.

She shuts the door and thinks it was strange day, I don’t wish this guy comes in our home and life again. Tilak comes to the bar. He says he will see Amaya, so that she knows how to deal with men. He recalls her words and slap. He says I like her, I have to make this connection strong. His friends come and ask why did he beat them and saved Rama, is his heart… Tilak says stop nonsense, don’t ask me anything, I know what I m doing, I got a key to Gupta house, I have seen the letter, I could not take it, I made the door bolt loose, it will open easily, I can’t go there, go and get that letter. They leave.

Kangana goes to get water in kitchen. The man looks for the letter. She asks who is there. The man runs. She says maybe its thief and runs after them. Rama tells Amaya that Tilak is such a good man, so helpful and running an orphanage. Amaya says he is not good as he pretends. Rama says you don’t like anyone ever. She asks you mean I m arrogant, its not like I don’t like anyone, I like you so much. He asks her to say again, she likes him? Amaya makes excuse and leaves. She goes out and sees door open. She worries for Kangana and she is not in her room. She says she has to see Kangana and stop her, before anything bad happens.

Kangana asks the men to stop. The man calls Tilak and informs that a girl has seen him. Tilak says our mission should not fail, kill that girl. Amaya looks for Kangana and gets her earrings. She wonders is she in Kanika’s avatar and calls our Kanika. The man says I can’t run more, I m waiting for Tilak. Kangana asks them to stop. Amaya thinks where did Kangana go. She sees an auto and asks driver to take her to some bar.

She asks where will they go now. The man says this route ends for you, not me, no one can save you. She says she can face him. He asks will she face all of them alone, with her broken hand. She asks him to leave her hand. Tilak comes there to stab her. Amaya comes there to save hr. Tilak sees Amaya and starts beating his friends. The men run away. Kangana says she has seen thieves at home and came here following them.

Tilak asks is she fine. She says yes, I m fine, thanks. Kangana says I will inform police and get the thieves arrested. She calls and does not get network. Amaya says its good Kangana is fine, I was worried for Kangana’s twin role Kanika. Tilak asks what second personality, why did you call her Kanika. She says nothing. He says I remember well, you called her Kanika.

Sumitra scolds Amaya. Amaya asks Rama to say. Rama says enough, he can’t hear a word against his sister and mum.

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