Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd October 2015 Written Episode

Vidya says Kokila that Durga is her elder bahu and should perform pooja and requests her support to maintain peace in her house. Gaura unwillingly keeps silent. Shravan touches Gaura’s feet and she blesses him. He leaves ingoring Dharam. Dharam shouts Shravan is so arrogant, he did not take blessing of his father. Vidya then touches Dharam and Gaura’s feet. Gaura silently smears cow dun on her pallu and shows Meera that Vidya kept cow dung in front of her room door purposefully to stop her from doing pooja.

Meera shouts at Vidya how dare she is to throw cowdung in front of her room door. Vidya says she did not. Meera asks then how did she get cow dung on her pallu. Gaura smirks and asks them to go out and fight. Meera drags Vidya out while she continues that she did not. Durga says vidya did not do anything. Gaura asks Dharam to take her and teach a lesson. Dharam drags her upstairs.

Gaura enjoys pulao and smirks watching Meera and Vidya’s fight and provokes Meera. Meera continues shouting that she is jealous of her and finds chance to trouble her. Vidya says if she was jealous of her, then why would she have come here to save her. Meera shouts she does not know anything.

Kokila asks Tolu/molu to check where are Gopi, Ahem and Jigar. They say their phone is not reachable. Gopi reaches home with Madhuben and says her mom will stay with them from hereon. Kokila says this woman will not stay here.

Vidya hears Durga pleading Dharam to leave her and runs upstairs. Dharam beats Durga for entering temple and doing pooja. Vidya protects Durga and asks Dharam to respect Durga as she has equal right on this house. Dharam shouts that he will kill her and Durga. She can expect only this from him. Their argument continues. Dharam raises his stretcher to hit Vidya when Shravan comes and holds it and asks dare not to misbehave with his mother and wife. Dharam fumes and tries to hit again when Durga acts as falling unconscious to divert their attention.

Kokila continues telling family that Madhuben cannot stay here.

Precap: Gopi asks Kokila why can’t her mother stay at Modi bhavan. Kokila tells she will tell the reason.

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