Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 22nd October 2015 Written Episode

The concert was set to begin. Nandhani and Navya also come there. The producer was angry at the performance, he tells Nandhani this will be her friend’s last performance. Nandhani tells him not to worry, they will perform as if they are giving their last performance to him. Navya makes an announcement.
Manik was in the car, telling the driver to take him before performance.
Dhruv, Mukti, Aaliya nod at each other.
Manik urges the driver to drive fast, he argues there is heavy traffic.
Nandhani prays for the Fab5. They begin playing the music. Dhruv sings for Fab5, ‘Purani baton ko’. Madhaim arrive with his guitar and sings with Dhruv on stage.
Manik comes out of the car as they were stuck in traffic block. He runs on the roads.
Aaliya and Mukti sings on female notes.
Nandhani mistakens Madhaim with Manik on stage and gets worried. She steals her looks from his face and is upset. There is big crowd roar and cheer at the end of song.
Manik runs and reaches the concert. The producer was saying, what a performance. Nandhani was also happy. Manik watches Madhiam smiling at Nandhani, everyone was cheering together. Nandhani looks at Manik smiling at her. Madhiam and everyone took photos, while Nandhani turns her face again thinking had he really been here, she would have been very happy. She turns away thinking she can’t forget him anywhere. Manik watches Nandhani, then curtly he leaves the concert. Nandhani feels he was real and goes out. Madhiam notices her leave.
Aryaman comes looking for Nandhani and finds her in corridor, he asks why she came here like that. Nandhani says she saw Manik, he was right here. Aryaman says she must try to understand that Manik isn’t here, this is all illusion. Nandhani insists that he was here. Fab5 comes there. Nandhani doesn’t heed them, she moves on looking for Manik. Aryaman gets a message, Celebrations await the brilliant fab5.
Manik gets back to car, the driver asks if he wants to go back to Poona. He gets a call and says he doesn’t know anything, the driver asks him where to go now. He was silent.
Navya celebrates with Fab5 cheering them in the party. The producer comes and appreciate their performance, he asks if they are ready for their next performance. Mukti asks didn’t he say this was their last performance. The producer says he just said that all because he wanted them to perform well. He asks for Maddy, spotting him he appreciates him too. Maddy says to fab5 that don’t they think he saved them at the last moment, but he won’t do it again. He leaves them all curt. Aaliya says he is coconut, he is hard from outside but at heart. He has a potential but his attitude kills.
Dhruv and Aaliya go aside, Dhruv says he will drop her and drags Aaliya aside. Mukti and Aryaman wave them.
Aaliya spots a couple fighting at the choice of clothes. She suggests the girl to wear charcoal black, the girl cheers. She comes to suggest another girl getting confused for dress and helps her too. She comes to the third girl and asks why she isn’t wearing the dress they had selected. She appreciate the couple. They all come to shoot together. Aaliya says she is so exhausted.
Manik comes to his house. He removes all the cloths that covered the furniture and cries. He remembers his times with Nandhani.

PRECAP: Mukti and Dhruv come behind Nandhani who was walking towards the sound of guitar. He calls Manik, Manik stops playing.

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