Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 23rd October 2015 Written Episode

Purshottam asks Mahamadhya if they are supporting the right person. Whatever has happened wasn’t right. Mahamadhya says we have to bear small problems for bigger gains. Purshottam asks for his say on Ashoka. Would he have behaved in a similar manner? Mahamadhya reasons that they have invested a lot of time in Sushim. Let us not divert out attention now. Ashoka will be same person in future that he is today. He will never change. Don’t think about all this and focus on the work. He leaves but Purshottam is in thoughts.

Ashoka brings in his mother. Charumita asks the soldiers to camm Vaid ji. Rajmata Helena stops Charumita. What happened? What did you do? Charumita agrees to tell her when it is the right time. Vaid checks Dharma. Charumita updates him on whatever happened with Dharma in the entire day. He says it is certainly a mental problem. I cannot sense anything wrong with her. Ashoka asks him to do anything that he can. I cannot see mother in this condition. She has been through a lot in her life but she was all strong. How come this happened all of a sudden? Vaid replies that it isn’t necessary that everything will show an effect on the same time. Sometimes the incidents take toll on a person later in life. Ashoka is not happy with any of his replies. Charumita calms Ashoka. Ashoka says sorry to Vaid ji. I dint mean to insult you but my mother is my world, my life. Vaid gives him something to make Dharma drink all the time. Don’t leave her alone for a moment. Ashoka nods. Charumita agrees to take care of Dharma. Ashoka politely thanks her for saving his mother but she is my world. What will I do if I don’t look after her? I will ask for your help in case I need it. He talks to Vaid ji about what else he should be doing. Vaid ji guides him and then leaves. Ashoka requests everyone to leave him alone with his mother for a while. Everyone accepts it. Charumita tells the same to Ahankara as she enters the room. Ashoka misses his father. Why aren’t you here, father? When will you be back!

Rajmata Helena checks with a soldier if there is any message for her. The soldier shakes his head. It is important for you to return now Noor. Charumita is doing something but isn’t telling me! I hope she doesn’t win!

Acharya Chanakya tends to Bindusar.

Ahankara prays to God for Ashoka and his mother. They both are so good people. Why wrong things happen with good people? Please make them well. I cannot see them in this condition. She holds the diya as it was about to blow off. She gets scared seeing Sushim coming in. There is no point in praying as I have a fear that the one who you are praying for, wont be able to see tomorrow’s sunrise. He keeps her hand over the diya. She is in pain.

Ashoka is taking care of his mother. Please open your eyes Ma. I am here with you only. Dharma takes his name in sleep. He remembers that Vaid ji had asked him to call him as and when Dharma wakes up. No one is around to Ashoka goes out to meet Raj Vaid ji. On his way, Ashoka collides with Purshottam. He tries to ask him who he is but Purshottam pushes him and runs away! Ashoka chases him but then hears his mother taking his name in sleep. He goes to her. I am back, Ma. I have brought medicine for you. She opens her eyes. He helps her sit. What happened to me? He tells her about how he found her. She has no clue about any of it. She shares that she heard a disturbing sound and then those spiders. Ashoka thinks of Vaid ji’s words. He suggests her to sleep. I will be with you till father returns. She lies down. Ashoka wishes his father knew what’s happening here!

Acharya Chanakya thinks if he was late in saving Bindusar.

Ashoka notices something outside his window. It seems as if the refugees are in some trouble. My mother needs me too. what should I do? A soldier comes to call him to the courtroom.

Sushim blames Ashoka for not abiding by his order. Apologize to me right away or you know of the consequences! Ashoka is not at all sorry for what he did. I can do it hundred times if I have to do something for Ma. I can even challenge God for Ma as nothing is above Ma. Sushim angrily tells him to stop. Charumita supports Ashoka. I can understand his pain. He was doing his duty towards his mother. I am so proud of him. Dharma is lucky to have a son like him. Sushim points out that Ashoka challenged his order. Charumita asks him to think as a brother for once. Elder brother is like father in father’s abence. How would we have faced Samrat if anything had happened to Dharma? Sushim says he could have asked for my permission. Charumita advises him to think from Ashoka’s point of view. She also acts good with Ashoka. I am always there for you. Ashoka thanks her. He leaves. Sushim questions his mother over what she did. She replies that at times you have to use sympathy before hurting someone.

Next morning, Bindusar lies unconscious. Someone walks in holding a dagger in his hand and stabs him. Dharma wakes up screaming Samrat! Ahankara hears her. She immediately rushes to Dharma’s side. She makes her drink water. Dharma talks about the dream but Ahankara assures her that nothing will happen to Samrat till Acharya Chanakya is with him.

Acharya Chanakya checks Bindusar’s pulse. His condition is deteriorating. His treatment will become impossible if this continues. I have to go in deep jungle to find one special herbs. Till then make him drink this herbal mix and apply the medicinal paste on his head regularly. I only have time till sunset.

Precap: Chanakya looks for the herb. I should find it before it starts raining or I wont be able to cancel the effect of the poison. He falls in a pit. If I don’t save Samrat by sunset then the future of Magadh will go in darkness forever.

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