Piya Rangrezz 23rd October 2015 Written Episode

Shraddha sees Sher’s last pheras and gets up calling his name, but due to Bhavri’s goons shooting bullets her voice goes unnoticed. Shraddha then falls unconscious. Sunehri sees that and tries to go towards her,but Bhavri signals goon and he holds Sunehri on gunpoint. Bhavri smirks and silently stands in front of Shraddha. Sher searches Shraddha and stops doing pheras. Pandit asks to continue pheras. Bhavri asks what happened. Sher says where is Shraddha. Bhavri says she left silently. Chanda pleads Sher to complete pheras with her, else take her life. Bhavri asks why should chanda suffer between his and Shraddha’s fight. Sher says he will not go anywhere and complete this marriage. He already spoilt one life and will not another. He restarts pheras. Bhavri’s goons silently pick Shraddha from there, drop her aside in passageway and go back. Sunheri cannot move fearing her life. Pandit announces that marriage is complete and Sher and Chanda are husband and wife. Chanda takes Bhavri’s blessings.

Children see Shraddha in passageway and inform sher that his thakurayan has fallen unconscious on floor. Sher runs and tries to awaken Shraddha and asks Sumer to call doc. With Sunehri and Gajra’s help, he carries Shraddha to her room. Sumer brings doc, but Bhavri tries to stop him. He silently takes doc to Shraddha’s room. Doc checks Shraddha. Bhavri asks Sher to go down as guests and chanda are waiting for him. He says he will not go anywhere and asks doc what happened to shraddha. Doc nervously looking at Bhavri, sends Sumer and Sunehri out and says Shradha is pregnant. Sher and Bhavri are shocked to hear that.

Sher with Gajra and Sunehri waits in Shraddha’s room. Shraddha wakes up. Sher asks how can she hide such a big happiness that she is pregnant with his child. She tries to speak. He says only he will speak now and says she tricked him twice, first got him married to Chanda and second tried to take her child away from him, he will never forgive her for this. She tries to speak again. He says whatever she says will be lies, so he will not listen to her until he sees his child from his eyes, she should stay here till 9 months. He is keeping her here as he wants to see his child and after that she can go wherever she likes. If she would have informed him first, he would have given her respect, but not now. He calls Gajra and Sunehri and says Shradha will stay here for the next 9 months and they should take care of her.

Bhavri hears his conversation standing near door and starts her drama that she is becoming daadi and will take care of Shraddha well. She sends him down to be with Chanda.

Chanda waits for Sher and once he enters tries to close door. He asks why. She opens door. He says he needs time to accept her relationship. She asks him not to worry, she did not want to come between him and Shraddha. He asks her to rest and leaves.

Bhavri asks Gajra and Sunehri go out of Shraddha’s room and close it from outside. She then taunts Shraddha that she will know now what child’s love is when she snatches her child from her.

Precap: Shraddha tries to leave Sher’s home silently but stops seeing someone.

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