Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 27th October 2015 Written Episode

The episode starts with tiwari saying to anita that he will take anita for a drive in his new car. She says no you go on a drive with angoori n laddu first then i ll come. Angoori says no its ok u go with tiwari. Tiwari says you are so intelligent n nice. Anita saya oh nice ok i ll go then. Tiwari goes to drop anita to her classes. He goes. Vibhuti comes to tiwari’s house n asks whether bhabiji is at home. Angoori comes all happy n says yes yes i am here. She gives him sweets n says there is a good news. He says sarcasticlly that good news oh! N says that why is tiwari in such a hurry. He thinks that she has got pregnant n gets irritated. She says a new member has come n he says how come so early you dint get a big stomach also. She says new car has come. Tiwari brought her a car. He says ohh nice now my tension for car has gone. He says where is the car? She says tiwari has taken it to drop n pick anita. He says ok. Angoori says that i want to learn driving but the car is not there. He says not a problem i ll teach u at night when everyone sleeps. She says ok done. Vibhuti gets up from his sleep n says now i ll go to teach angoori. He is going n anita murmurs in sleep about a person with moustaches n he is cute n they are romancing. Vibhuti says thank god she is in sleep n goes. He goes down n makes noises of a bird to call angoori. She comes hears it n wakes up n says vibhuti has come i got to go but where are the car keys. Tiwari is in sleep n says that its in drawer n he also speaks in sleep n sings a song. She comes to balcony n asks vibhuti not to shout n make noises as tiwari might wake up n she is coming. She throws her scandals to him n says wait i am coming. He holds her scandals n says ohh i cant wait come fast please come fast n is going to kiss the scandals thrown by angoori but doesnt n says control vibhu. She comes n they both look at each other n smile. She says give my scandals n says now teach me driving. They both sit in car n he tells the basics of car driving n says this is break, accelerator, clutch, gear n stearing wheel. Anita wakes up n sees vibhuti is not there n says where has he gone n checks washroom n says he is not here also lets check outside n goes to see but doesnt find him. She sees tiwari’s car going fast in full speed n says why is tiwari is driving so fast at night? She says forget it n goes. Vibhuti says now u drive n tells her to drive carefully. He tells her to put break but she accelerates it n bashes the dustbin in which happu singh is hiding to find a hooligan. Vibhuti says nothing happened n asks her to drive properly n not press the accelerator. She says ok. They go n reach home. He comes out of the car all frustrated but doesnt show it to her. She says now we will learn rest tomorrow n thanks him. Hs locks the car n gives her the keys n she goes n sleeps after keeping the keys in drawer. Vibhuti says she is mad no sense of road n driving but beautiful. He goes.
Next day happu singh is fractured n all injured on his head. He calls malkhan for support. He asks how did this happen? He slaps him n says that he should ask him properly. Anita comes n asks whats this chaos going n what happened happu singh? He tells her everything n asks whether she saw anyone at night around 1 driving car in full speed? She says no then says yes she saw tiwari’s car but can’t say whether tiwari was driving or not. He says ok wait i ll check it. He sees dent on car n says anita tiwari has hit me. He says now see tiwari i ll hit u so much for this. The episode ends.

Precap:- Happu tells angoori that someone at night hit him down by car when he was in dustbin. She says so it was you? Tiwari anita n happu look at her with various expressions n vibhuti signals her not to say anything.

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