Choti Bahu 30th July 09 – Written Update

Short update

Dev tells Radhika she\’ll come back cuz Kanha will make her.
Radhika prays that it doesn\’t come true.
Vishakha is going to meet Mirnu\’s friend
Mrinu decides to stay in Mumbai
Dev\’s family is going to the airport when Chacha and Dadi see Vish on the street.
But Dadi doesnt\’ believe its Vish.
Mrinu calls Vish and finds out she is in Mumbai and asks to meet.
Dev comes back to hte ashram for mutt work
Dev\’s family coming to Virndavan to see choti Bahu.

Detailed Update

Part I

Dev tells Radhika she will come on her own as Kanha will make it happen. And if its in Kanha\’s will it will happen. Radhika is worried and she goes to the temple in the ashram and prays saying not let this happen and she just wants to be a sevika here. Guruji comes to Radhika and asks her how a strong bakt like her can cry. She must have faith in her bakti. He tells her that she made a decision and should stand by it and leave the rest to God. As if her decision is right God will be with her and if her decision is not right then God will reverse it anyway.

Vishakha is getting ready and Purab asks her where she is going. Vish says she can\’t wait around for him to do anything so she is going to meet Mirnalini\’s friend agian. Purab says they didn\’t even let her in last time she went. Vish says that last time she went as a behenji and today she is dressed all modern in a tube dress. Purab says its good as if she doesn\’t do anything soon all their money would be gone and they won\’t have anything to eat either. Vish asks him how she is looking and Purab gives her an ok. She gets mad and goes to change.

Dadi asks Chacha and Arjun if they have everything ready to go. Chacha says yes and the tickets are also confirmed. Dadi says Vaishali and Deepika have gone shopping we should tell them to just meet us at the airport or we\’ll be late. Dadi tells Arjun he should have gone wiht them. Arjun says he had some work here thats why he didn\’t go. Mirnu comes and Dadi asks her if she is ready to go. Mrinu says she is not going as she wants to meet her friend and they are going shopping. She tells Dadi that she had told Chacha before and he postponed her ticket already. She looks at Arjun meaningfully and Arjun tells his father that he too had work so maybe he should stay too. Chacha tells him he can\’t stay as his ticket wasn\’t cancelled. Mrinu just shrugs her shoulders at him.

Dev and Shashtriji come home and Devki asks where Radhika is. Shashtri ji says she didn\’t come as she insisted on staying there as sevika and he couldnt\’ do anything. Devki is upset and Amma is super happy. Dev gets a call from Keshav who tells him a contractor is coming to meet him and see the land for the mutt and if Dev doesn\’t meet him then the mutt work may get postponed for at least 2 weeks. He asks Dev to come to the ashram and Dev takes leave from the Shashtris. Devki tells Shastri ji to rest and assures him that everything happens by the will of God. Amma ji is looking happy.

Mrinu goes with Chacha, Dadi, and Arjun on the way to the airport and asks them to drop her at the mall. When Mrinu gets off Dadi asks Chacha to move to the front seat as there will be more room and she gets down to say good bye to Mrinu. She tells Mrinu to take care of herself and not to roam around till late night. Just then they all see Vish crossing the street but they see mostly her back. Dadi comments that the girl looked a lot like Vish. Mrinu smiles and says that was Vish but Dadi says thats not possible as Vish is in Vrindavan and what she will be doing here. She also says that Vish doesn\’t wear cheap clothes like that girl was wearing. Chacha and Dadi leave and Mrinu calls Vish\’s phone. Vish gets irritated when Mrinu asks her where she is. Vish tells Mrinu that she left her in deep trouble and when she called her so many times and she didn\’t pick up she got the point that she has to help herself so she came to Mumbai. Mrinu says something had happened so she couldn\’t get in touch with Vish but now she too is in Mumbai and wants to meet her. Vish says she\’s going for another meeting and she\’ll think about it. Mrinu says she\’ll text her address to her.

Dev comes back to the ashram and Radhika sees him while doing work. He stops by her and she starts yelling at him thinking he is again back to convince her. Dev reminds her that the ashram is run by Purohit trust and he is here regarding the mutt work. He reminds her that he promised not to do anything to bring her back but Kanha will make her come back. He leaves. Janki didi comes to Radhika and tells her that some of the students are going to plant some trees where the mutt work is going to start. She asks Radhika to supervise. Radhika hesitates and Janki didi says she is best at handling the students and they might hurt themselves with the equipment. Radhika is helping the kids and tells them a cute poem about how seeds grow into plants. Dev is sitting on a bench nearby and smiling as he hears her. He notices on girl struggling and goes to help her. The girl asks Radhika to come help too. Dev and Radhika have a brief eye lock moment when thier hands touch. The girl asks Radhika to continue the poem and Radhika does so feeling very awkward while Dev stares at her. They are interrupted by Dev\’ cell phone.

Dev picks up the phone and walks a few feet and its Dadi calling to tell him that they are all coming to Vrindavan directly. Dev tell them not to as there is no need and the mutt work will be over in a few days he will be back with Vish. Radhika is listening to this and is shocked. Dev tries to convince Dadi but she doesn\’t listen and tells him they\’ll be there in a few hours. Radhika comes to Dev and asks whats happening and Dev says that they all coming to see their choti bahu. END.

Precap: Vish calls home and talks to Amma and tells her that she is not coming back and the only reason she called was to tell her that she is happy after leaving that hole.

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