Choti Bahu 31st July 09 – Written Update

Part 1:

Dev tells Radhika that the whole family is coming to see Choti Bahu. Radhika flips out and says what will happen when they find out Vish left home? Dev says but what can we do now they had to find out some day. Radhika says my father wont be able to handle all this again. Dev says so what should I do? Radhika says go find her. Dev says after all this? Radhika says she is your wife and it is your duty to forgive all of her mistakes. Dont think about it, go search for Vish. Dev says but everyone will be here by then. Radhika says please ask Dev and my family to make an excuse that both of you have gone out. She says go, there is no time and it\’s very important to find Vish. (OMG I feel like slapping Rad right now ) Dev leaves and Vivek gets a call and tells Birju that the whole family is coming. Vivek says Dev is going to Mumbai to bring Vish back and he has asked us to give any excuse of them not being home because they will ask for Vish as soon as they are back. Birju says I will call Vish\’s family but Vivek says no you go there instead. As Birju opens the door to leave, he finds the whole family there.

Part 2:

Birju says you all? Daadi says why are you shocked to see us? Didnt Dev tell you? We had called him and let him know. Birju says but Dev is at the Mutt land. Deepika says it feels so nice to be here, I never want to leave Vrindavan. Vaishali says we will stay here for a few days then as we are in no rush to leave anyways. Vaishali asks for water and Deepika asks where Vish is as she has to tell her something very interesting. Birju comes back with the water and Vivek says what do you need to tell her? Deepika says Chacha, Arjun and daadi saw Vish\’s “duplicate” in Mumbai and they were saying she looked just like Vish. Vaishali says I can\’t believe that, Daadi says even I didnt believe it but she looked so much like Vish that I can\’t tell you. Vivek and Birju are worried. Daadi asks if Choti Bahu is in her maayka and Vivek says yes. Chacha says what do you mean by yes? That means after coming here Choti Bahu hasn\’t come to the haveli even once. Vivek says no chachaji she was here but when Shashtri ji got a heart attack, she went there and has been there since then. Vaishali tells daadi that we have not seen Shashtri ji since he has fallen ill, let\’s go and meet him first. Vivek and Birju are shocked and daadi says yes let\’s go we will see choti bahu too because we haven\’t even spoken to her on the phone since she had left. Vivek says why go now you must be tired, get some rest, freshen up and then go after a while. Birju says yes I will make good tea but chacha stops them and says do what daadi is saying besides it only takes 5 minutes to freshen up and then we will all leave. Everyone goes to freshen up and Vivek tells Birju to take the phone and call Vish\’s family but Vaishali comes and asks him to get the bag from the car.
Devki comes in and Amma asks her where she went. Devki says I went to go see Purab but do you know he\’s not in Vrindavan either? Amma says I have nothing to do with that “chichora” Devki says he is the same guy who used to show Vish dreams of going to Mumbai and I am sure he is the one who has helped Vish run away. Amma says oh so now you know who has made her run away, I have always been telling you “ee mein Vishakha ka kono dosh na hai”. Devki says Vish is not a small kid that someone can show her a toy and kidnap her. She knew very well what she was doing (okay for once Devki is making sense and actually talking back to Amma ) Amma says enough now if you go around looking for him then everyone will know something has happened with Vish. She says the other day this lady was asking me Shashtri ji is sick, his daughter didnt come to see him? I made some excuse. Devki says now we have to live making excuses. The phone rings and Amma tells her to answer it. Devki answers and Birju tells her everyone is on their way to see Shashtri ji and Vish please you handle it.

Part 3:

Everyone\’s in the car and Birju gives the phone to Vivek and he asks him through his eyes if the work was done and Birju says yes, they leave.
Radhika is in the ashram and a little girl asks Radhika why she didnt leave when her dad came that day to take her? Another girl says its because she really loves us and doesnt want to leave us and go. Rad says yes I love all of you guys and I really like it here so I dont want to leave and go anywhere. Another little girl says even I like it here but I miss my family a lot. Another girl says I miss my little brother the most, who all is in your family didi? Radhika gets emotional and says mom, dad, daadi who everyone calls Amma and a sister. The girl says even I have a sister but I dont like her at all, she is always fighting with me. My parents have sent her to another school and that\’s good because the further she is from me, the better. Rad says you shouldn\’t say that, it\’s very important to have a sister in your life because when we are sad, she makes us understand like a mother, when we are happy, she plays with us like a friend and when we are in trouble, she protects us like a brother so who can be angry with a sister like that? (umm when was the last time Vish did these things for you? and not all sisters are like you Rad grr stop justifying everything will you??) the little girl says oh I didnt think about that now I will forgive her like a good sister. Radhika is lost in her thoughts and pricks her fingers.
Amma tells Devki to let her handle the situation because it is just as much a question of Dev\’s family\’s izzat as it is of Shashtri family\’s izzat. She asks Devki what has happened? We will just say Vish isnt here, she has gone for Devi darshan. Devki says but how long will we lie? Amma says it takes 4 days to go and come back for Devi darshan, in 4 days “baat dab javegi” and who knows maybe Vish will come back by then? Devki looks worried and Amma says I knew you will have a problem in doing even a small thing for Vish so you just remain quiet. They hear Susheel asking if Shashtri ji is at home and the whole family walks in. Amma asks Devki to stay quiet and asks the family to sit down. Devki goes to bring water and Amma asks if they had any problems coming here, daadi says no we should have come here earlier but it was equally important to go to Mumbai, tell us how is Shashtri ji now? Devki says THANK GOD he is well now. Vaishali says you have shown great courage Devki if it was someone else perhaps they would have fallen apart. Devki says when GOD gives us sorrows, he gives us the strength to bear them also. Vaishali says can we meet Shashtri ji? Amma says he has gone to the doctor. Vaishali says oh and choti bahu? can\’t find her. Amma says she is not home, the whole family is shocked and chacha and Arjun are looking at each other. Chacha says we had told Dev on the phone yet, choti bahu was not at the haveli to welcome us. No problem but now you all came here to meet her but she\’s not here either. Daadi says where has she gone and when will she back? Amma says she has gone for Devi darshan because she had said she will go there if her father gets well. Shashtri ji walks in and says there is no need to lie so much Amma. Everyone is shocked. Shashtri ji says Vish has left home.

Part 4:

Everyone is shocked. Amma gets up as does the rest of the family. Shashtri ji says Mumbai to become an actress. Devki is crying. Shashtri ji says none of us know where she is. Chacha says our daughter in law ran away?? Since when was all this going on and why didnt you tell us? instead you were lying to us? Chacha says we were satisfied thinking our choti bahu is here in her maayka but no, she is in Mumbai. Chacha says what will we answer in the society that our choti bahu has gone to Mumbai? Vaishali says besides what did choti bahu lack? “Maan samaan, pyaar, izzat” she had it all. Chacha says bhabhi she had something else in her mind that\’s why she couldn\’t concentrate on prayers and I know dreams are not born overnight, I can write it on a “stamp paper” that she was like this from the beginning but Shashtri ji hid it from us. Chacha says “kya ho shashtri ji – ache dharam karam ka naam le kar, ache puja paath ka naam le kar, apne ghar ka khota sikka humein thama diya” Devki is crying, Shashtri ji is embarassed and hurt and folds his hands and says I am aware that your family will have to be “apmanit” because of my daughter, I am sorry, I am your cullprit, please punish me, give me some punishment but I know I have comitted such a crime for which no punishment is enough but I can\’t do anything. Chacha says whatever had to be done, your daughter has done it “kaalakh pot di hum sab ke muh par”. Daadi says Susheel, he says what and walks away from Shashtri ji. Amma says please dont say such things about her “woh naandan hai, nasamjh hai” and when she realizes her mistakes, she will come back home on her own and she will not repeat this mistake again, she will be a good daughter in law. Chacha says she wont do this again, she will be a good daughter in law, you mean even after all this you are not aware of your fault? Chacha says, I dont think we should stay another minute in this house, come on everyone, let\’s go Arjun. The phone rings, Amma picks it up and it\’s Vish. Amma says Vish how are you? where are you? come home soon, you don\’t know what all has happened after you left. If you talk to your father, he will forgive you. Amma hands the phone to Shashtri ji and Vish doesn\’t realize he is on the phone. Vish says I am not going to say sorry to anyone, I wanted to be an actress and no one ever cared about my dreams but today I have made a way for myself and these relationships, they mean nothing to me. Shashtri ji is shocked hearing all of this and Vish continues saying because I don\’t give any importance to such relations which create a barrier in my success. Anyways daadi I have only called you to tell you that I am very happy being outside of the jali like home and I am not going to return back home so you all please dont worry about me and neither try to find me now i\’m hanging up “pranaam”. Vish hangs up and Shashtri ji almost drops the phone. Amma asks him what is she saying? when is she coming home? Didn\’t I say, my grand daughter is very “samajhdaar” and she will come home soon? She folds her hands and asks Daadi to forgive Vish. Shashtri ji says she will not be forgiven Amma. There is no room for her in this house even if she wants to return. Everyone is shocked.


Chacha tells daadi that this girl has broken all the rules and traditions of this house without thinking so from today on, I refuse to accept her as the choti bahu of this family.

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