Choti Bahu 6th August 09 – Written Update

Shastriji is walking by the riverside. He starts preparing for the ritual. Govind Radhe Radhe is playing. Radhika is running towards the exit. She hesitates momentarily before setting off. Dadi tries to explain to Shastriji not to do this and leave his family like this. Devki is crying uncontrollably. She says Devki did not marry him to see such a day. He says I have decided to leave this world without any attachments. I have always performed my patni dharma and she will be able to leave comfortably. Vaishali says I know what it is to be living without your husband, money will not assuage the hardship. This body has to attain liberation one day and if by God\’s will it happens today, I cannot do anything. Devki tries to tell him to stop and to go home. Shastriji requests them to let do his prayer in peace and not to interrupt him henceforth. Only by giving up on this life, I will attain moksha.

Radhika is running on the street. She trips and hurts her leg but she gets up and continues. Shastriji has started the prayer. She tries to hail a car but nobody stops. Shastriji gives Devki something and walks away. Devki tries to tell him to stop as well as Aama, but Shastriji is determined. He starts the yaj. Radhika is limping. Shastriji folds his hand in front of Vaishali and asks forgiveness that they had to face so much humiliation because of his daughter. Dadi tries again to explain to Shastriji. Aama says why are you being so harsh with us, don\’t you even feel sorry for your mother. Shastriji asks her for forgiveness if he has ever not been a good son. Aama runs to him and hugs him and cries. Radhika again tries to stop a car but they drive by. She steps in the middle of the road and the car stops just in time. Radhika collapses from exhaustion. Dev steps out of the car. He shakes Radhika and asks her to wake up. Finally Radhika regains conscience. They stare at each other. Dev asks her why is she outside this ashram in such state. She tells him to help her save her babuji as he is about to kill himself. She tells him where he will be. They get in the car. Aama and Devki are crying. Shastriji tells Devki not to cry and try to make him waver in his decision, he has to be strong to be able to able to do this. I have already explained myself, and yet if there is something I\’ve done wrong please forgive me. He tells her to take care of Radhika and to tell her that her dad asks for forgiveness for whatever he had let happen to her. Tell her that he will always be proud of her always. Dev tries to reassure Radhika that they will reach in time, Radhika prays to Kanha. Shastriji tells Devki not to try and stop him and to consider this his last wish. Aama is crying to stop him. Shastriji starts going into the water. Everyone is shocked. Suddenly Radhika calls him. Everyone becomes relieved to see her. Radhika calls to him to stop. Shastriji says it is good that you have come and I could get an opportunity to see you. I want you to forgive me for all the injustice that has been caused to you. Radhika says there is nothing like that, to come out. He says I have decided to renounce this world and break all ties. She says what will happen to mother when you are gone. He says I\’ve done the last rituals of Vishaka, because of whom we had to face so much. Now I do not have any reason to remain alive. Radhika shouts and what about me, you are thinking of only Vishaka. You have no responsibility towards me anymore? Shastriji says but you have dedicated your life to Kanha and you have become a sevika for the ashram. Even if I wanted I cannot complete my wishes. Radhika says I have left that ashram to live as your daughter. She says you still have responsibilities, I am still alive, you cannot leave me like that. Radhika is crying.

Precap: Radhika is saying to abide by your duties, you will have to end this jal saamadi.

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