Swaragini 17th June 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Swara coming back and scolds Kissan asking how can he dance with harmonium. He says I asked you to practice. She says you are just passing time and insulting musical instrument. Sahil also says the same. Swara goes angrily. Kissan thinks he made Swara angry. Ragini and Laksh are in the car. Ragini tells Laksh that Swara is looking happy after many days. Laksh says Kissan brought happiness back in Swara’s life and says I think she loves Kissan’s sense of humor. Ragini gets angry and says my sister is having only Sanskar in her heart. Laksh cares for her and hugs her as she gets angry. Just then Ragini shouts seeing truck coming infront of their car. They meet with an accident. Ragini gets injured. Annapurna calls Laksh and tells that he isn’t picking the call. She says they left Baadi 2 hours back. Parineeta hopes Ragini never returns home. Swara comes there and apologizes.

Annapurna says it is okay and asks her to sit. Durga prasad asks her to sit. Swara asks about Ragini. Ram says their phone is not connecting. Sujata gets worried. Swara says I will call her. Just then they see injured Laksh bringing Ragini holding her hand. Swara, Annapurna and Sujata get shocked seeing them injured. Swara cries and says Dadi was right. I should have taken care of you. Annapurna asks did you get hurt around your stomach. Ragini says she is fine. Laksh says it was my mistake? Annapurna asks him to be careful and thanks God. She tells Durga prasad that she thought to keep Shanti Paat at home. Durga Prasad agrees and asks Swara to invite Shekhar. Swara says okay. Annapurna says I am thinking to invite Sahil and Maya. Laksh says we shall call Kissan also. Swara says no need, he don’t even know how to pick musical instrument. Laksh calls Sanskar and asks him to get ready to impress Swara.

Sujata comes to Laksh and asks him to call Sanskar for puja. Laksh says he will come soon. Sujata hopes so. Laksh says I can’t tell you that he will be with us here tomorrow. Sanskar looks at Swara’s pic and says I can do anything to win your heart. I won’t let you get angry on me.

Everyone sit for puja and havan. Sahil thinks where is swara? Durga prasad greets Sahil and Maya. Pandit ji recites the mantras. Parineeta thinks about taking medicine from nurse to abort the child and thinks she will see how Ragini’s baby is born. She is about to mix medicine in prasad, but Utara comes just then…..Durga Prasad asks Maya and Sahil to give ahuti. Laksh waits for Sanskar. Swara asks sahil to sing bhajan, but Kissan starts singing bhajan before Sahil could sing. Sahil is jealous and angry. Parineeta looks at the poisoned laddoo. Sahil thinks Kissan is not singing this bhajan and thinks to expose him. Swara and Kissan give ahuti together. Sahil makes Kissan falls down and the music recorder falls down too. Swara gets angry and switches off the bhajan. She asks what is this Kissan? I can’t see you insulting music, and refuses to teach him music or take part in IGT. Kissan is shocked.

Police comes to arrest Swara for Sanskar’s murder. Everyone is shocked.

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