Choti Bahu 20th August 09 – Written Update

Part 1
Shastriji is surprised to see Radhika along with Dev. They, in turn, are tensed that they have been caught. Shastriji asks how come you both are here. Radev glance at each other, at lost as to what to answer. Shastriji asks what is the matter, why are you quiet. Shastriji suddenly smiles knowingly and says I know what it is. You must have heard that the preparations for the Ganesh pooja has already started at the Ashram, and you were on your way there, right? Radhika is flustered and remains quiet. Shastriji notices that Dev\’s car has broken down, and says he will wait with them till they arrange for another transport. Dev convinces him to set off as he will be late for the pooja he was supposed to do for someone and that they will manage. Shastriji agrees and asks Radhika to take care and to handle the house\’s chores. Dev is relieved that Shastriji did not learn of the real reason they were there. However, they start to worry as to how they will get to there destination. Radhika suddenly notices a truck driving in their direction. She wonders whether it is going to Delhi. She tells Dev that she will go and find out. She runs towards the truck and signals the driver to stop. She asks the latter whether he could be kind enough to give them a lift till Delhi, as they need to get there urgently. The driver sees Dev approaching and says he has great respect for true premis and it is his Dharam to help them out. Both Dev and Radhika feel a bit shy. The driver tells them to get on quickly. Dev throws his bag on the hay and hails himself up. Radhika is tensed as to how she will get in. Dev turns around and sees her struggling to get in and offers her his hand. Dev is staring at her with his hand stretched. Radhika looks away. Dev sighs at that and comes closer and offers his hand again. Radhika stares at him.

Part 2
Radhika finally slowly reaches out to him and Dev holds her hand firmly helping her inside the truck. They stand beside each other and yet apart. They move and each stand on one side inside the truck. Radhika is contemplating the scenery while Dev can\’t help himself and stares at her. A beautiful song from the movie lucky is playing in the background. (Ek ajnabi sa ehsaas dil ko sataye, shayad yahi to pyaar hai) Radhika sits down leaning against the board and looking pensive. (betabiyon mein dhadkan meri chal paye,shayad yahi to pyaar hai) Dev does the same but keeps a little distance between them. They are very much aware of each other. (kutch bhi kaha na, kutch bhi suna na, phir bhi…) Dev keeps glancing at her. (bechain dil hai humara, behke kadam hai, mushkil main hum hai dekho, sambhle bhala kaise yaara) Radhika looks at him and suddenly smiles mischievously. Dev moves his head \’ as if asking what is it. Radhika moves closer and reaches out to remove the piece of hay from his hair and smiles sweetly at him. (chahe bina bhi, nazdeek hum chale aaye, shayad yahi toh pyaar ha) Dev touches her cheek as and then reaches out to remain hay from her hair. They both have wide smiles and then they become shy. Dev suddenly puts his arms around her and they hug. Suddenly the truck rocks and Dev is seen snapping out of his dream and looks startled at Radhika who is sitting beside him with a little distance between them as before,and she is lost in thoughts.
Part 3
Devki is in the kitchen calling Radhika. Devki asks Aama whether she has seen Radhika. She answers that she is not here and not go hoarse by calling her. Devki asks where has she gone. Aama replies she has gone to Mumbai with Dev to bring Vishaka back. She tells Devki not to be shocked and to be thankful that God has bestowed Radhika with some wisdom, and she managed to convince Dev to come along. Devki asks her whether she is confident that Vishaka will want to come, and even she does come back, will Dev\’s family accept her back. Aama is all smiles and says they will be angry for a while, but in the end they will have accept her back, as Dev loves her. Devki asks her how can she be so sure of what she is saying. Aama is surprised that Devki is asking her for her grounds of what she is advancing. She says if Dev has accepted to go along with Radhika, it means that he still have feelings for Vishaka. Once my granddaughter returns, Dev babu will accept her. He loves her a lot. Devki tells her that it is not true. Aama is deaf to all what Devki is trying to say, and retorts Dev fell for Vishaka at first glance itself and that is why they brought the rishta here. Devki replies nahi Aama, Dev fell in love with Radhika and not Vishaka. Aama is shocked out of her wits. Dev had sent his proposal for Radhika and not Vishaka, and the truth is that even now Dev only loves Radhika.

Part 4
Aama refuses to accept this truth. She decides to go on strict fast till Vishaka comes back and everyone accepts her once again. She tells Devki to prepare prasad who is looking on quietly. Aama continues her rant that she will go the temple and complain to God as to why has he let such an injustice happen. Today we will see who will God listen.

Birju gives a red box to Dadi. Vaishali walks in just then and asks what is going on. Dadi shows her a jewellery set and says I was looking for this, it is a set that my mother-in-law had given me. I had thought to give it to our Choti Bahu when she would have placed the waaris of this house in my lap, but that dream also was broken when Vishaka ran away. But now after the wedding proposal to Radhika, I feel all our dreams will be fulfilled. I will give to her only. Vaishali agrees but cautions that Radhika has not given her consent to the wedding yet. Vivek rolls in. Vaishali continues saying we will learn of her decision the day of Ganesh\’s pooja, if she sits along with Dev for the pooja. Vivek reassures them, saying he firmly believes that Radhika will agree to this relationship. Dadi says I hope that she agrees, and promises that if that happens, she will feed 1001 brahmins. Dadi tells Birju to prepare the taali for the pooja and asks Vaishali to be ready so they can go together.
It is night. Radhika has fallen asleep on Dev\’s shoulders. Dev is watching her sleep and is smilling. The trucks suddenly brakes, pushing Radhika against Dev. Teri har jhalak is playing. Radhika wakes up and they stare at each other.
Precap: Dev is at a hotel\’s desk. The receptionist asks on whose name to book the room. Dev hesitates and then says Mr & Mrs Raj Purohit. Radhika overhears that and is shocked.

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