Choti Bahu 26th August 09 – Written Update

Part 1

The episode begins with Dev hearing Radhika cry and says Radhika, what happened, why are you crying like this? Tell me Radhika. She puts the phone down. Radhika says to herself maine bahut badi galti kar di,mujhe yeh faisla nahi lena chahiye tha, main doshi hoon ( I made a big mistake, I shouldn\’t have takent his decision, I am at fault). Radhika continues to cry. Dev is worried and comes down the stairs. Radhika is crying in her room. Dev is driving and reaches Radhika\’s house. He rolls up the sleeves of his white pyjamas and walks towards her house. He checks the door and surroundings and then climbs the post, Radhika meanwhile comes out to give her food to the cow. Radhika sees a shadow and says kaun hain wahan (who is there?) Dev turns around and she sees him, she is surprised. Dev comes towards her. Radhika said is waqt (here at this time?) Dev says kya hua Radhika tum aise ro kyun rahi thi? (why were you crying like that?) Tell me, what happened.

She goes and feeds the cow and then tells him, yeh jo kuch bhi ho raha hai, theek nahi ho raha hai, maine aapko shaadi ke liye haan to kar do hai, lekin yeh faisla galat hai, kyunki vishaka…(whatever is happening is not correct, I said yes to you but I think this decision is wrong because vishaka..) Dev says please stop crying, and please sit, I want to talk to you. They both sit on the ground. Dev says Radhika you are not doing anything wrong and whatever we are doing, that is not wrong either, because we love each other aur bhagvaan pyar karne waalon ke saath hothe hi hain (god is with those who love each other). Radhika looks at him. Dev says if god is with us, then how can this be wrong? Dev says look, you never brought up this marriage and neither did I, still it came up and our families agreed, if it not fate then what is it? Radhika looks at him. Dev is smiling. Dev says jo bhi ho raha hai tumhare kanha ki marzi se hi ho raha hai. (whatever is happening is accoridng to your kanha\’s wishes).

Part 2

Dev says I know our love has gone through many hardships, me getting to Vishaka, not being able to tell my family, being in front of you and not being able to say anything. All this is a part of this exam/test, we have suffered a lot for each other, now when god has had mercy on us and wants to give us happiness, tum peeche hat rahi ho? (you are turning back?) Radhika looks down, Dev says aisa nahi radhika aisa nahi hona chahiye, tumhe kanha pe bharosa hai na (this should not happen, you have faith in Kanha don\’t you? ) Radhika nods yes, dev says then just think that whatever you are doing, you are doing it for love and anyways now everything will go alright, whatever was wrong has passed- like a bad dream. Radhika looks at Dev(baawre naina starts to play) Dev touches her arm, she feels his touch and looks at him. Dev says I want to you rest, tomorrow is an important day in our lives, and I want your face to look happy, he says sirf is sapnay ka rang hona chahiye jo sach hone ja raha hai (it should reflect the truth of the dream about to come true).

Next morning, Devki is looking for Shastriji, he is up the two stools decorating the room. Shastriji says I feel so calm, like all our dreams are going to be fulfilled. Devki is smiling. Shastriji says from today all the wedding festivities start, I pray to God they all get completed without obstacles. Devki says don\’t worry, everything will go well. Shastriji says in Radhika\’s wedding, I want to do everything that a father should do, I dont want any Vrindavan resident to say I did not fulfil my responsibilities as a father. Devki says noone can say that about you. Shastriji says I want to do everything that I could not do during the last wedding, I don\’t want to leave anything. Devki says I hope we can do all this considering our situation, Shastriji says Devkiji just start preparations for the aarti, I also need to get Daamad Babu\’s ring from the jewelers.

In Purohit house, Mrinalini comes and tells Chachaji, you are just pacifying me with words, are you going to do anything with this engagement or not? please tell me if we are going to do something or just watch the show? Arjun says we will definitely get to see a show, and that show which noone has seen before but please sit Bhabhiji. Mrinalini sits down. Chachaji said you were going to call Vishaka and I was going to influence Vaishali, but waiting for the right opportunity. Right now it\’s just the engagement, it can be broken too. Just because you hold a cup of tea doesn\’t mean you will drink it, there is a lot of distance between the lips and the cup. Mrinalini says you have already planned something haven\’t you, tell me. Chachaji says if I tell you everything noe, then no fun will remain.

Part 3

Chachaji says kal sab band baaje ke saath shaastriji ki baarat nikalte hain (tomorrow with a lot of fanfare, we will insult shastriji).

The Purohit family has come to Shastriji\’s house, everyone is greeting each other. Everyone is seated and Shastriji asks Dadi for permission to start the puja, she says yes. Shastriji asks Dev to come, Dev goes and sits in the front, Amma looks up and Mrinalini looks at Chachaji, who tells her to stay calm. The priest ties a red thread on Dev\’s wrist while chanting prayers. Shastriji asks Devki to call radhika, Devki gets up to go call her. Amma is angry,so is Mrinalini. Devki brings Radhika, Dev looks up and smiles, Vaishali also looks at Radhika and Dadi asks she didn\’t wear the new saree, devki says I thought she can wear that for variksha/god barai ceremony and that she should wear this now. Amma says this is not new, vishaka ka uttaran hai/worn by Vishaka. Everyone is upset. Mrinalini and Chachaji is smiling. Dadi says koi baat nahi, kamari Radhika toh sadaa sundar lagti hai (not a problem, she always looks beautiful), come sit Radhika.

Radhika sits next to Dev, he smiles. The priest says now both of you drop flowers at Lord Ganesha\’s feet. She touches his hand and he drops the flowers, everyone stands for the aarti, Jai Ganesh Deva is playing. Dev keeps looking at Radhika and Radhika is shy and looks down. Mrinalini looks angrily at Radhika. Radhika is holding Dev\’s hand through the aarti. Dadi says now that the puja is over, can we start the God Bharai? Shastriji says yes, as you see fit. Chachaji keeeps looking at watch, Deepika says I am wondering when the dholak/drum will start playing, all celebrations start with the dholak playing. Shastriji says yes ofcourse, we have asked for the dholak. Devki takes Radhika inside and asks her to wear the saree. Someone is at the door, it is Dadi, she asks to speak to Radhika alone.

Part 4

Radhika is surprised, Devki says of course Maaji, and she leaves. Dadi says Radhika beta tum iss rishte se khush to ho na (you are happy with this relationship aren\’t you?) Radhika looks down, Dadi says from when I am seeing everyone in the family is laughing, singing but you have a sadness on your face, is there a reason? Radhika says Vishaka. dadi says I know you are feeling that you are snatching your sister\’s place.

Amma goes up to Dev and says daamad Babu, aap aisa kaise kar sakat hai? (how can you do this?), you are Vishaka\’s husband, her being alive, how can you get married again? How can you give Vishaka\’s rights to anyone else?

Dadi says Vishaka left this place on her own, she even signed the divorce papers, then doesn\’t Dev have a right to live his own life? Dadi says phir tum apne aap ko yeh haq kyun nahi de sakti? (then why can\’t you give this right to yourself? ) Radhika looks at Dadi.

Amma says you are thinking of getting married to Radhika, she is not worthy of even standing next to you. Dev starts getting angry.

Dadi says main bas yahi jaanti hoon ki mere dev ke liye tumse acchi ladki nahi mil sakti, tum me woh saare gunn hai jo main apni choti bahu main dhoondh rahi thi (I know for my Dev I will not find a better girl than you, you have all the qualities I am looking for in my Choti Bahu).

Amma says you are making such a girl the Choti Bahu of such a respected house, whose jaat/kul(caste) we do not know. Dev is shocked. Amma says is manhoos chori ko khushiyan dasna hi aavat hai (this unfortunate girl knows only to snatch away happiness), Dev is angry.

Dadi says you are the one who can bring him happiness, become his strength and his luck.

Amma says this girl is unfortunate, and nothing else. Dev looks up. Amma says if you want to save your home, even now there is time, refuse this marraige, I will tell everyone right now. Dev lifts his hand indicating her to stop talking, Amma is shocked and Dev says dadiji aap Shastriji ki ma hai, mai aapki bahut izat karta hoon isliye jo bhi aap keh rahi thi, main woh shaanti se sun raha tha (you are Shastriji\’s mother, I respect you that\’s why I was listening to you quietly). Amma seems pleased. dev says Leke baat
Radhika aur mere rishte ki baat ki toh woh hokar hi rahega (Amma\’s smile drops) kyunki main Radhika se pyar karta hoon aur hamesha se karta tha (as for me and Radhika, this marraige will happen, because I lover her and have always loved her), Vishaka se meri shaadi ek bhool thi (my marraige with Vishaka was a mistake ). Amma is shocked. Dev says I sent the proposal for Radhika originally, I thought her name was Vishaka, God has given me an opportunity to correct my mistake kyunki meri shaadi Radhika se honi hi thi aur hokar hi rahegi ( because I was destined to marry radhika, and I will marry her). Amma is shocked.

Precap: God Barai rasam starts, everyone is dropping something in Radhika\’s pallu and blessing her.

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