Choti Bahu 1st September 09 – Written Update

There was a long precap as to what happened yesterday.
The episode starts with sunset.
Dev is sleeping and the tune of bawre nani is playing. Rads sees marks on Dev\’s shoulders. It has blood on it. She is crying and looks at kanha. She goes to the idol and brings sandlewood lape to put on Dev\’s shoulders.
Meanwhile they show chachaji coming towards the chariot and starts to loosen the nail of the wheel.
Rads is putting the sandlewood on Dev\’s shoulder and hears a noise and asks who is it.
She comes near the chariot and see Chachaji.

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What a scene and Radev moment and look.
Dev asks what happened any problem. Rads looks and is thinking and than says no. You should rest now for you are tired and you have a long day. If you are with me I can never feel tired or feel the pain. You are my medicine and to get you I am ready to do any test.. See you are with me and I can face anything. If at this point if you and I get separate I will die. She put het hand on his mouth. OH what a scene. Dev takes her hand and says tomorrow is the last day of the fast and no one can stop this fast. We will be together and we will have all the happiness of the world. They both are smiling.

Part 3
Dadi is praying to god and saying today is the last day for the fast. Please God see all goes well. Dev has success.
Vashali says god will listen to us for Dev has always done good for others and has never hurt anyone in his life. Dadi says yes we will have a festive at our home and do all the food which Dev likes and have a big get together. We will finish the rituals of Rads and Dev\’s saghi. But we will do the wedding in Delhi see what happened last time when we had the wedding in VM. Dadi is saying how all will be done as today it is sun elipclipse. But we have to wait for sunset. Vashali says do not worry all will happen. Let us go. Chachaji ia listening and says dadima let us see how the wedding takes place. First Dev has to finish the fast.
They show Dev doing pooja at the ghat and the priest tells him to fill the water in the pots. As dev is about to get up, he is so much in pain but gets up. Very sad all are worried. He fills water in all the five pots and starts pulling the chariot. He comes to the first temple. Mirn to Chacha shall I start to shop for the wedding?. He says just wait and watch. The day has just started.
Part 4
They show Dev pulling the Chariot and going to 4 temples and finishing the pooja. As he is going to the fifth one, Mirni is asking what happened chachaji? He says I am concern why the wheel has not come out. You know Rads saw me nut I gave a good reason for my being there. They show Dev pulling the chariot and rads walkig with him and at that very moment a thorn prick Dev and he screams in pain. Rads starts crying and says let me take out your thorn. I cannot take your pain but I can take out the thorn. What a scene she takes out the thorn and starts to wipe the blood with her duppata. The trio says what will happen and that very moment there is rain, they are very happy and say Oh gd is on our side and Chachaji says let us go and tell the panchayat that Dev failed. They leave. Rads tells dev please rest, you are so tired. He says no I have to go, to complete the fast before the sunset. I cannot rest I have to go. Let us go. It takes lot of effort of Dev\’s part to move the cart. Heavy rains are coming and at that very moment Rads sees the wheel coming out. She tells Dev to wait and goes and redo the wheel and ties with the dupatta. Dev sees everything and folds his hands and thanks the gods. Rads feels shy and covers herself with het hands. Dev sees this and takes his orange and puts around Rads and covers her. A beautiful mantra is playing. Please do not miss this scene. Beautiful. Loved it.

Part 5
Chachaji tells everyone that Dev will not be able to complete this fast. All are shocked. The panchayat people say it is so sad that such a diffcult fast Dev was doing it so icely. Now he will not be able to get married. Dadi ad shastriji are looking and Shastriji says, if Dev fails than I will not again raise the question of the marriage. But if Dev is success than promise me that no one will crete any problems with this marriag. The panchayat talk to each other and give the promise to Shastriji. The trio clowns and amma are very happy.
They show Dev pulling the cart but the wheels are getting struck in the water. Rads says we must hurry. At that evry moment the sun comes out and Dev starts pulling.
At the temple are waiting and are tense. All the clowns are very happy. Amma is happy.
At that very moment someone says Dev babuji kai jai. All look and are very happy except the clowns. It is very painful, the way Dev is in pain and is carrying the last pot with blood on his feet climbing the stairs to go to the temple. All are crying and praying. As he reaches the top of the steps, than it is dark an someone from the panchayat says, stop. Episode ends.
It is a beautiful episode. It shows that love and truth all wins. Lot of RaDev scenes.
I am sure all will have tears as I had.
Sorry for the mistakes and delay. Had computer problems.

Shastriji, the sun is shining, Dev pick up the pot.

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