Choti Bahu 3rd September 09 – Written Update

Part 1

tells Devki to get used to do chores alone, he glances at Radhika and
says your daughter will leave us soon. Aama overhears and is not
happy. Devki says that daughters have always been considered as
paraya (not our own). Radhika cries hearing that. Devki gets up and
tries to pacify her, and rectifies that she was saying in general
that daughter\’s are somebody else\’s amanat. She says you are getting
married to such a good family, to Dev babu as husband, we need to be
very happy. Devki sheds tears of joy while Aama is left fuming.
(tauba tauba if looks could kill! Haila re!) Devki announces she will
start preparing for dinner. Radhika stops her and says till she is
here, she will handle everything. Shastriji is making a list of
things they will need for the marriage. Devki tells him to have a
look into the things that she had saved from Vishaka\’s marriage, that
they never got the chance to give. Aama gets angry and says if you
are giving Radhika her husband, why hesitate now when giving her
things to that girl. Shastriji rebukes her and says I have told you
repeatedly not to mention her in this house and yet you persist.
Radhika has always had Vishaka\’s cast offs, but not let even
Vishaka\’s shadow fall on her for her wedding. I will arrange for
everything. I will marry her properly. Devki points out that whatever
money they had saved have been spent in Vishaka\’s wedding. Shastriji
says the Purohits made so many preparations for the engagement, I am
determined to have a great wedding. Aama scoffs how will you arrange
for the money, by selling yourself. Shastriji retorts if the need
arises, I will do even that.

Part 2

asks the Pandit whether an auspicious date could be found for the
wedding. He says there is one day where the wedding can happen, it is
in 15 days. The pandit says otherwise you will have to wait after
makar shankranti. Shastriji agrees for the wedding to happen in 2
weeks. The pandit asks for the kundali. Aama remarks where will they
get kundali, that girl who we found on the steps of the mandir, do
you think her parents would have left her kundali with her. Shastriji
rebukes her and says you are the mother of a pandit, has been the
wife of a maha pandit, don\’t you even know if you dont know the time
and place of birth, you can create an alternate kundali. The day I
took Radhika in, I made her kundali that day itself. The pandit

brings the phone to Dadi. Shastriji announces to Dadi the good news
and says the date has been set and it is in two weeks. Dadi agrees to
it and says we are eager for our Choti Bahu to come here, hence we
will not delay, we will start the preparations on our side. Dev
overhears this and smiles. Shastriji asks whether he can come
tomorrow for the shagun. Dadi agrees and notices Dev. She tells
Shastriji that us elders have already decided everything, but it
would be great if the groom and bride could speak to each other.
Shastriji gives the phone to Radhika and both Devki and him leave.
Aama however, remains there.

Part 3

asks how are you Radhika. Radhika answers I am fine. Dev says it\’s
been so long since I heard your voice. Radhika blushes and smiles.
Radhika reminds him he was here not so long ago. Dev agrees but adds
it feels as if ages instead of hours. Dev says it is so difficult for
me to stay without you, I don\’t know how this 15 days will go by.
Radhika answers these days will fly and you won\’t even notice. Aama
is fuming as she is overhearing the conversation. Dev answers it
seems all easy but I wish that could get a glance at you. Teri har
jhalak is playing in the background. Radhika feels shy and says it
will be difficult. Aama start chanting loudly Radhe Radhe. Radhika
tells Dev she is now putting the phone down as she has work to do,
and take care of himself. Dev smiles at that. Radhika glances at Aama
who is staring at her and leaves swiftly. Shastriji is accounting for
the expenses. Devki says how much do you think we will spend for the
purchase of the shagun, I have only this much money left from what
you gave me for the expenses of the engagement. Shastriji says he
will call the merchant here, so that both her and Radhika can choose
the saris. Aama is seeing all the preparations, and feels if
Shastriji had showed the same dedication in bringing back Vishaka,
she would not have had to see this day.

is morning. Shastriji is in a hurry to leave. Devki tells him to
check his bag whether there is everything he will need. Radhika stops
him and gives him his bag that he had forgotten. Aama tells him to
wait, she will come along with him. They both leave. Devki looks

have started at the Purohits. Mrinalini remarks to Chachaji that the
preparations are happening as if a VIP is coming. They notice how Dev
seems to be impatient. Birju teases Dev and asks in whose thoughts
are lost in and who is he waiting for. Dev answers I was not thinking
about Shastriji, I was thinking about Radh…. Birju laughs while
Mrinalini and Chachaji overhears. Birju tells Dev that he has been
informed wrongly, Radhika will not come. The girl\’s brother or father
comes to take the shagun. Chachaji retorts Birju will know all this,
but how will Dev know, he has stayed abroad. Mrinalini adds that why
will he not know, he has been married once before. Chachaji says all
this rituals of shagun did not happen then, Shastriji got away from
the expenses. Dev is tensed.

while later, Shastriji reaches there. Birju announces to Dadi and
Vaishali of his arrival. They greet each other and Dev takes their
ashiwaad. The deadly trio asks Chachaji whether it is necessary for
them to stay for this function. He answers it is not necessary but we
should keep an eye on things just in case we can find something which
we can use to our advantage.

Part 4

Shastriji applies
tilak on Dev\’s forehead and does his aarti. Everyone is smiling and
gifts him a kurta. Mrinalini remarks it is good that this ritual did
not happen last time. I am curious as to what will Dev do with a
sherwani like this. Shastriji overhears and looks hurt. Dadi and
Vaishali are embarrassed but remain quiet. Dev tells Shastriji that
the sherwani is very nice and he likes it a lot. Dadi says even we
have something for Radhika, and tells Birju to bring some parcels.
Shastriji is hesitant seeing all that they are gifting, and says we
cannot accept so many things, we are the girl\’s side. Dadi answer we
do not believe in all this, after so long there is happiness in our
house, and it is only an expression of our feelings. Shastriji says
it is the first time Radhika is happy for herself. Dev smiles at
that. Vaishali says she will bring some sweets. Aama says she wishes
to refresh herself before leaving. Dadi tells one of the servants to
show her the way. Aama shoos her away, saying she will go on her own.
She however, goes to the kitchen where Vaishali is. She praises the
preparations she is doing. Vaishali says when you are happy, then we
will apply our hearts in the preparations. Aama says she is very
happy that Dev is getting someone new in her life. I was worried
about all you. Vaishali asks why. Aama answers Dev is a Raj Purohit,
and you all have agreed to the marriage, but what about the future
generation. Vaishali is confused and asks what do you mean. Aama
replies I am not saying that Radhika is bad (I suppose she means
infertile), but we do not know her caste or background. Vaishali
answers we are not concerned about these things. Aama retorts but
society will have problems with this. Vaishali asks but how. Aama
says if tomorrow Radhika\’s parents are found, and she happens to be
from low caste, then the difference will be blatant between Dev\’s
status and hers. If they have a child, the waaris will be called
\’varna sankar\’. You must know that a \’varna sankar\’ will never be a
Raj Purohit. Vaishali is shocked and knocks down some utensils.

Precap: Everyone looks happy. Vaishali comes back but is looking tensed and unhappy.

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