Choti Bahu 10th September 09 – Written Update

is walking around lost in thoughts and rather tensed. One of the
servants asks her what is to be cooked today. Vaishali irritably
replies to cook whatever there is. The phones rings and she goes to
answer. It is Aama calling. Vaishali does not recognise her on the
phone. Aama answers it\’s Vishaka\’s Dadi. Aama remarks that she
seems very tensed. Vaishali denies. Aama says I called to thank you, you are indeed
very good hearted that knowing that the child Radhika will have will
be varnasankar and will never be Raj Purohit, and despite of that you
are still accepting her as your d-i-l. Aama adds you are very
courageous, as had it been somebody else thinking about the future
and their waaris, they would have stopped this marriage. Aama taunts
but you are very big hearted and wise, hence I called to thank you.
Vaishali is getting all worked up. Aama says I will pray to Thakurji
that he will give your waaris the strength to tolerate whatever will
come his way. Aama greets her goodbye, and is very happy. Vaishali is
left worried and unhappy.

pandit is conducting some pooja in the Purohit\’s mandir with Dev,
Dadi and Vaishali while the deadly trio and Deepika looks on. Dadi
and Dev are focused and praying while Vaishali mind is clearly
elsewhere, which is noticed by Chachaji. Dadi asks one of the servantst to go and check whether the married women have come so they
can gift them these offerings. Mrinalini asks Chachaji, now that the
pooja has ended we can leave, right? Chachaji says the pooja has
ended, but the drama has not yet started. Arjun tells him that he
always promises big things but nothing ever happens. Chachaji replies
be patient, wait and watch. The married women come with their
respective sons and they are told to touch the plate and take the
offerings. The pandit stops one of the lady and asks you are Amba
aren\’t you. The lady nods, and the pandit announces a huge mistake
has happened, your prayers have been ruined. Vaishali asks anxiously
what is wrong. The pandit says I had asked you to bring three
Brahman sons with their mother. Vaishali says but all three are
Brahman sons. The pandit says but Amba is from another caste and her
son is a varna sankar. He adds it is not possible that a varna sankar
equals a Brahmin son.

pandit says we will have to purify this place now, the rasam of the
offering will happen later, first of all take this woman and her son
outside. Dev stops her and says we had call those who would bless us sincerely from the bottom of their hearts. Vaishali is stunned. The
deadly trio are rejoicing at this twist. Dev adds if this woman and
her son cannot participate, then forgive me but then this rasam of
offering has no meaning. Vaishali tries to pacify him, and says we
cannot stop a rasam that has been happening for ages. Dev tries to
convince Vaishali, when the lady turns and says let it be Raj
Purohitji and leaves. Vaishali is tensed.

have gathered before the temple. The gates are closed. Radhika
makes her way to the front with her taali. Radhika asks a woman why
are they all standing here like this. She replies what are we to do,
the gates are locked. Radhika thinks out loud that Babuji has not come
back yet. The lady asks where has he gone. Another man says if he had
to go somewhere, he should have at least opened the gates of the
mandir, he never made us wait. They asks Radhika to at least open the
temple now, we should be able to do darshan. Radhika replies she does
not have the key and it is with Babuji only. They remark that
Shastriji is behaving strangely these days. They start to get angry.
Meanwhile, Shastriji is doing jaap in front of murtis of the temple
in Daksh house. Munshiji is happy seeing the murtis in the house. He
says I can already sense a new aura in this house, your mantras are
having its effect. He says I know what you are worried about, the
money promised must have already reached your house by now. He greets
him goodbye.

is pacing anxiously inside the house. Aama is staring angrily at her.
She taunts her saying should I serve you water, who will close this
door huh? Radhika closes it. Aama calls for Devki, and says your
darling princess has come, serve her water, chai, she has come back
from roaming around. Aama continues her sarcastic remarks,
poor her she must be tired. Devki asks her whether she could talk to
Babuji. Radhika says she was not able to talk to him. He was not at
the temple, the gates were closed. Devki is confused to where he
could have gone, and why had he closed the gates. Even when he needs
to go somewhere, he has someone to handle it. Radhika says Babuji has
been worried for some time, is it because of my wedding? Devki tries
to hide it and says it is nothing like that, you do not have to worry
at all. Aama adds why are you lying, tell your darling the truth that
it is because of her that her father is roaming around asking
everyone for help, that it is the worry of her marriage that is eating
him. Devki tells Radhika all parents want to marry their children and
it I normal that they will worry a little about their marriage. Don\’t
worry yourself about that and tells her to do some task. Somebody
knocks at the door, and two man bring some huge furniture covered
with some cloth. Aama asks what is this. The man replies that
Shastriji has sent this here. They uncover it and Devki sees its the
furniture that he had liked for Radhika but was very expensive. She
wonders where he is. Shastriji is walking dejectedly and reaches home
late at night. Devki tells him that he had them worried and that
Radhika was saying that you were not at the temple for the aarti.
Shastriji asks whether the bhakts said anything. Radhika says they
were asking for the key. Shastriji says yes he had forgotten the key,
it is there, I have not been there for awhile. Aama says how could
you forget and let such inauspicious thing happen. She yells you
have lost your mind in the process of marrying this girl. Shastriji
says I have come back after a tiring day and you have not even asked
me whether I have eaten, but rather keep asking questions. He tells
Devki that he is hungry. Devki says she will serve him, and tells
Radhika to make some rotis. Shastriji notices the furniture and asks
about it. Devki says you had it sent right? Somebody brought it here. Aama
asks where has the money come from. Shastriji says the person for
whom I conducted the prayers for, gave us it as dakshina. The phone
rings and Devki tells Radhika to handle the kitchen while she answers

answers. It is Dadi on the phone. She tells her that
tomorrow they will be coming to make Radhika wear kangans. Devki says
she will remind Shastriji and they are about to cut the conversation,
when Chachaji says loudly to remind her also about the necklace that
they have to offer to our kul devi. Dadi asks her whether Shastriji
had told her about that and Devki replies that yes and she will
remind him about that also. Devki looks worried. Shastriji is having
his meal.

asks for whom should she make coffee. Dadi tells her not to make for
anyone as they will have to leave early for Vrindavan. Deepika
exclaims ah yes \’choori ki rasam\’. Chachaji says this going to and
fro to Vrindavan will ruin our health, but we will have to perform
all rituals in the fear god knows what inauspicious things will
happen. Dadi says if you wish for something with sincerity, then
everything will happen smoothly. She announces whoever wants to come,
to be ready at 05.00 am and leaves. Chachaja signals to Mrinalini
silently. Mrinalini is thoughtful for a while, stands up and says now
look how much preparations we are making, all the big plans we have,
but what will be the use of all that, if the fear of whether what
happened to that lady\’s son during the rasam early will happen to
Dev\’s son keeps pestering us. Vaishali gets worked up and shouts
nothing like that will happen, do you understand. Mrinalini rejoices
that she has found a thorny issue to exploit.

is talking to the murtis of Radhe-Krishna of his house lamenting
that one day or the other, the truth will come in front of everyone.
He asks for the courage to confront society. Devki comes there and
sees him in despair. She comes to sit next to him. She says when you
were having your dinner, Dev\’s dadi called to announce that they will
be coming for the kangan ka rasam, and they will take the kul devi ka
har along with them. She tells him that you had liked that furniture
and look how you were gifted it as a dakshina, see how God will clear
the way through them. Shastriji stares at Radhe-Krishna. She tells
him it is late already, please have your medicine and sleep. They
will arrive early.

is morning. Radhika is ready to go the temple. Devki and tells her
that her father has been restless all night, and has just fallen
asleep. She should go and do the aarti. She tells her that she will
handle everything and goes. Devki is doing some chores when Shastriji
comes out. Devki asks him why did he wake up. Shastriji says he had
left the keys of the mandir here only. Devki says Radhika has taken
it, I told her to do the aarti, as even yesterday the temple was
closed all day, even the bhakts will be angry.

People are gathered on the stairs of leading to the temple. Radhika
is asking Shastriji what is he saying. He says yes, the murtis have
not been stolen, I have them out of the mandir myself.

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