Choti Bahu 23rd September 09 – Written Update

Part 1

The episode begins with Dev saying that Radhika\’s love has given him enough strength to face any difficulty. Devki tells Dadi Dev is right Maaji, if there are obstacles to this marriage, then all our prayers are also there right? Let this rasam be completed, we will find a solution to forthcoming obstacles. Dadi nods but Susheel says no Chachima,some stranger cannot interfere in our house matters, Dadi stops him by saying Susheel, I am sitting here, you be quiet. Chacha says fine, even our God is sitting and he sits down. Dadi tells the Pandit that this rasam/function gives punyas, please do tilak of Dev and do phaldaan, please start the puja. Vaishali is upset. The pandit starts the puja, Dev covers his head with a handkerchief, the panditthen says the groom\’s mother has to come and take a fistful of rice/other blessing item and take blessing of Dev and then send this to the bride\’s house. Vaishali says no, yeh adharm nahi karoongi main(I will not do this adharm/unrighteousness), Vaishali walks away, Dev looks back, villians are smiling. Everyone is upset.

Back in Vrindavan, Nandu comes to Radhika\’s house. He slowly comes, Radhika asks him why he was hiding and coming, he said Amma screams at me as soon as she sees me. Radhika smiles, Nandu asks if amma is home, Radhika says no, she has gone out for kirtan. Nandu is happy and says please feed me dahi-chivda (some food). Radhika gets the food and starts feeding him. Nandu asks where everyone else has gone, Radhika says to Delhi for Phaldaan, Nandu asks what that is, Radhika explains that the rasam is before a wedding function, Nandu asks whose wedding, she says mine. Nandu says ooh, aap phir se shaadi kar rahe ho (you are getting married again?), Radhika nods yes. Nandu asks to whom, Radhika says to him only, your jijaji. Nandu says again to him, whats the difference between the two marraiges? Radhika says there is a lot of difference Nandu, last time only you saw me during the wedding, now everyone will see my face, my wedding will be in front of everyone. Last time my sindoor was wiped off, this time I will sit in the doli/palanquin. She wipes her tears and says I will take you with me also. Nandu says wow, I will pray to God that whatever you said, everything will happen just like that. Radhika smiles and hugs Nandu.

Dadi is walking by and sees Shastriji praying to Kanha, he is saying that why did you do this Kanha, every time a few moments of happiness come into my Radhika\’s life, why the obstacles at every step? Till when will she keep suffering and be sad? Devki hears this and is upset. Dadi goes to Vaishali\’s room angry.

Part 2

Dadi says Vaishali what\’s happening, I have been seeing from many days that your heart is no longer in this wedding. Vaishali says yes, my son\’s wedding but I am doing every function without my heart in it, but no more, whatever I am doing, I am doing it for my son. Why don\’t you see so many obstacles, why? Dadi looks down, Vaishali says no before more hardship comes in my son\’s life, we should break this rishta/proposal here itself. Dadi is stunned. Vaishali says I know that Radhika is a girl whose caste and creed we do not know and our grandson will be called varnasankar, but even then we proceeded with this proposal and what happened- destiny has signalled again that this rishta should not go forward, then why are we doing this wedding?Dadi says after so much hardship, Dev is close to a wedding, why do you want to stop it? Vaishali says that is because in my son\’s kundli, he has only one marraige written and if we try to do another wedding and if he faces some difficulty, then I will never forgive myself. Dadi says why are you calling it a second marriage, see we all know his first marraige was a misunderstanding, that wedding neither Dev or Vishaka accepted. Dev has always loved Radhika, so if in Dev\’s kundli it says one wedding then it is the wedding with Radhika that is written. Vaishali is not convinced, Dadi says Vaishali please don\’t be stubborn, in Dev\’s happiness is our happiness.

Vaishali says do you think I don\’t care about Dev\’s happiness but we have to think of this family\’s reputation as well. Dev walks in and hears Vaishali says the girl whose jaat/kul is not known will be Rajpurohitain and people will ask questions, what will we answer? Dev says pyar ki koi kul ya jaat nahi hoti maa (love has no caste or creed), Dev comes closer to Vaishali and says I am marrying Radhika because I love her, Vaishali says but why are you forgetting that we are Rajpurohit, if noone else worries, we have to worry about these things.Dadi says wah bade abhimaan ke saath Rajpurohit ka shabd istemaal kar rahi ho, lekin yeh bhool rahi ho ki yeh RP parivaar hi hai jisne har buri pratha ka anth kiya hai (wah with great pride you are using the word Rajpurohit, but you forget that it is this family that has ended all bad practices.) We have given the rights of widows to be remarried, let everyone pray equally, remove ghooghat and you are worried about those people who are throwing this country back generations? Dadi says I am the elder of this family and still alive, whatever answers we have to give, I will give, you don\’t worry. Vaishali tries to say something but Dadi lifts her hand again and says bas (enough), enough bahu, I have tried every way to explain but you have not understood, Dev is my grandson, Main iski shaadi tumhari uppasthiti ke bina bhi karva sakti hoon, samjhi? (I can do his wedding without your presence as well, got it?). Vaishali is shocked and leans against a pillar. Dadi asks Dev to come, Dev says Ma till today I told you everything, every problem I told you.

Part 3

Dev says once before you had given me the family\’s promise and kept me quiet by giving me your promise (dadi is surprised to hear this), but I have never forgotten my love and today my love is coming in the right way into my life, I need you blessings (dev is crying in tears). Dadi says rehne de Dev, jis maa ko apne bete ki khushi se zyaada samaaj ki khushi ki fikar hai, usse yeh sab kehna bekar hai (leave it dev, the mother who is more worried about society than her son\’s happiness, it is useless to say all this). Dadi says chal dev chal and takes him away. Vaishali is upset.

Dadi brings Dev to the function and says, please start the function panditji, whatever rasams the groom\’s mother had to do, I will do it now. Everyone is surprised. Dadi tells Dev to sit, Dadi sits down. Shastriji says I understand Vaishali\’s concern, if she is worried then…Dadi stops him and says sankoch, darr aur bhay(hesitation, fear) is all part of the human mind, my daughter in law is scared for no reason, shri krishna has said himself in the gita that humans can change destiny with our karmas then why be afraid of destiny? The sakalp we took to unit these two souls, we will complete it. Shastriji folds his hands in front of Dadi. Dadi asks the pandit to start, he starts and tells Dadi to put the cloth over Dev, the pandit asks dadi to take a fistful of rice/blessing to be blessed aroudn dev and then taken to bride\’s house. All of a sudden Vaishali appears and says maaji, (villains are shocked), Dadi says come bahu. Vaishali does the blessing and completes the ritual. The priest says now the bride\’s father can come and complete the rasam of phaldaan. Shastriji does the ritual. Villians are unhappy. Devki comes and puts tika on Dev.

Part 4

Dadi then asks the priest for the rest of the mahurats/auspicious dates. The priest gives her a list of the rasams. Dev is happy. Dadi then tells Shastriji that we will come tomorrow to offer something to your Kuldevta(family god) just like you did for our Kuldevi. Shastriji folds his hands and leaves. In Vrindavan, the phone rings, Radhika smiles and runs to pick it up, she lifts the phone and is shy. She then says everything went ok? Dev says you knew it was me? Radhika says everything went ok, tell me na. Dev says yes everything went off ok but you know I remembered you a lot, wish you were here. Radhika says I was there only, near you. Dev says yes you were here in my thoughts and memories. Dev says you know I am secretly talking to you, Radhika smiles and says now only a few more days..Dev says din? ab toh kuch ghanto ki baat hai (days, now only a few hours remain), Radhika says mm? Dev says hmm, I am coming to meet you tomorrow. Radhika says here? but, no…she hesitatingly smiles and says aap aaiye par… is tarah se… achha lagta hai kya (please come but does it look nice- i cannot do this scene justice, you have to watch rubina, perfect expressions of a blushing to-be bride).

Dev laughs and says you are saying as though I am hiding and coming to meet you, don\’t worry, I am coming with family, that birad- musa rasam (i think I have spelling wrong here, please correct me), I got a chance to meet you and let me tell you now only, I want to see both your wrists with bangles that I gave you. Radhika is worried, dev says pyar ki pehle takraar ki nishani hai woh (it is the symbol of our first disagreement), and yes I will not leave vrindavan till I don\’t see those bangles. Suddenly Dev hears Dadi wondering where he is, Dev says he has got to go. Radhika keeps the phone down and thinks, what do I do now, I cannot tell him even that the bangles, Amma snatched from me.

Precap: Radhika is dressed in a mehendi green sari, Amma says choodi na pahenegi? (won\’t you wear bangles?) Radhika nods yes, amma points towards the fire and says yeh rahi tori choodi (here are your bangles). Radhika is upset on understanding what amma has done, she tries to take the bangles out of the fire.

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