Choti Bahu 8th October 09 – Written Update

Shastriji storms in the Purohit\’s house calling out Vaishali. She comes down and greets him. He demands to know why they are behaving like that with them. How can they accept and then reject Radhika on a whim. Vaishali lauches into her sob story (wait I\’ll get my tissues!) that she is a mother first of all ( I would think a selfish, matlaabi women first by whatever!), that is concerned about her son\’s happiness (righhhhhttttt?! Since when?!). She claims that when she realised that Radhika is not the right person to come into her son\’s life (and cheapo Vishaka is way better?!) , she had taken the decision that Radhika cannot become our Choti Bahu. Shastriji says I have no problem with what a mother does for his son\’s happiness, but she does not have the right to ruin other peoples lives. Shastriji asks her why did she accept this rishta in the first place. Vaishali is of course silent. (She cannot reveal she is caste prejudiced after all!) Shastriji gets emotional and says that my daughter had to face so many sadness,problems, obstacles at every crossroads. My daughter is such that she will never hesitate to sacrifice her happiness for others, but you have asked from her her life, Dev babu, she has already accepted Dev babu as her husband. How could take this lightly? Vaishali gets all haughty and asks him whether he knows what he is talking about? (She should really focus on whether she knows what she is talking about, I would think.) That promise you asked Radhika has broken her completely. You have no right whatsoever to snatch her happiness. (yes that right is reserved for Devki and Aama of course) Shastriji announces that you asked that promise from my daughter, and even I today have decided that this wedding will not happen. Vaishali looks shocked. (I guess she did not want to reveal what a creepy crawly she is going behind Dev and Dadi\’s back to stop the marriage, she would have let Radhika take the blame, very classy!)

Radhika is crying in her small prayer room. Once again I have lost him. Once again you have snatched him from me Kanha. I thought I will become his forever, but it is not written in my destiny. If it was not meant to be, then why do you bring him to me again and again. Why do you make me dream and then destroy it? She takes the handkerchief she has sewed for Dev and cries. She laments that they will not even be able to meet anymore. I will be able to handle the pain, but I do not know whether he will. She prays to Kanha to give him the strength to bear all this and protect him.

Shastriji confrontation with Vaishali is still going on. Shastriji says I now know that you will never accept my daughter as your daughter. He says if you are not concerned with what your own son really wants, then how will you keep my daughter happy. This is why I will not let my daughter be your DIL and the CB of this house. Vaishali looks away. Suddenly, Dev announces nahi babuji and comes into the frame. He says that his wedding to Radhika will happen at all costs. Vaishali is shocked. Shastriji retorts no, I will not let any more injustice happen to my daughter anymore. One day you accept her and the next day you reject her just like that. Till when my daughter will have to keep proving that she is worthy of becoming a good wife and DIL. Dev answers no more. I have promised Radhika that I will become her life partner and I will abide by my promise. Shastriji says but your own mother is against this relationship. Dev replies that if my family has any problem with my relationship with Radhika, then I will leave this house. Vaishali quivers in fright. (Well wishful thinking on my side!) Dev says I am saying the truth. I have always put my family\’s happiness before mine. I never wanted that my family be hurt and unhappy.

Radhika has helped me in keeping all of you happy. She has convinced me again and again that I must not go against my family, but today maa you are against her. I cannot betray her trust. Dev announces to Vaishali that I am leaving, let\’s go Babuji. Vaishali calls out Dev, asks him not to leave. She says whatever I am doing is for your own good. Dev turns around and asks my own good. My happiness lies with Radhika, not without Radhika, this is your delusion. I cannot live without her. Vaishali is speechless. Dev says this is why I am leaving you. Vaishali stops him again and says I am ready for this marriage. Dev turns at that. Vaishali goes to him and says do not punish me by separating yourself from your mother. Please forgive me for whatever I have done. She turns to Shastriji and asks him for forgiveness. I was blinded by my love for my son. I could not understand where my son\’s happiness lies. She folds her hands and asks for forgiveness from Shastriji. Shastriji calms her and says your son will not leave you. Vaishali tells Dev that this wedding will happen, I promise you. Radhika will be Dev\’s dulhaan. Dev is happy hearing that. She tells Shastriji to keep the preparations for the wedding ongoing. Please tell my daughter that I will send her sargi for Karva Chauth, after all she will become our Choti Bahu. They leave from there. Vaishali is still looking tensed after they are gone. Dev is seen reaching Shastriji\’s house. Devki asks Shastriji whether everything is fine. All my worries about Radhika have disappeared. Our daughter is very lucky that she is getting Dev as a husband, who will be by her side always. Shastriji asks where is Radhika. Devki answers she is in her room, she did not look well. You know how she has been sad. Shastriji says I will take her sorrows away. Dev asks whether he could go instead and Shastriji agrees.

Radhika is very forlorn in her room. Dev comes into her room and is sad seeing her in such a state. Dev goes to her and calls her as Radhika is lost in her thoughts. Dev asks her to forgive him, my mother… Radhika says I have no complaints against her. She has done what any mother would have done. She has her reasons and must be right from her point of view. Dev says no one can come between us, I will always be with you, I promise you that. In my kundali it is written that there is no other wedding for me. Radhika closes her eyes at that. Dev says I do not care. For me only you will be my wife and this wedding will happen. Radhika says but maa… Dev tells her that maa has agreed to this wedding. Radhika says but what if she has said it under duress. Suddenly, Vaishali enters and says no Radhika. Radhika takes her blessings. She says my fears had blinded me. I cannot stay away from my son, my happiness lies in my son\’s happiness. I have brought your sargi for Karva Chauth. Will you keep Karva Chauth fast for my son? Everyone is smiling. Vaishali gives the sargi to Radhika and she smiles. She explains to her what she must do and they all leave. Dev stays behind and says you are keeping this fast for me. Radhika is smiling shyly. She nods and says for your long life and so that in every life you will be my husband. Dev is happy hearing that. They stare at each other.

PRECAP: Dev is driving off. Radhika is running behind with the handkerchief she stitched.


Radhika is in yet another red sari looking fantastic anyways so does not matter. She says that every married woman keeps the karva chauth fast to pray for the long life of their husband. She looks down shyly and says even I have kept nirjala vrat for my Dev. There is Archana – Pavitra Rishta, Shree – Shree , Lali -Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya , and two more (I did not watch carefully, I think Vidya – Aap ki Antara and someone from 12/40 Karol Bagh (I don\’t watch that show I don\’t know who) and Radhika who seem to be at the Purihit\’s house and they are doing the rituals. She invites us to come and join her.

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