Choti Bahu 13th October 09 – Written Update

The Detail one

Part 1

Rads is doing Dev\’s pooja i.e his arti. After that she goes to touch his feet and he says no no. We both are equal and you do not need to touch my feet. Rads says that is so good that you respect me but it is my rites and my dharma. to touch your feet. Please do not stop me. Dadi says Dev you cannot take my Cb dharma and rites. So Rads touches his feet. He blesses her. Than, he remembers and gives the manglasutra to Mrin. She says what will I do with it now? Give it to your brother. Such a rude scene by Mrini. Babuji says Ok let us all eat. Dadi saus yes after that I have to a very important work. Someone says what is it? Dadi says to take the measurement of Rads bangles. Dev looks very happy. They all go inside the house. They all are enjoying. Dadi calls Rads and tells her to come here. Rads goes. Dadi, vaishali you said you will give your Kangans to Rads. Vaishali and Mrin just look on. Dadi says I remember and have brought them with me. She gives to Rads and tells her to wear them. Amma comes in and look on. Vivek says Radhe Radhe. Amma wishes them back. Vivek says you have come when all the music and dance is over. Amma says I had some work. She wishes Vaishali and comes and sits by her. Dadi says you have come at rite time. We are wearing Rads her ma-in- law bangles for the size of bangles,
They fit Rads beautifully. Dadi says they are so perfect size. What a good pair god has made of Rads and Vaiahali. Vaishali looks upset.
Vivek says ma you should give all your jewels to Rads. Than we do not have to change the size. Vaishali and Mirni look so sad and upset.
Rads is trying to take the kangans out. But they do not come out. Dadi starts to remember the last time same thing had happened. The bangles were not coming out. Dadi says I should have understood from that only the you are the rite CB. That is what God wanted. Amma says we do not know if the mistake was made than or now. Rads just looks on. Dadi says do not take out.

Scene to come
Dev how will I get by without you.
Rads says see my pictures.

Part 2

Dadi Says all the pairs are made by God from above to Amma.. But sometimes we do not understand what God wants. Amma and the clowns look upset. Devki looks on worried. Rads you keep wearing the kangans. Now we should leave. Where is Dev? I think he must be in the backyard. Rads go see where he is? Tell him to come and meet us by the car. Rads gets up to go. Amma looks at her in anger.
Rads comes in the backyard same spot where first kangan time, Dev had caught her hand.
This time too when she reaches there, from behind Dev catches her hand and is shocked and looks at him. Teri ek jakal is playing. MY god what a scene between RaDev. My no words to write about the scene. Her feeling shy and looking down.
Dev holding her hand looking at kangan and than at her and she looks at him. Radev look. Rads is feeling very shy and says, please leave my hand. Someone might see.Dev says why? I am holding my wife\’s hand. Rads is shocked.

Briju getting the pictures from the photo studio and ll the wedding pictures and gives to Dev

Part 3

Dev is holding her hand and says Ok ok, I mean wife to be. But I do have the rite to hold you hand, rite? She looks at him, feeling shy and Dev says tell no.. She is blushing and nods her head and says yes you have. Dev says, I want you to be at my home soon, I cannot wait. I want to see your face first ting in the morning when I wake up and see your face last thing at night before I to bed. The world should see us as one and not 2 bodies.We should always be close to each other 24/7, how in the world I am going to pass my time without you. Rads is feeling shy and tells him, pass you time with my picutres. She than tells him we need to go all are waiting for us. I am going, you come soon too. She leaves.
All are waiting by car. Briju comes and says I cannot seem to find Dev. Rads says he is coming. Briju sasy you would know. Do you want us to leave him here tonight. All are laughing with the teasing. Dev comes in. dadi says let us go. Dadi says to Dev lokk at each other to your heart desire. After haldi you two cannot meet each other. All laugh and they leave.
Next morning at PB on Delhi, Dadi and Vivek are going over wedding planning and finer details. They see Briju coming in and looking here and there. They ask him, what happened, he says nothing, I am just going to the Kitchen but is going toward the stairs. Dadi says the kitchen is down, he says ya but and runs upstairs. Dadi says, what is he upto, let me go and see. She follows him and sees. He is in Dev\’s room. She knocks the door, Brihu opens, dadi comes in and see dev putting pictures of Rads and His on the wall. Dadi says oh, why are you feeling shy. Go ahead and put the pictures. But please save the space to put the pictures of the wedding. What cute Dadi and Dev moments. Dadi remembers, and says Brihu go and tell the photo studio to come and take the pictures of the wedding. Go rite now. Briju leaves . Dadi says yes make the room beautiful for Rads. She should find it different from and stops. They both look at each other.

Part 4

Dadi leaves and Dev looks on.
In VN, Rads is doing some work and says Ma where is babuji. Devki, says I do not know. Must be in temple. Amma looks on. Babuji and comes and says see, what I have got. It is wedding invitation. It is beautiful, rite. Rads is feelinf shy. Babuji says look, she feels shy and runs away. Babuji, now all is going to go well. I am so happy for Rads. Devki looks worried and babuji says what is wrong, she says what are relatives going to think, Rads marring the same person as Vish? Amma says why are thinking now. Amma says all will think yes she is marrying her brother in law. Why are we telling everyone? They are going to laugh. Babuji says let them laugh. All the wedding invites are going to go out, all the wedding rituals are going to be followed. Devki I am going to put the first card in the temple for Kanha and than we have to go to PB to give them the card. He says go get ready. Amma are you going to come. Amma just walks away.
In Delhi, Briju is coming to photo studio. He gives the card and tells the photographer that here are the details of the wedding and the rituals times. The photographer says oh Dev is getting married again. Briju says so what, only this is the wedding which counts. He sees dev\’s wedding pictures and says Oh Dev looks so good. The photographer says, you can take akk these pictures and I have some more. He puts them in an envelope and gives to Briju. Brihu comes home. He is in Dev\’s room and sees all the mess. He keeps the envelope on the table and starts to clean the room and keeps muttering what is rads going to say. She will straithen Dev. Dev heard and says, yes that is why I am keeping it messy, so rads will be mad at him. He looks so cute and is smiling and blushing. He sees the envelope. He picks it up and starts to see the pictures. Briju see dev looking at the pictures and is shocked. Very good Dev and briju scenes.

Devki tells rads about her picture in the wedding.
Devki says what will happen if anyone sees the pictures. Amma is listening too?

My take on today\’s episode. It was very good with lot of radev moments, dadi and Dev amd Briju and Dev. Enjoyed it. But I think Dev is not going to the pictures as Briju will stop him. I think it was a Red herring. The creative\’s.

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