Choti Bahu 21st October 09 – Written Update

Part 1

The episode begins with Vishaka turning around and Dev looking shocked. Vishaka is smiling and says Hi Dev kaise ho (how are you?) Dev looks upset and then Radhika comes there, Dev looks over at her. Vishaka comes from behind the kitchen and says Hi Dev, congratulations on your marriage, Dev is now facing Radhika who has her eyes down. Vishaka comes and says oh you are planning to go to Kerala, till today you have never asked me? mmm. On hearing this Radhika looks up and she sees Dev\’s hurt and angry glare. Vishaka continues saying no problem, you haven\’t asked that\’s ok but today you have asked me only and my answer is yes, I will come with you. Why are you so angry, now I have full right to irritate you since I am your sister in law. Radhika again looks down. Dev turns back at Vishaka and says hamare zindagi main phir se aane ki himmat kaise huyi tumhari (how did you have the audacity to enter our lives again?). Vishaka says no no, I am here as Brij Mohan Shastriji\’s daughter and Radhika\’s sister and both of them have given me permission to stay here, yes Radhika? Dev is suprised to hear this. Dev says isse keh do Radhika main iski shakal nahi dekhna chahta (Tell her Radhika I do not want to see her face). Vishaka says uffo, ok I will go back to my room and not come out again but Dev remember this, the day you come here with the baraat/wedding procession, you will have to see my face only, I am your sis in law, I will take nek(is this the right spelling? in weddings, usually money to enter the wedding).

As soon as Vishaka leaves, Dev asks Radhika why is she here? Radhika hesitatingly says she is my sister no, she has come to be a part of my wedding. Dev says if she was just your sister, I would have no problem with that but she is…but she reminds me of my mistake which I want to correct. Radhika says she is happy for me. Dev says maybe she is happy for you but we cannot forget what she did with your and my family? I may be quiet even if she is here but my family…it is better if Vishaka leaves from here. Radhika looks at him.

Part 2

Dev is telling Radhika that it is better if Vishaka leaves and Devki stumbles in on that conversation and is shocked (to know that Dev has already seen Vishaka). Dev ooks at Devki and leaves, Devki comes there and says that happened which I was afraid of. Meanwhile Vishaka is in her room, Amma comes there and says why are you sitting here, not coming out? Vishaka says no Amma, you don\’t know mother and father have forbade me to go in front of Purohit parivaar. Amma asks then the whole time you will hide here only? See Lalla has gone out, I will explain to Devki. Vishaka says no Amma, mother father must have thought carefully before asking me to do this and I don\’t want to cause any trouble. Now even Dev has seen me (Amma is very happy to hear this), you know how upset he was and I don\’t want any more trouble. I am good here only. Amma is thinking that I have to do something that Purohit parivaar sees Vishaka nd this unfortunate Radhika\’s wedding is stopped. Radhika comes in and says Vishaka this door…(the door is wide open), Amma angrily says come come be your sister\’s bodyguard, if that also doesn\’t satisfy you then lock the door also, ok no? Amma leaves. Vishaka says Dev was very upset? I never even thought he would react like this, I don;t want to create any more problem, now tell me what will Dev do? Radhika says nothing will happen, I will talk to him. Radhika leaves.

Dev is by the front door, Radhika comes there and he turns around to look at her. Dev asks tell. Radhika says I want to talk to you about Vishaka. Dev says there is nothing left to talk about her, she needs to leave, that\’s it. Radhika says don\’t say this, she is the daughter of this house, how can I keep mother father\’s daughter away from this house? The family who has done so much for me…Dev stops her and says but you didn\’t think about my family? Radhika looks down. Dev says you didn\’t think of what my family will go through when they see Vishaka here? How much shame they will have to bear when they come face to face with her. Radhika says mat bataye na unhe Vishaka ke baare main (don\’t tell them about Vishaka). Dev looks at her. radhika says yes, don;t tell them and I will try that she doesn\’t come in front of them. Dev says Radhika? Radhika says yes? Dev says look towards me, you are doing this for someone who has hurt you so much? Radhika says no I am doing this for that family who has given me so much, Dev says ok, I will stand here outside and see noone comes in. Radhika smiles and says ok. Dev still looks upset.

Part 3

The celebrations have begun outside, Radhika is about to go into Vishaka\’s room and she stops and is thinking my sister had a lot of hope to be a part of my wedding celebrations but at this time the most important thing is not to let anyone know Vishaka is here. Radhika enters the room and Vishaka says you have time? I want to change the nail polish of your feet cos it doesn\’t match the outfit. Radhika says Vishaka leave it. Vishaka says you are boring, if I was in your place….she then realises the irony and says see I remembered, you went to talk to Dev what did he say, was he very angry? Tell what did Dev say? Radhika is quiet. Dev is near the front door and meets Birju, Birju wants to go n, Dev asks him why? Birju says I want to meet baoji/Radhika. Dev says you have work? Birju says yes and I will only tell her. Dev says you cannot go in, Birju asks why, Dev says no you cannot go in when she comes out, then meet her. Birju is upset and says fine now I will only meet her when you give me permission. Dev is pacing back and forth near the door. Arjun and Mrinalini and silently smiling making some gestures.

Dadi calls Devki and gives her the clothes they stitched for Radhika and tells Devki to have Radhika try it. Amma overhears this and goes there and says Devki why are you going? Mrinalini can go and give it. Dev and Devki are shocked. Amma says atleast Mrinalini will get a chance to be a jethani/elder bahu and if the jethani gives this to the devrani/smaller bahu, it will be better. Dadi says yes you are right and then tells Mrinalini to go give it. Mrinalini says excuse me but why me? Dadi says only getting ready and sitting is not being part of the wedding function. Dadi says go. Dev puts his hand over his mouth worried and Devki tells Dadi she willt ake it but Dadi says no, she will take it. Dadi tells Mrinalini you will go, Mrinalini says of course. Mrinalini takes the packets and is headed towards the house. Dev is wondering how to stop her. dev says says Bhabhi, why are you taking trouble, mother/devki will give it. Mrinalini says what\’s the matter Dev today you feel like taking care of your bhabhi? Dev says yes you came till here for me, this is a lot. Vivek says Mrinalini go and give it, Dev will refuse but if you do this, he will like it.

Part 4

Amma is very happy on hearing this. Dev tries to stop it but Vivek says no Mrinalini will give it to radhika. devki rushes there and says Mrinalini, let it me, I will give it, you sit and rest. Mrinalini says you sit, I will go give it. Dev and Devki look at each other. Mrinalini says atleast the family will feel I did some work for the wedding. Mrinalini goes in, dev is worried. Radhika meanwhile is telling Vishaka that if you don\’t go out in front of anyone, he will also not tell anyone. Vishaka says uff, small city small mentality. I have already given dev a divorce, now I have no relation with that family, so why this drama? My life can become a film. Radhika says Vishaka this is not a time for jokes, Vishaka says I am also not joking; just imagine a girl whose dreams were never taken seriously, they make her a bahu and she runs from there, and suddenly she comes back one day in the same house she was insulted (Mrinalini is walking). Vishaka says Radhika I came here to be a part of your wedding, if there is a problem, I will leave. Radhika says no, I will not let you go anywhere and they hug. Meanwhile Mrinalini is walking towards the room and enters it and sees something (they do not show exactly what she sees but she looks surprised). Meanwhile, Devki asks Amma what she did? Amma says Mrinalini was just sitting and breaking chairs (haha), so I thought we should give her some work. Devki says that\’s why you sent her in near Vishaka. Amma puts her hand on her mouth and says aah, I didn;t think about this, I made a mistake, what\’s happened has happened. Now you go see the guests. After Devki leaves, Amma is happy. Dadi tells Vaishali after Mrinalini gets Radhika, we will start the mehndi rasam, Vaishali nods. Dev is upset and he sits down.

Mrinalini only sees Radhika, Vishaka is hiding. Radhika turns around. Radhika comes running and says yes? Mrinalini says clothes,Radhika extends her hand to get them and Mrinalini they are very expensive (Vishaka seems angry when Mrinalini says that), obviously they will be, we have made them according to our standards, check if they are your size, radhika nods. Mrinalini continues, you must never have dreamt even that you could even touch these clothes? (Vishaka seems angry) Really how destiny turns, noone knows. Now see who would have thought I would have to come to give you clothes. Radhika says I will wear. Mrinalini says as if I care and turns around and leaves, Radhika shuts the door. Vishaka says this mrinalini will never improve, she has come to teach my sister standards. See Radhika, I will bring such clothes for you that even Mrinalini hasn\’t seen. Suddenly there is a knock on the door, Radhika and Vishaka are worried, Mrinalini enters again and sees something, again looks surprised.

Precap: Vishaka says looks like destiny is repeating the past, just like you couldn\’t be a part of my wedding, I don\’t think I can be a part of yours. Radhika says no Vishaka being a part of my wedding is your right ad I will fight to see that you get this right. You will be part of my wedding, for this I will do whatever I have to. Vishaka is very happy.

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