Choti Bahu 27th October 09 Written Episode

Good Morning Cbians
Again there will be a vigan in Rads prewedding rituals and Kanha will come and save the day.

Part 1

They all are forming the line to take the water . Vish is running to form the line and is saying where is Sangeeta\’s mother. She comes and says my nake is ready or not. Vish says yes we all have your nake ready. It is superstar\’s sisters wedding. Babuji looks upset but Vish is so happy that they all form the line and are ready to fill water in the pots. Band is playing.

In PB, they show Dev coming to his room and Briju teases him and asks, how was your last meeting with Radhs? Dev says what do you mean? Vivek sasy he means that after haldi the bride and groom do not see each other. Dev says than I lucked out as my haldi has not happened and I am going to go to see how Rads looks with haldi. He tells them both see you later, I am going to VN. They both just look on as Dev leaves.

IN VN, the band is playing as the ladies are going to the lake. They reached the village well and Vish is filling the water, but all the ladies are teasing Vish. They all start to dance.

Part 2

Part 2
Vish is doing all the rituals for the pot filling with water and they all walk in line connected with a long saree.
There Ammas is talking to Gauri and telling her that she has taken care of her since childhood and now it is time for her to help her. They show Gauri running towards ladies with the water. All the ladies are scared and drop the pots all the water spill. The villagers says my god this is very unlucky. The muhart has passed how will Rads haldi come out.
Amma is happy but Babuji and Devki are very upset. Rads is shocked and crying. That very moment Vish comes and says I have my pot filled water. Rads take out haldi with this water. My pot did not break. All are happy. Vish, babuji I did good by saving this pot?

Part 3
Yes you are concern about your sister. Vish let us go soon and they all go inside. Babuji is very thoughtful. They all go inside and give bath to Rads. It is so beautiful no words to say. My god looks so beautiful. They have shown how Devki and Vish are happy and washing the haldi.The band is playing. The ritual is over. Babuji pays to the band and thanks them. He tells devki all went well. The villagers say, it was good that the water pot carried by Vish was saved, otherwise what we would have done. This shamboo (cow) was running wild. Baabuji says but hoow did shamboo run away, he has never done this before. It must be due to band. Amma says no it was not due to band. Amma says, Rads must have forgotten to tie him due to her wedding. Animals tend to tun when they are not tied. They were not fed. Babuji Ok Rads go and tie shamboo. Devki says I will do it.
Devki tells Vish to take the haldi bowl and water and keep it near the pooja for till the wedding, the haldi will be put from that bowl. Vish says Ok and takes Rads and goes in. Amma has a devil look and looks like she is planning something. My god.another vigan.
Outside, the car stops and Dev gets down. He is all smiles. He is hiding as he sees lot of villagers coming out of the house. Oh my god he looks so cute. Looking between the curtains. He sees amma, and hides again. Than he sees babuji and Devki. They are talking and Dev hides again. He says how will I see Rads. Let me call her and tekk her to come out. No, I cannot do this as Rads haldi ritual is over and she cannot come out. Let me think what I should do. They show sun setting. Rads has washed her hair, she look so beautiful. Vish is showing her all the clothes as to what she will wear for mendhi. She asks rads what you will wear. Rads picks a green outfit. Vish says good you wear it, I will select another. Rads says no I was choosing for you. Vish no, Rads, how can I take away what is your choice, what belongs to you. Rads says my mendhi clothes have already come, this one will look on you. Vish picks up the dress and says mm, you are rite it will look good on me. Vish says I am very happy for your wedding. Rads says I am so happy you came for my wedding when you knew all are upset. You are working so much for my wedding. On top of it you left all your work to come here. They shoe Vish has a serious look and sad face. ( Guys I feel, that she does not have work or Mrini is pulling some strings with Vish. Ohhhhh) She says what is there to do with work. I have got lots, I have fulfilled my dreams but it is only when I have reached there, I realized what I have lost, how much I had to give up. Going so far from the family, I know the value of family and that is why I have come back to be with my family. That is why I come back to accept my family second time.She has tears in her eyes and back to Rads. Rads is busy folding clothes with happy look. Rads says Vish you have changes so much. You have become smart. Vish says it is smartness to move with the times. Rite. Both of them are laughing and smiling. The lights go off. Rads says what happened? Amma says what happened? Put on the lights. Devki says matches are near kanha. Rads goes and lits near amma. Amma shouts at her. Go from here. Devki comes in and says I will light all in the house you go and lit them in the front and back yard. Also bring in the bowl for haldi and put near kanha. Rads says OK and leaves to go out. She is lights all the divyas outside and than comes near the haldi bowl and starts the match, oh my god, Dev is there and blows the light away, she lights it again again he blows it away.

Part 4
Guys not the scene to be missed. No words to write about it. Rads lights the match and Dev blows it. He says when there is true love between the two lovers what is the need of the fire. I had heard that after haldi the bride looks more beautiful, it is so true. Even in darkness your face is shining that you do not need the light. That this full place looks all light. Rads is looking so beautiful. She is blushing and smiling. Rads asks Dev how come you are here. Is it not your haldi too. Dev says by the time we went back the good muhart for haldi ritual l had passed. So I did not have haldi yet. Rads is upset and sad. She says because of me you could not put haldi and this is bad luck. Dev says no it is not bad luck. Listen, if I would have put haldi, I would not have been able to come out of my house, I would not have come here, than I would not have seen 2 moons, one which is in the sky and second which is so close to me. So near to me. The song hum dil de chuke plays. Rads is blushing and walks to light more lanterns. Dev goes after her and stands next to her. He than lights other one. This way they look at each other and light all. They come and sit near the pooja place. It is all Radev moments. T
Please watch this part.
Radh and Dev are sitting on the floor Radh is trying to take the bowl of haldi paste in the house..Dev stops her telling your haldi rasam has not yet completed without the stamp of my love.. He so slowly takes little haldi from the bowl and rubs delicately on Radh\’s left cheek…Radh is overwhelmed by his love… He is looking at her with so much love..slowly he raise his left hand to Radh\’s right cheek and moves his face forward towards Radh forehead to give one beautiful fleeting kiss.. seeing him going for her forward radh comes forward with closed eyes and moves her head little to accept the stamp of his love….Dev closes his eyes and touches & her forehead with his lips and presses it slowly on her forehead.. Their eyes close.. They are so much in each other.. The scene was done so beautifully in slow and beautiful manner that you will feel each movement of their body and expression on their face.. What a Radev moment and radev look.
Vish,&What Mrini has said will never happen. Rads will not see any more pain and unhappiness.

My Rating on the episode.
9/10 The RaDev moments and scenes.

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