Choti Bahu 2nd November 09 – Written Update

Part 1

The episode begins with Mrinalini about to put the Radharani mehendi on Vishaka\’s hand, Vaishali and Amma are smiling. Vishaka moves her hand away, Mrinalini asks her what happened, Vishaka says I thought I should wash my hands since they are so dirty after the journey and she goes. Mrinalini looks at Vaishali, who is looking up(presumably praying). Meanwhile Nandu comes to Radhika and asks her to play with him. Radhika is folding something and says that she is busy, she will play with him later. Nandu asks what she is doing and she says that there is a ritual where you give gifts to the baraat(boy\’s side folks who are part of the wedding procession), and she is getting gifts ready for that. Nandu says yeh kya baat huyi, woh uphaar le jayenge aur aapko bhi? (what\’s this, they will take the presents and you?) Radhika laughs, Nandu says leave all this and play with me, you can do this later. Radhika and he then start playing catch the ball, the ball goes into Amma\’s room. Radhika tells Nandu we should play in the house, see it has gone into Amma\’s room,Nandu says the ball has gone on top of the cupboard.

Vishaka meanwhile goes to Devki and says we should go quickly from here, Radhika is alone at home right? Devki says yes we will go once Dev\’s dadi comes and dev has mehendi put on his hands. Vishaka is not happy hearing that, Amma comes to her and says what are you doing here, you told everyone that you are just going to wash your hands, they are all waiting. Vishaka says if they want to wait, let them wait, I will go when I feel like. Amma says what, have we taught you this only, insult of elders? Amma takes Vishaka back into the mehendi room and brings her near Mrinalini. Vishaka is still not happy with the whole situation. They show the Radhekrishna idols at PB and at the same time show Radhika reaching for the ball on top of the cupboard. Mrinalini is trying to put mehendi on Vishaka,the cone looks dried up and Mrinalini clears up the cone and tries again. Again, the mehendi does not come out, she is squeezing hard, it does not come out. Vishaka smiles and says bhabhi lagta hai yeh mehendi mere haathon main lagna hi nahi chahti hai(looks like this mehendi does not want to come to my hands), Vaishali and Amma are surprised. Vishaka says try another cone but Vaishali says no. Everyone is surprised, Vaishali says no this mehendi is very good, Mrinalini put it with this cone only. Mrinalini says yes Vishaka, this is good mehendi, good color comes. Meanwhile Govind gopal radhe radhe starts playing, Radhika tries getting the ball out and instead the mehendi vessel falls down and the mehendi comes on Radhika\’s hand. Radhika looks at the mehendi and then at Nandu who asks what happened. Radhika says shagun ki mehendi haathon main lag gayi(auspicious mehendi fell on my hands).

Part 2

Mrinalini is about to put mehendi and suddenly Dadi snatches the cone out of Mrinalini\’s hand. Mrinalini, Amma and Vaishali are shocked. Dadi says yeh kya tamasha ho raha hai(what is this spectacle going on here?) Dev suddenly looks up and towards that area. Vishaka gets up andso does everyone else. Dadi says yeh ladki yahan kya kar rahi hai (what is this girl doing here?) Amma is shocked. Shastriji and Devki come there. Dadi says Mrinalini why were you putting this mehendi on her? Don\’t you know Radharani\’s mehendi only goes on the bride\’s hand. Vishaka is surprised and Shastriji and Devki are also stunned. Vishaka says woh dadima(Dadima…), Dadi slaps her, everyone is stunned. Vaishali, Mrinalini, everyone is stunned, Devki has tears and is stunned, Dev, Vivek, Birju, Chacha, Deepika are all shocked. Amma is crushed. Dadi says with what right are you calling me Dadima, the day you left this house, all my relationship with you has broken. Vishaka has tears in her eyes and looks at Dadi, you do not have any right to call me Dadima. You don\’t have any right to enter this house, still you are standing here. Dadi says maine tumhari jaisi besharam ladki nahi dekhi (I have not seen a shameless girl like you). They do 360 degree shots of Amma, Vishaka, Dadi. Dadi says hamara pyaar, hamara vishvaas ka apmaan karne ke baad tum yaha aayi ho? is tarah? (after insulting our love and trust, you have come here? like Devki is in tears, Shastriji is stunned. Dadi says how did you have the audacity to come here?

Part 3

Dadi then turns towards Shastriji and says aapne isse apni beti maankar phir se apne ghar main rakha, wahan tak toh thik tha par isse yahan laane se pehle aapko sau baar sochna chahiye tha (you considered her your daughter again and kept her in your house, till then it was fine but you should have thought a 100 times before you brought her here). Shastriji looks embarrased. Dadi then turns to Devki and says yesterday on the phone, I purposely did not take Vishaka\’s name, thinking that you would understand but no, dadi says tum yah to namajh ho ya apni beti ki pyaar main samajh ko kho baiti ho (you either have poor understanding or lost your understanding in the love of your daughter). Amma is shocked. Dadi then looks at Amma and says aur aap, samdhanji main jaanti hoon ki Vishaka aapki laadli hai, lekin aapko tho isse yahan se aane se rokhna chahiye tha.(and you, I know Vishaka is your favorite but atleast you should have stopped her from coming here), kyunki aap jaanti hai ki ek baaghi huyi bahu ka apne sasural main koi sthan nahi hota(because you know that a runaway daughter in law has no place in that house again). Dadi then turns to Vaishali and says Mrinalini has never respected her elders but you? You also don\’t remember what I said, that this girl will not come into our house. Vishaka is in tears. Dadi says there will be no relationship with her, then why didn\’t you stop her at the door, why did you not tell her to return from there itself? Dadi then tells Vishaka whenever I see you, I remember that because of you, because of you, my Radhika was thrown out of this house,(dev and Shastriji remember that and are very upset, Chacha is watching the fun). Dadi tells Vishaka because you entered this house, this house has become impure, Vishaka is in tears. Shastriji then says please forgive me maaji, your word will never be disrespected again, Shastriji takes Vishaka by her hand and takes her outside. Everyone looks at them. Shastriji takes her outside in front of everyone and stops near the entrance. Shastrji then tells Vishaka this is your lakshman rekha, do not try to cross it. Vishaka cries and says I didn\’t want to come here myself. Shastriji says I don\’t want to hear anything, this is my daughter\’s sasuraal/in-laws place, please don\’t come here again. Vishaka is in tears and slowly walks outside the house. Shastriji then comes back inside and Amma says you didn\’t do right Lalla.

Part 4

Dadi turns around to look at Amma and Amma looks at Dadi and says you too (implied you too did not do right). Amma says I know Vishaka made mistakes, but Vishaka is our blood, she is blood and we cannot ignore it. If you could not forgive her and forget the past, then why did you invite all of us here? Amma is in tears and says ghar aaye mehmaan ko is bali apmaan karna rajpurohiton ko shobha nahi deta (insulting invited guests like this does not suit the Rajpurohits), if I had even an inkling that my Vishaka was going to be insulted in this manner, I would never have brought her here. Dadi is just staring at her disgusted. Amma says but I thought she is not just my granddaughter but this house\’s choti bahu, what did I know that in this house, daughter-in-laws are insulted. I am not going to wait here even a second, not even a second. Amma is about to walk out but she returns and says just remember, today you slapped my Vishaka and threw her out but one day you will come to take her back with folded hands. Amma has big eyes while she says this and then folds her hands and says Radhe Radhe. Devki is about to faint, Dadi, Shastriji and Dev help her and she bends down and touches Dadi\’s feet and says please forgive us for whatever happened, maaji, we came here to be a part of the celebrations but see everything went bad. Please believe us that Shastriji is not responsible for this, he did not want Vishaka to come, but she came here due to me. Dadi lifts Devki up and says I do not have any complaints. Devki says I know Vishaka has done a lot of wrong against this family and you have every right to be angry at her but what do I do, I am a mother. A father can do his daughter\’s tarpan but how does a mother do it? How do I break all my relationship with her, I have kept her in my womb for 9 months, how do I tell her to leave this wedding and leave. Devki cries and says please maaji, let Vishaka be a part of this wedding. Shastriji asks what are you saying Devkiji, she cannot stay a moment in our house, the wedding is a long ways off. Shastriji says I am telling what is the truth. Dadi says no Shastriji, you keep her as a daughter, I have no problem with that but I want that Vishaka does not come in this house again.

Pre-cap: Laali is singing to maayni maayini song from hum aapke hain kaun. Vishaka and Radhika are sitting. The function looks like it is in Vrindavan.

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