Choti Bahu 19th November 09 Written Episode

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Radev come for blessings to amma. She just looks with so much hatred and anger at Rads. Dev comes forward and says we have come for blessings. Rads waits and dev calls her forward. Amma blesses Dev and start cursing rads that you will never be happy etc. Dev is shocked. Amma goes on on. Vish comes and shuts her and tells her that rads have blessings of all the gods and goddess. Vish and rads hug each other and Rads says where were you, why you did not come for varmala. Now you have to come for pheres. Vish sees dev face and tells her you go I will come soon. They both go and Vish gets angry at amma. Amma say Rads took your rites. Vish shuts her and tells her that Radev are meant for each other, if amma trys to break them she will have hatred from her. Vish goes away. Amma starts cursing Rads, that she away husband, father and mother and now she is creating hatred. All for Vish. She will see she is paid.
There radev come to the mandap and dadi asks if they took the blessings of amms. Rads is quite. Dev looks in rads faces and says yes. Dadi brings them to mandap and shastriji does the arti. The riteal of wedding start, but there is one thing missing and devki goes to take, she sees amma and tells het to come for the wedding and amma starts again on Vish rites etc. I I am so sick of all this repeat) Devki gives her good and says all these are rads rites and never of Vish. Amma tells her that even vaishali wants Vish back. But devki fights for rads and leaves. Theys how the wedding mantras are going on and devki is coming and sees vaishali and remembers what amma said. But shatriji comes and takes the tile for pooja. The priest asks for sister. Rads and dev look at each other, Rads is sad as dadi says Bella will do the sister\’s ceremony. Bella does the ritual and raev are happy and looking at each other. As the rituals are going on Vaishali gets up to go out and devki comes and asks her what she wants. Vaishali says she is looking for amma and devki says I know what you told amma, please tell me why you are not ready to caaept my daughter rads, vish has already broken everything and does not want to be Cb. Why. Vsiahali says because we do not know about her birth. Devki says She is ou daughter, that is her birth. Dadi comes and say Vaishali Devki is rite. Episode ends.
Precap amma telling Devki she is wrong and wants to be with the family. Devki is happy.

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