Choti Bahu 8th December 09 – Written Update

Part 1

The pheres are over, and everyone clap to congratulate the couple. Radhika feels faint and Dev being attentive calls the doctor. Doctor without checking her announces she is just tired. (Of course nothing else like an infection could have happened to a 50% burns victim in CB land) Dadi asks Dev to take Choti Bahu to her room. Doctor adds that Radhika has been discharged from ICU and her room has been altered. Vaishali is very disturbed and visibly restless. Dadi calls Birju and tells him to distribute sweets to everyone as our Raj Purohit has found his partner. Dev places Radhika back on her bed and rearranges her beddings. Dev tells her to rest now; he will be back in a jiffy. Radhika stops him and tries to thank him for accepting her despite her burns. Dev silences her saying what are talking about, I love you. A person must be beautiful from the inside and not the outside. I should be the one to thank you for loving me, and giving me the right to love you back. Radhika replies that it is you that have given me the right to be called a Raj Purohit\’s ardhangini (better half). Radhika asks but is a Raj Purohit\’s ardhangini supposed to be like this (referring to her being burnt). Radhika is shedding tears. Dev answers that ardhangini means that someone who completes another person\’s life and that you do. You are my ardhangini in all the sense that really matters and wipes Radhika\’s tears. Dev reiterates that you are really tired, now rest. Radhika stops him again and says suniye will you agree to something I ask. Radhika says she wants to seek the blessings from everyone. Dev replies that right now you are not well, when you get better do it then. Radhika replies that for every work, we must take our elders blessings, and they must bless our marriage otherwise it will remain incomplete. Dev answers I agree but we always have their blessings and we always will. When you come home, we can complete that, but right now you need to rest. Dev leaves.

Part 2
Dadi notices how Vaishali is disturbed. Vaishali tells her that Dev should not have done that; he should not have married Radhika. Dadi is shocked. She tells Vaishali that why is she speaking like this, Dev loves Radhika. Vaishali answers that life does not run on love only. When two person get married, they become the support system of each other, but Radhika will never be Dev\’s support but will always be his responsibility. She says he will always have to care for her, and he will get nothing. Dadi replies that you should be proud of your son, but instead you are sorry. Vaishali says can\’t you see what is happening, everything is happening infront of our eyes. Dadi answers I can see everything and I can understand everything but I cannot understand how you are so blinded. The bond between a husband and a wife is strengthened by their love for each other, not because of their physical weaknesses and you will see how our Choti Bahu will be Dev\’s strength and will bring him good fortune. Dadi leaves. Vaishali is still in the same state of mind, Dadi\’s words had no effect on her. (Vaishali is such an hypocrite, her own son is handicapped, does that mean she considers Vivek good for nothing, a burden. No wonder Mrinalini is the way she is now. I have a growing sympathy for Mrinalini.)

Vishaka and Devki are praying infront of Radhe-Krishna idol in the hospital. They thank God and Devki says that today God has proven that Kanha\’s justice can come dher par andher nahi. They had to face so many obstacles, but at last Dev married her, and Radhika obtained her rights of applying sindoor that was always hers, but she could not apply in front of everyone. Vishaka tells Devki that she is very happy for Radhika, Kanha will never let injustice happen to his greatest devotee. Devki prays that Radhika gets well quickly. Vishaka pacifies Devki that Radhika will, and soon she will settle down with Dev. Devki says now one of my daughter\’s life is settled, but my other child…I cannot see you destroy your life like this. How long will this glamour life last Vishaka? You might have found fame, but now you must think about the other aspects of your life. Despite my attempts from stopping you, you will still go back Mumbai soon. Vishaka looks stressed.

Part 3

Devki gets happy hearing that Vishaka plans to stay longer. Then, realises that Shastriji had given Vishaka the permission to stay as a guest for the wedding only. Vishaka asks Devki to pacify babuji and to let her stay for two more days. In two days, everything will be alright. Devki is puzzled. Vishaka folds her hands in front of her and requests for two days of respite. Devki asks what will be alright, what do you mean, you are hiding something right? Vishaka stutters that there is nothing. Devki says I feel something is not right, tell me? Vishaka fibs that she wanted to spend time as much time as she could with them. She asks whether she will be able to pacify Babuji. Devki replies that I don\’t not know whether I will be successful, but I will definitely try. Vishaka tells Devki to stay back with Radhika, she will go home to stay with Aama.

Dev is telling Radhika the places where he wants to take her and recounting her how the scenery will look from their window. Dev is all excited but Radhika asks how will your dream come true. How will I stay there with you? I can\’t even walk properly. Dev pacifies her saying the doctor has said that you will get better soon and you must think positive, otherwise I feel bad. Deepika, Birju, Dadi, Mrinalini, Vaishali and Devki enter the room. Deepika is doing the aarti of Radhika. Dev asks what is going on. Dadi replies it is a ritual. Mrinalini irritated says won\’t you ask why it is being done and why here. Dadi replies that after the wedding, when the bharat reach home, we do this so that no one\’s evil eyes befall the bride. Since you got married here only, we are doing this ritual here also. Vaishali adds we do not know how long you will have to stay in the hospital, that is why I prefer it is done here only. Dadi calls Birju who was holding a platter. She takes some money and says I would have given up everything to save you from evil eyes while doing the ritual. Mrinalini sarcastically retorts that will happen anyways once we get the hospital bills. Dadi stares at her. Mrinalini says what, I was just joking, to lighten the situation, the Raj Purohit wedding happened in a hospital, it does not mean that I can\’t even tease my brother-in-law. Dadi gives the money to Birju to distribute among the poor. Dadi calls Vaishali to do the ritual. She is not enthusiastic and goes dejectedly.

Part 4

Vaishali does their aarti half-heartedly. She is clearly not happy. Dadi tells Dev to come with her as there are still a few rituals to complete. They leave. Radhika asks Devki where is Vishaka. She answers that she has gone home to stay with Aama, so that your Babuji can come here. Vishaka is walking when her phone starts to ring. Someone called Vikram is calling and Vishaka has a huge smile on her face seeing this. She answers excitedly where are you, I had been waiting for so long and suddenly stops. She says what? I can understand. No. You will have to come. We have only two days to do whatever has to be done. If you don\’t come, it will be very difficult. Please come. Hello hello…. the person has cut the phone. She tries to ring again but no one answers.Vishaka is tensed.

The nurse tells Radhika to look away while changing her dressings. She is wincing in pain. She asks whether she can see her wounds. The nurse replies it is better if she does not, have patience, sometimes when the patient sees the extent of burns, the pain can increase, and it can affect you psychologically. She asks how it is now. The nurse answers it is better than before. Don\’t worry, you will get better soon. Radhika asks how soon. The nurse asks why is she so impatient. Radhika answers that she wants to get better so that her husband can see her allright, I don\’t want him to reject me because of my wounds. The nurse pacifies her saying the medicine is working and the wounds will heal in time. I have never seen any patient heal this fast, God is with you. Dev is behind the screen, hearing the conversation. Dev tells the nurse he should have changed the dressings. The nurse answers that as long as she is in the hospital it is their job, but afterwards you will have to take over. Dev and Radhika smile. Dev answers that once Radhika gets home, he only will have to do that. Dev says you are my ardhangini now, everything will have to shared half-half, you will remember right? Radhika nods her head. Someone knocks at the door. Dev goes to see. It is the doctor. Dev says you could have come, the door was open. The doctor answers that this room now belongs to a bride, not my patient, I should knock. I have prepared the discharged papers, you can take Radhika home now. However the treatment will be ongoing under the treatment of Dr Reddy. The doctor leaves. Dev says I am so happy, I can now take my wife home, you bidaai will be performed, and we will start our life together. Radhika says I want that my bidaai is done from my home, where I have grown up, where I have spent my childhood. Mrinalini suddenly says but will it be right to do your bidaai from that wretched place. They both turn to look at her.

Aama is leaning against the wall in a sitting position, resting. She has flashes of the snake attacking her. She wakes up and opens her eyes and suddenly sees a snake in her room. She is startled and trembling with fear. She sees another one coming inside from the window. She sees a third one. Aama is cowering in fear. She gets down the bed and tries to reach the door. She is so busy to check where the snakes are that she does not notice that there is one hanging on the door knob. Suddenly she notices and starts screaming.

Precap: Vishaka is talking to Purab. She says tamasha toh hoga ofcourse hoga. This drama will change my life completely. Purab asks whether she is thinking of returning to Mumbai. He says after what has happened you cannot return. Vishaka says I know, this is my ultimate chance, the last way out. Noone must know about this. It must remain a secret.
A nice episode overall.Vivaah track still ongoing, we shall see how the uncreatives fare after the bidaai and which movie they will copy next. Loved Radev chemistry. Dev is proving to be a very nice husband. Vaishali is turning into another Aama major eek moment. For the first time I felt sorry for Mrinalini, perhaps she had to go through a lot to become this bitter person she is now. For a mother whose own son is handicapped Vaishali sure has double standards. Such a shame!

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