Choti Bahu 15th December 09 – Written Update

Part 1
The Episode begins with the bidaai song playing. (very nice song. One feels like crying. It says you have formed new relations and are going to your in-laws leaving your parents.) Radhika is standing at the threshold of the home. Devki is standing behind her. Radhika is trying to take rice puffs in her hands but has difficulty and Dadi helps her. Radhika than does the rasam of throwing the rice puffs behind so that Devki catches it in her pallav. Radhiks does this rasam three times. She is in lot of pain. Dev looks on with attention, if she needs her help. But Dadi helps her all the times. All the clowns and Vaishali look on. Amma is looking. After the rasam, Rads is in pain and Dev helps her to walk towards her father. He has his arm round her shoulder. She hugs her father and cries. She says Babuji what ever you have done for me, I will never be able to repay for in this life. While in other room they show Vishaka dialing on her cell phone. But there is not reply. Meanwhile Rads is telling how much love and pampering you have given me no father will be able to give. I pray to Kanha that in my every birth he should select you as my father. Even if that I have to wait for you at the steps of the temple. They all are crying. My god it is so emotional. I love the way Dev and Dadi are looking with so much love. Babuji says beti in the last birth you must have been my real daughter that is why even is this birth I got the good fortune of being you father. He hugs her and tells her let us go. S they are walking Nando comes and says are you going Didi? Your bidaai is taking place. Now you will not come to the temple early every morning? Rads is nodding her head and has her hand on his head. She hugs him. He says I will remember you all the time and Rads I will too. Dadi has rears in her eyes. Nando gives nadi cow idol to her and says, whenever you remember me look at this. Rads is trying to get the idol, but is in lot of pain, Dev says to Nando give me, I will hold it. He gives it to Dev. Babuji takes Rads towards the doli. Rads folds er hands and says goodbye to all. She comes near the doli and hugs Babuji and cries a lot. Dev looks on. Nando and Devki are crying too. Than Rads hugs Devki and they both are crying and sobbing. Rads than says where is Vishaka?

Part 2
They show Vishaka walking on the streets of the VN. Looking here and there. Over there Rads is sobbing and asking for her. Dadi nods and than Devki says, Ok let me go on get her. Babuiji she there is no need, it is getting late. They again show Vishaka looking here and there and has her phone on her ear. There, before sitting in the doli, Rads looks towards Ammaji and Ammaji turns her face in another direction. Rads just folds her hands and than turns towards the doli. Dev and Babuji take her. Dev makes her sit in the doli very gently. All look on. Rads is sitting nicely and Doli is picked up. Very soothing wedding music is playing. Doli is going, Babuji, Devki and others are folding their hands and are saying goodbye. Everyone else goes to sit in the car, which follows the doli. They show Rads is the doli and is crying. The girl side is crying and as the doli and cars are gone, they all go inside. They show amma looking here and there. She says the doli has gone but where is Vishaka? What was she suppose to do? ( Guys it is was well directed scene, one feels the pain of rads and babuji.)

Part 3

They show Vishaka at the bus stand and is looking for someone. She goes to the conductor and asks if this bus has come from Delhi. He says yes. She than asks him if the passengers are from the airport too. He says I do not know and she goes and looks and cannot find anyone and she is looking and asking. She is very uset. There they show Doli is going and it has reached the temple. All the cars stop. Dev gets down and Dadi says, stop. Please keep the doli down. She goes to Rads (Rads looks so beautiful in pink and is smiling ) and says Choti Bahu, you are starting your new life, we have stopped by the temple so that you could take the blessings of Bihari before going to Delhi straight.. Rads nods and smiles. Dev looks so happy. All the clowns look on. Over there they show Vishaka, still looking and the message she hears on the phone is that the nos you are trying to reach has been turned off. She looks up and says Vikram. Looks very happy. She walks towards a person. She is shocked. He is not Vikram. She says sorry. He says it is Ok. She looks sad. Over there Dev is helping Rads come out of the doli. He has his arm round her shoulder. So sweet. He is helping her walk, but Rads is in so much pain and is not able to walk. The Mircha gang looks on and Mrinalini says, if you cannot walk few steps with him now, how you will be able to do for life long with him. All look at her. Dadi and Dev are upset. Rads is sad. Dev says, Bhabhi to spend the life together, it is not necessary to go step step together. Dadi is very happy with the reply and Rads smiles. Dev says Rads let us go and he carries her. Dev than looks at Mrinalini with Rads in his arms. Mrinalini and all the mircha gang look upset. All others look very happy. OMG all of you will be so happy, that teri ek jalk is playing and Dev says to Rads you are my life partner and I have to give you my support and be your support. Thay have what a beautiful RaDEv look and the teri jalak musci is playing. Dev looks with anger at Mrinalini and turns ad walk towards the temple. The clowns look very upset and walk towards the steps. Over there, Vishaka is upset as there are no more buses coming from Delhi.

Part 4
Vishaka is upset and looking around.
Devki come to Rads room and is looking at all Rads stuff and has tears in her eyes and than her eyes fall on the red hands on the wall and sees two pairs. She calls amma and says where is Vishaka? Amma says I do not know. She says look what Vishaka has done, she has put her hands too under Rads. Did you know anything? Amma says really I do not know anything. But there was something going on in her head. Devki says oh god, please help. Please do not let any vigan come in my daughter\’s happiness. I hope Vishaka has not gone to stop the Rads Doli. Please protect Rads. There they show Rads and Dev are near the Kanha/Radha idol and are happy. There is Radev look. Dev says Kanha, you have brought Radhika in my life and have made her my ardagani, I have not come here just to thank you but to promise you that I will keep Rads happy and see to her happiness. Dadi looks on very happy. Rads is very happy, Dev says, we are together and we will always be together. While he is saying all this, he than looks at Mirnialini and says and no one will come between us. (All the clowns look and they are unhappy.) As Dev finishes this line, the scene moves to Vishaka walking on the streets and crying. The scene moves back to the temple and the priest finishes the arti and comes and give the arti to Rads. She looks at Dev and Dev takes the arti on his head and than on Rads. Dev touches priest feet and than Rads. Priest blesses and them and says may you be together always. You both be happy always. Dadi looks on happy and the mircha gang in anger. Dadi says let us go beta. Dev picks up Rads and they focus the camera on the idols of Radha and Kanha and they are going with rads looking at the gods. They show Rads in Dev\’s arms walking towards the car they both are looking at each other and smiling. They both look happy. The camera keeps moving from their faces to Vishaka while both are walking. Dev is putting Rads in the car and they all are sitting in the car. Vishaka reaches there and is trying to stop the car, but no one hears her and all the cars go by. She comes and stops and sees the doli. She looks at it and says, I reached too late. I did all the rasams of the bidaai but my doli did not go. How I am going to face, going home. What will I do? Episode ends.


Shastriji asks Devki, if all guests have left. She says Yes. He says I am asking if the guest from Bombay left?

My thoughts: I loved the episode. The chemistry between Radev was back. Please do watch for Radev scenes. Loved Dev\’s Raj Purohit voice when he gives Mrinalini good answer.The looks he gives to Mrinalini says it all. He was so firm and strong for himself and Rads. He knows Rads will not say anything and he has to support her and be her support.

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