Choti Bahu 16th December 09 – Written Update

Part 1

The episode begins with Devki coming back to Radhika\’s empty room, she looks around, touches Radhika\’s bangles and then sees two sets of hand imprints on the wall, one below the other and screams for Amma. Amma comes in and asks what happened, Devki asks where Vishaka is, Amma says she does not know. Devki shows Amma what Vishaka did and asks how she disappeared like this from home. Devki says you know Amma what is going on in Vishaka\’s mind? Amma says no really, I don\’t know anything, I know she was thinking about something but I don\’t know anything about it. Devki prays to God saying I hope Vishaka doesn\’t try to stop radhika\’s doli/palanquin, meri beti ki khushiyon par koi vign nahi dalne dena thakurji, raksha karna prabhu(don\’t let another obstacle come in my daughter\’s happiness God, please protect). Amma looks on at Devki.

Meanwhile Purohit family is doing puja, Radhika is unable to stand fully as she is in pain,she is leaning somewhat on Dev for support, she looks at Dev and he at her and they smile. Dev then tells Kanha aapne mujhe Radhika se milaya, usse meri ardhangini banaya (you united Radhika and me, you made her my wife), I didn\’t just come to thank you but also to promise you that I will also take care of her happiness. Radhika is happy. Dadi smiles.Dev then says we will always stay together, be together, then turns his face slightly(towards Mrinalini) and says noone can come between us.

Part 2

Vishaka is walking on the street angry/upset. The Purohit parivaar puja is over, the priest offers aarti, Dev takes the blessings and puts it on Radhika\’s head after he puts it on his own. Mrinalini makes a face. Dadi smiles, Radhika tries to bend doen to the priest but she is in pain. The priest blesses her to always be happy and says tum dono ki jodi sada bani rahe (may your union always be). Dadi then asks if they should leave, Dev lifts Radhika up again to go.

Vishaka is walking on the street, at the main time Dev is carrying Radhika outside and Radhika and Dev look at each other lovingly. The Purohit parivaar is getting into their car, they show Vishaka walking. Dev puts Radhiks in the car, Vishaka arrives there and watches from a distance as Dev is getting into the car, she is upset and screams tehro/wait. Vishaka runs towards the car. The car starts and leaves, Vishaka is unable to catch it, she is left in the dust. Vishaka sees the doli, comes near the doli and says mujhse der ho gayi (I am late), now how do I go home, after doing all the rituals of bidai, my doli did not go, now what do I do, how will everything happen? I should have stopped Radhika\’s bidai for a bit, then I would have more time, now how do I show my face to Amma and tell father. After all the rituals of vidai,why God why? Vishaka is in tears. Vishaka says today was supposed to be my bidai. The doliwalas come and says we are getting late as we have to go far and they take the doli. Vishaka watches the doli being taken away.

Part 3

Shasriji is looking at Radhika picture and crying, his tears fall on Radhika\’s image, she wipes them away and says now in your life there will only be showers of happiness, not of tears. He holds the picture close to his heart. Devki walks into the room worried thinking about Vishaka\’s handprints. Shastriji says what a dilemma after the bidai, the frame of mind is such that one is happy that the daughter went into a good house and the sadness of being separated from her also hurts but the father who got such a good son-in-law does not need to worry about anything at all, my daughter will get so much happiness that she will forget all the years of sadness she has received. Devki still looks worried. Shastriji looks at her and asks where she is lost and if she is thinking about something. Devki says no, just thinking about Radhika, I will go finish my work. Devki is about to leave and Shastriji asks if all guests have left. Devki says yes, Shastriji says I am asking about that specific guest that came from Mumbai, I am asking if they left or not. Devki looks upset.

In the car, Dev and Radhika and sitting behind Dadi and Birju, Dev looks at Radhika and smiles while Radhika is looking outside. Birju asks Dev if they should close the windows and put on the AC, Dev says no Birju, let the windows be open, the wind is blowing nicely. Radhika looks at him and smiles. They both look at each other, Radhika is shy and looks down.

Amma is pacing the house and wondering where Vishaka is, saying did she go to Delhi sitting in the doli to along with Dev. Amma smiles to herself happy at the thought and says it is possible. Suddenly Vishaka comes there, she runs towards Amma and hugs her, Amma says Vishaka what happened, why are you crying. Devki runs out and says where did you go, what did you do? Amma says what are you doing, can\’t you see she is crying? Suddenly, they show Vishaka\’s luggage being thrown out at the door by Shastriji, Vishaja is shocked, so are the Devki and Amma. Shastriji says please tell her she doesn\’t need to come inside, she can leave, this is her stuff. Vishaka is in tears. Vishaka says Amma please stop me, I don\’t want to go anywhere, please convince father, I am your granddaughter, the daughter of this house. Shastriji doesn\’t look at her. Vishaka says father, please don;t tell me to leave, I want to stay here, I am your daughter.

Part 4

Shastriji says I told earlier today that once the wedding festivities are over, she has to leave and I was assured that she has made arrangements for her onward journey, then why the delay? Vishaka says please don\’t say this, please let me stay here, I am not a guest, I am your own blood. Amma please explain to father. Shastriji says why do I still hear her voice, why hasn\’t she gone? Amma looks at Shastriji, so does Vishaka. Shastriji says the girl who is calling herself the daughter of this house is the other form of destruction. Vishaka is shocked on hearing this. Amma says why are you being stone-hearted, she is your daughter, Shastriji replies, I have only one daughter, whose bidai I did today. Amma says you are calling strangers your own and pushing away your own. Shastriji says iss kalankini ka main tarpan kar chuka hoon(I have performed the death ceremony for this disgraced woman). Vishaka is shocked. Shastriji says she is dead for me. Amma says fine, if this is your wish, then she will not go alone, I will go with her leaving this house. Shastriji says I will not tell you to leave Amma since I do not have the right, this house is yours, but if you want to leave I won\’t stop you. If you both want to leave, then leave otherwise please come inside, I want to close the door.

Shastriji goes inside.Vishaka tells Devki ma, please stop me, where will I go. Devki says your father will never allow it, it would be good if you go back to where you always wanted to stay, go back to Mumbai, go from here. Vishaka says I cannot go to Mumbai, main bahut musibat main hoon ma, main nahin ja sakti (I am in a lot of trouble, I cannot go). Shastri women are surprised on hearing this. Amma asks what trouble, what happened. Devki says you are hiding something, what happened in Mumbai. Vishaka is in tears and says please don\’t ask me anything else, just accept my word that I need to stay here, I have no other place to stay. Shastriji is inside and asks are you both coming inside or should I close the door. Both women look at Vishaka and slowly enter to the house. Devki is slowly letting go of Vishaka\’s hand. Devki is shown slowly shutting the door on Vishaka. Both are in tears. The door shuts on Vishaka, Vishaka is shown standing at the door in tears.

Precap: Dev and Radhika have reached Purohit house(not clear which house), Dev again lifts her and while Dev is carrying her, they stare into each others eyes while flower petals are being showered on them. Radhika is putting her hand imprints in colored water (Deepika is holding the plate), Radhika is putting the hand imprints on the wall. Vaishali motions Radhika to topple the rice vessel befoe entering the house, Radhika is about to do so.

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