Choti Bahu 21st December 09 – Written Update

Shastriji is busy when a man nicely dressed calls out. He greets
Shastriji and says he is Vikram. Shastriji does not recognise him. The chap
says Vikram from Mumbai trying to jog his memory. Shastriji still does not know
who he is and asks what does he want. Vikram says he wants to meet Vishaka.
Shastriji replies Vishaka does not live here. Vikram says but this is the
address she gave me. Shastriji greets him goodbye and closes the door on him.

Mrinalini is trying to ring Vishaka desperately. Sunil cribs that
Radhika has already entered the house and has even put her hand imprints on the
wall, and Vishaka has yet to come. Mrinalini says even I cannot understand
what is happening. Arjun says Mrinalini babhi (arey this is new I believe he ever called her babhi) leave her a text. Mrinalini is irritated and says she
has left several and tries to ring her up again. She says perhaps she is in the
bus that is why her phone is unreachable. Mrinalini adds please make her come
quickly now. On the other side, everyone else is gathered for prayers. Govind
Gopal Radhe Radhe is playing in the background. Everyone has their eyes shut
and is praying. Dev says today we begin a new life together and by giving me
Radhika you have fulfilled my dreams. Radhika is thinking what did he get in return?
A burnt bride… A woman\’s charm lies in her beauty, but I have lost even that
(huh since when has she become vain), I fear the future, please give me the
strength, I don\’t want to lose my love again. Dev is thinking our love for each
other will never lessen. Give me the strength to never let Radhika grow weak.
After the prayers are over, Vivek announces that in the happiness of the
arrival of our Choti Bahu, there will be huge celebrations; however it will be
a surprise. Mircha gang are not happy at all. Vivek tells everyone to come along.

Part 2

Dev and Radhika are surprised and happy to see the decorations. Vivek tells
them to sit on the jhoola. Dev helps Radhika to get there with Vaishali looking
on, helplessly. Radhika sits and is lost in thoughts. Dev slowly takes her hand
and she snaps out of her thoughts and they look at each other. Radhika smiles
shyly. Dev tells her he will be right back. Evil trio are coochi-cooing in a corner
that Vishaka needs to come quickly so that she sorts Radhika out. Mrinalini
agrees and she smiles mischievously looking at Radhika. She goes to sit next to
her. She says Radhika today is your suhaag raat, and being your babhi I will
decorate your bridal bed. Radhika is tensed. She says I was wondering whether I
should keep flowers there, or bandages, should I keep drinks or a tray full of
medicine. Dev notices Radhika\’s crestfallen face and he approaches them.
Mrinalini continues and the nurse should I tell her to stay outside or should I
send her inside. Dev looks angry but controls and replies for Radhika, there is
no need for a nurse babhi, being her husband I will do whatever needs to be
done. Mrinalini scoffs it off. Dev smilingly retorts but how will you understand
what a husband duties. Mrinalini says something before going but I could not
catch it properly. Dev sits next to Radhika and there will be a performance on
Kanha soon, I know as soon as you hear Kanha\’s name you have a big smile, and I
want to see that. They look at each other.

Part 3

Everyone is enjoying the performance on Kanha. Radhika looks at the Radhe Krishna dancing and
starts to dream about Dev and her dancing. Bawre Naina is playing. Dev lifts
her hand and kisses it. Radhika becomes shy and turns away. Dev grabs her arms once
again Radhika tries to go away but Dev stops her by grabbing her wrists and
turns her so he faces him. Dev comes close and takes an anklet out and puts it
on her. Radhika is smiling and is happy and is lifting her skirt. Suddenly Dev
sees the nasty burn mark and is frowning. Radhika snaps out of her dream.
Mrinalini tries Vishaka\’s number again and reaches her. She asks where is she.
Vishaka replies she is still in Vrindavan. Mrinalini says but you should have
been here by now. Vishaka says yes babhi I cannot tell you right now. Mrinalini
tries to convince her to take a taxi but Vishaka refuses saying she is waiting
for someone. Mrinalini gets irritated and wonders who she is waiting for. Someone
holding a bouquet of flowers in front of his face suddenly crops behind
Mrinalini. She moves to let him go. It is Vikram. Mrinalini is looking at him weirdly.
Dev suddenly sees him and is not looking happy at all. He walks to Radhika and
tells her congratulations for your wedding. Vivek is looking angry seeing
Vikram. He tries to give Radhika the flowers. Dev asks why you have come here.
Radhika turns around to look at him. Vikram replies to congratulate you on your
wedding. Dev is looking at really angrily. Vikram says see how lovely these
flowers are, at least don\’t me from gifting these. Dev stands up angrily, grabs
the flowers and throws it away. Vivek says how dare you come here, Vikram.
Vikram tries to talk normaly to Vivek. Vivek asks who has called you here. He
says no one has. Dev has gotten married a second time and I thought in the
happiness of the arrival of the Choti Bahu, there was to be big celebrations so
I thought to be a part of it. He adds I wanted to congratulate them in person.
I could not attend his first marriage so I thought I should not miss this one,
anything wrong. Vivek says do we have to kick you out from here, or will you
leave by yourself. Vikram replies that the party should not be ruined because
of him and greets them goodbye. Dev sits down. Radhika looks at him
inquiringly. He says he is not a good person; I do not want his shadow to cross
our path and our happiness. Dadi tells the performers to continue. Mrinalini
tells one of the ladies to make the dulhan dance too. One lady comes and
forcibly pulls Radhika. Suddenly she falls and is unconscious. Everyone is

Precap: Vishaka and Vikram are walking slowly towards each other. They are
smiling at each other.

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