Choti Bahu 22nd December 09 – Written Update

Part 1

The episode starts with, Dev saying Radhika. He tells Dadima, looks like her wounds have reopened and I will take het to the room. Dadima says yes, please take her. Dev picks her up and is carrying her towards the stops. All the clowns look very happy. Mirnalini say so now Dev has to play the role of husband and a Nurse. He has good duty. Brainless Deepika says oh god, Dev is going to play now nurse maid. While all this is being said Dev is getting angry. Mrinalini says than who else. Vaishali says Dev I will send the nurse to help. Dev says no mother. I will do Radhika\’s dressings. He climbs on the stairs and walks towards his room. Here Chacha says now the duty of Raj Purhoti is this also. Ok you can love someone more but……..this. Vaishali is getting very upset and while trio clown are feeling more happy.
They show Dev entering his room which is decorate with flowers and lights. Dev brings Rads and puts her on the bed and is patting her head. It is such a loving gesture. He says Radhika do not worry, I will take care of you and do the dressing for your wounds. I will go and get the dressing stuff. He brings the dressing stuff and comes to the bed. He starts to open her red shawal and he see Radhika opening her eyes, and is breathing very hard and is in pain. He says Radhika how are you feeling, you must be in so much pain due to the weight you put. Your wounds have opened let we have redo the dressing. Radhika is very upset and is looking here and there while Dev is looking with so much love and concern. She says, why you, why there is nobody else. Dev says Radhika, I am your husband and it is my rite and duty to do your dressings. He makes her sit so loving and goes to take the stuff. Radhika is sitting in pain and starts to remember the nurses talking oh my god she is so burnt, I do not think that he will marry her when he sees her burns. Dev comes and sits on the bed. He has Radhika\’s back. She remembers Vishaka showing her burnt body in the mirror. Than she remembers her talking to Devaki. Rads telling her that my in-laws have god choti bahu but who is burnt. Meanwhile they show Dev opening her blouse, Rads is feeling very tensed. Dev opens and sees the first wounds, which looks so ugly and painful. Rads has tears in her eyes, His hands stop from what they were doing. Rads starts to feel upset. By god I love the way Dev looks, he is in so much pain when he sees the wounds and closes his eyes with pain and tears start falling from his eyes. The music is on and they keep showing RaDev faces with tears. They show Dev stands up and is walking in line with Rads. He is wiping his tears and Rads sees it. He walks away. Rads is crying and looks at the Kanha idol in the room. MY god my tears are falling too.

Part 2

They show Dev near the swing downstairs crying and looking at the gods Idol. While upstairs Radhika is crying and looking at the Kanha idol. It is so painful to watch their pain. They show dadi passing by and sees Dev. She somes upto him and says Dev. Dev turns and just hugs her and cries. My god expressions on Dadima and Dev face. So much understanding in Dadi\’s eyes. Dadima asks Choti bahu is Ok? Is she conscious? Dev justs nods and tears are flowing from his eyes. Dadima says I can understand what you are feeling in your heart. You have seen Radhik\’a wounds. For so long Radhika has been scared about her wounds. She is scared as to what you will feel when you see her wounds. Beta, a wife tries to hide even a little wound from her husband. Thinking that her husband might feel that there is some spot but in Radhika\’s case 50 % of her body is burnt. She is going through so much pain. She must be feeling so much restless. I would advice you to leave her alone for sometime in her pain. Let her come out of her pain. Whenever you are around her and see her wounds, she will try to read your expressions and id anything shows on your face may make her think worst about herself. Please do not worry, I have called the dr and he is sending the nurse. Hearing all this, Dev is in deep thoughts and than walks away. Dadima is feeling very sad and looks in thought.
They show Dev comes back to the room. Radhika head is down and is crying. Dev is looking at her. He kneels down. She says you saw my burnt body and you closed your eyes. Now you know which Radhika you married is not beautiful. I am not that Radhika whom you loved. Dev says Yes Radhika it is true I saw your burnt body and yes my eyes did close when I saw the wounds and yes I did leave the room and go out but not for the reason you think. Radhika looks up and is staring at Dev. Radhika I cannot bear to see you in so much which you have been bearing for so many days all alone. I feel so much small that I loved you so much and I could not understand your pain. I promise you that I will never leave you alone and will never close my eyes due to your wounds. I will love you so much that your wounds will be filled with my love, that you will become well soon. Radhika I have loved your heart and soul. I have seen you as the most beautiful person in the world and that is it. I do not want anything. I want to fulfill all my duties. My god what music and Radev looks and love. You could feel their love and understaning. Dev gets up and starts to dress her wounds. Radhika is little happy and in pain. Dev is feeling her pain. The music of Bawa re nain playing.

Part 3
They show Dev dressing the wounds and Radhika looks on. Dev keeps looking in Rads face. He than comes and starts to take all Rads Jewellary off. He says anything which gives you pain, should not be on your body. No need for you to wears all this. They show him taking out her head pin, than earrings. He takes all and than tells her to close your eyes. He than goes and comes back. He tells her to open your eyes and is so happy….her smile, she asks what is all this. Dev says, I know this is your first night in your in-laws home and I am sure like every bride you want to be dressed for your husband in all your jewels and can any bride be without the jewels. Every bride wants to be dressed as bride with all the jewels and you also want to be beautiful for your husband with jewels on. So I have got for you all this beautiful jewels which will not give you pain. He opens the tray and we see the jewels made of flowers. Jodha Akbar song, ina lamhe mein is playing and they both look at each other. Dev starts to dress her. OMG what expressions of love and devotion on both their faces. Radhika is so happy and Dev looks at her with so much love. One by one he wears her the jewels, her head band, earrings. Bangles, armband. So much love. No words to write about it. just feel it.

Here they show Mrinalini and Vasihali walking and Mrianlini saying Mummhji I have called the priest to do the pooja and Deepika has the list for all the stuff to get for the pooja. So what if Rads is not feeling well, it is Ok not to do the rasams but we have to do pooja. Dadima is hearing all this and says, it is OK, we will not do any pooha till Choti Bahu is OK. Nothing is more important than her health. Vaishali says, but I want to have this pooja, I have made all the arrangements for this thrusday pooja. Dadima says but you must think about Radhika. Vaishali says, how was I to know that Radhika\’s health will become more bad. It is every mother\’s desires that when their son gets marries they family should do good and have warrais and children playing in the backyard. There should be more love and happiness. What did I know my small desire will be not fulfilled. Dadima says we should go with the flow of the time. We should see what is rite at that time. Ok all of let us all go to sleep. All walk away and Vaishali is feeling upset.

Part 4
They show RaDEv room. Dev is leaning against the bedpost and Radhika is leaning on him. She gets up and looks at Dev and is feeling very happy. She looks at him and than takes her hand, very slowly and lovingly puts it on his chin, she feels shy and is blushing and takes away her hand. Dev opens his eyes and look with so much love and happiness at her. In background teri ek jalak is playing. He says Radhika, this is our very first morning ad husband and wife. I want to start my day just like this each morning for the rest of our lives. I want to start my every morning just looking at your face. I want to tell you when the day begins. There is knock at the door, Radhika says go. Dev opens the door. He sees his mother and touches her feet. Vaishali blesses him and comes to Radhika and asks how are you CB? Radhika tries to touch her feet, but Vaishali says it is Ok. She blesses her. She than tells Dev, what are you doing here listening to saas bahu talk. Go from here. Dev says OK. She tells Radhika after so many diffculties you have come and now see what has happened. Thinking about future I am so scared. Radhika says please do not think this way. I had so many hope that when you will come we will have this thrusday pooja and small bala gopal playing but there will be so many happiness but now this. She starts to walk away, but Radhika says maji pooja should happened and I will come for the pooja. Vaishali is very happy.

Amma says what have you done Vishaka. How to save you?

My thoughts:

One of the best episodes after a very long time. The RaDev scenes had such a unique love and devotion. An episode to see on the big screen and enjoy the look and chemistry. Love is such an emotion that one has to feel and see, one cannot write about it. RaDev love is so pure and spiritual. Today Dev gave back the confidence which Radhika needed about her looks. He made her feel so secure. He made her feel the most beautiful women on this earth. Please Cbians please do watch the episode.
We will go through the pain, tears, love and the purity of Radev love in today\’s episode. Rubina and Avi did good acting today. We pray for good health of Rubina.

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