Choti Bahu 24th December 09 – Written Update

Part 1

Kaise Mujhe is playing. Radhika is in pain. Dev is removing the heavy jewels slowly. Blood is
oozing from her wounds. Dev fluffs her pillow so that she can be more
comfortable. Dev is quiet. Radhika asks him for forgiveness, as she knows she
has angered him by going ahead with the prayers. She tries to explain that it
was necessary to do so. For her patnidharma is equally important with
bahudharma. She asks whether he would have liked it that this house Choti Bahu
would have been reluctant of performing her duties, and suddenly winces in pain.
Dev turns around. He lifts her chin up and says your health has worsen, do you
think I like that. Radhika says but I am asking sorry for that, and say I can\’t
even hold my ears. Dev laughs and says Dev can never be angry with his Radhika,
our love is so strong that there can never be any misunderstanding or fights. There
can only be love between us. They are lost into each other.

Aama is anxious as
Vishaka is still unconscious. She calls for help. A lady comes forward and says
what has happened to her. I am not a doctor, but I am a midwife? (I think) She
check Vishaka\’s pulse. Suddenly, she smiles and reassures Aama that all is
well, and there is nothing to be worried about. She is just expecting. Aama is


The midwife says
being an elder, you did not notice? She says you must distribute sweets. Aama
tells everyone to disperse; there is nothing to look at. The midwife asks her
to care of her daughter and is about to leave. Aama calls her and gives her
some money and asks her not to tell anything about this as a pregnancy should
not be revealed in the first trimester, someone\’s evil eye could befall. The
lady agrees and greets her goodbye. Aama shakes Vishaka to wake her. She is disoriented
and fobs that she just felt dizzy and will be fine. She says I will go now otherwise I will miss
my bus. Aama asks where she is going. Vishaka replies I am going to Delhi. Aama
grabs her arm forcefully and says you not going anywhere. Vishaka asks her to
leave as she has to reach Delhi. Aama tells she is not leaving, she is going
with her. Aama drags Vishaka till a house. Vishaka keeps asking Aama what is
wrong, what is the matter; please tell me why you are behaving like this. Suddenly
the door opens and Purab gets out. Seeing Aama angry, he stutters Grandmoms, and
then Vishaka you were supposed to be leaving for Delhi. Aama tells him to shut
up and drags Vishaka inside. Vishaka falls on the bed and is confused as to why
Aama is behaving like this. She tells Purab to get out and not to come in till
she says so. Aama closes the door and locks it. Vishaka asks what she has done.
Aama walk towards her in a fury and slaps her.

Vishaka is crying and
is shocked with Aama. Aama says you dare ask me what is wrong. You act as if
you know nothing. This is how you return my love for you. It is only for you
that I always kept fighting with everyone, I have even angered Lallah and this
is the result. Vishaka asks but what have I done. Aama slaps her. I feel
ashamed to even say it. Vishaka takes Aama\’s hand into hers and pleads. Aama
answers I have learnt that you are pregnant. Vishaka is shocked and takes steps
backwards till she leans on the wall. Aama says at the bus stop, that midwife
told her. Today, I have learnt about this, tomorrow everyone in the society
will learn about it.


You have ruined our
reputation. If your parents come to learn of this, they will kill themselves. She
walks towards Vishaka and asks why has she done this to them, to her. Vishaka is crying
profusely. Aama asks whose child/sin is this.
Vishaka says she cannot say right now.

Scene shifts.
Vaishali tells Deepika that she has prepared this milk, keep it in Dev\’s
room. Deepika asks but why milk. (arrey actor ko change karo nah yaar, itna
irritating! There is a difference between innocent and dumb!) Vaishali says don\’t
you even know why milk is kept in a newly wed\’s room. Deepika replies I have
understood now, and takes the platter.

Radhika is leaning in
Dev\’s arm. She says sunye nah I really want to see the moon today. Dev smiles.
Radhika continues and says today is Purnima, it will be so beautiful to watch. Dev
says hmm. Radhika turns to face Dev and asks don\’t you ever feel like watching
the moon. Dev laughs and replies I used to but not anymore. Radhika is
surprised and asks why. Dev answers because that chaand has now become mine and
is in my arms. Radhika feels shy and looks down. Suddenly someone knocks, and
Deepika asks whether she can come in. Radhika says please go to open. (She is
feeling shy.) Dev goes to see. Deepika says don\’t worry I have just come to
leave this glass of milk. Consider today your suhaag raat. Dev smiles while
Radhika smiles shyly. Deepika adds drink half-half each and tells Dev not to
tease Choti Bahu all night. Radhika looks up at Dev. Deepika asks whether she should
put some note at the door, do not disturb. Dev is disturbed. Deepika says arrey all this
will happen only when I leave and finally leaves. Dev comes to sit back on the bed and says yeh
babhi bhi nah she comes in anytime and anywhere. Dev notices that Radhika is
lost in thoughts and asks what is wrong. She says it is a wife\’s duties… but
I in such a state that… Dev says it not only about a wife\’s duties in a
relationship, there is also a husband\’s duties too. For me, there is nothing
more important than you getting better. Radhika looks up. Dev adds I am not
that selfish also, to stop thinking about your health and think about something
else. Dev says our soul has already become one, and when you getter better even
our suhaag raat will happen, okay. Radhika nods timidly. Dev settles in under
the covers and Radhika leans against him into his arms. She says I am very
fortunate that I have got a Devta as a husband.

Part 4

Vishaka is huddled in
a corner, crying. She says Aama I know… Aama turns around and shouts shut up,
you know nothing. If you had, this would have never happened. I don\’t want to
hear anything. I have to go home otherwise Lallah will have doubts. I will have
to do whatever needs to be done. She tells Vishaka not to leave from here till
she says so; otherwise there will be no one worse than me, understood. She asks
Purab for the key and locks Vishaka inside. Purab asks what is she doing, did
she forget that this is his place. Aama bullies him to find somewhere else to
stay tonight, and warns if he tries to break inside, she will break his arms.
Purab cowers in fear and agrees to whatever Grandmoms says. Aama leaves.

It is morning and
many people have come to the Purohit house with band playing in the background.
Dadi greets them at the door and asks what is wrong. A man replies that Charan wanted
to touch the Raj Purohit\’s feet for blessings as there might not be another
opportunity again. Dev asks why. This is his last wish before going for a very
long exile in the Thakshak Raj forest so that his maanat is fulfilled. Dadi
wishes him all the luck as he must have asked a very hard maanat. He tries to
touch Raj Purohit feet, but Dev tells him not to and wishes that his maanat is
granted. Dev asks what Takshak Raj Ghoofa is. Dadi says where it is situated.
She says it is very old, and it is said that after Krishna bhagwan after
murdering Kalia (?) had allowed the latter\’s family to stay there and even said
that those who undertake this hardship, has their wish granted otherwise they never come back alive. Vivek adds it is also called the death valley. Arjun says I do not understand why people do such things when it is so dangerous. Dev says maanat is asked for those who you really love. When one loves someone dearly, you do not care for the difficulty or danger. Chacha scolds Dev and says not to speak like that as he will belittle the difficulty. Sushil quips that don\’t think it is easy, it can be dangerous, you need determination to complete the wish. It is easier to be the nurse of someone sick rather undertaking such a difficult path. Dev has a determined look on his face.

Precap: Aama is at
the shop she bought the powder that caused Vishaka\’s burns for the mehendi. He says be careful not to feed
her ??? otherwise she will be sick. Aama has a calculating look.


I am so sorry for the delay…but every time I was loading there was an error message and had to wait for a while before I could post.


– All the Radev moments were beautiful. It did not feel fake today. Very natural.


Everything else.

Will Aama try to kill off Vishaka\’s child? Will she succeed? Will she be left unpunished once again?

I have no idea where the story is going. Vishaka pregnant has put a spin on things. Will Vikram force Vishaka to say it is Dev\’s? How can that be possible? She has been away for several months.

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