Choti Bahu 7th January 2010 – Written Update

Part I

Radhika goes to her room deep in thought. Dev thinks she is upset because Devki didn\’t let her do work. He tells her to listen to them and take rest. Radhika comes out of her thoughts and asks if he will agree to something. Dev tells her to take rest and he\’ll listen to everything she says. Radhika tells him she wants to go to Nandu\’s house now. Dev asks if she wants to go this late. She says she has to see him now and she\’ll come back soon. Dev says she shouldn\’t tire herself out like that and there is no need to go now and he\’ll take her in the morning (he is stern with her). Radhika turns and sees Amma standing by the door listening (what a ….). Amma jatkaofys her head and leaves indicating that Radhika is of no use.

Devki calls everyone for dinner and asks Amma about Vish. Amma says angrily that she doesn\’t know how Vish is doing. Devki tells Rads to bring Vish for dinner. VIsh comes and Devki asks how she is feeling now. Rads is surprised to hear that Vish wasn\’t feeling well. Amma taunts Rads that no is worried about how Vish is doing as everyone only cares about themselves. Rads looks down. Rads and Vish watch as Dev and Shashtriji finish dinner. Rads tells Dev she\’ll have dinner with Vish and Devki and join him later.

Part II

The phone rings and Vish looks at it surprised. Amma is angry and asks who reconnected the phone. Devki says that Shashtriji needed to use the phone so he did it. Rads picks up the phone. Its Vikram who hears the hello and assumes it Vish. He starts blasting at her. He tells her that he knows its Vish and that he now has her number so it won\’t be hard to find her house and if she doesn\’t come and meet him then he\’ll come to her house and that won\’t be good for her. He tells her that he is staying in the dharamshala, Rm #34. Rads listens to everything silently while Amma and Vish watch her.

Devki asks who it was and Rads says wrong number. Devki says its been happening all day thats why Amma cut the wire. Devki then tells Vish to come help with something. While they are not in the room Amma comes to Rads and says now you believe what i said was true. She says she knows who called and that its important to keep Vish away from such a guy otherwise something bad will happen. She again asks Rads if she won\’t do this much for her sister and that it\’ll be too late by morning and she has to go tonight. Devki comes back and calls Rads to have dinner and Amma just stands there shaking her head.

Part III

Dev is in their room lookin up at the moon from the window. Rads comes in lost in thoughts. Dev asks her if she is upset with him. Rads thinks he asked for water and offers him some. Dev asks if she did not hear him and asks again if she is upset with him. Rads asks why she would be upset. Dev says because he stopped her from going to Nandu\’s house. Rads says she can never be upset with him. Dev smiles and says i just want you to get better soon and you\’ll be fully well by the next lunar eclipse and then we can start our married life together. Rads also smiles.

In Amma\’s room Vish is sleeping and Amma is pacing thinking that its important that Rads goes to see Vikram tonight. She thinks that if Rads goes then half of Vishakha\’s problems will be solved and the rest she (Amma) will take of according to her plan. Dev is sleeping and Rads is lying awake and thinks back to what Amma said about Vish being in love with the wrong guy and thinks how Vikram talked on the phone and threatened Vish. She gets and thinks that she cannot sleep peacefully when someone is out to ruin her sister\’s life. She decides to go see Vikram. She puts her shawl on and goes to touch Dev\’s feet but he turns and she gets scared. Then she touches his feet lightly and apologizes for not listening to him as its a matter of her sister\’s life. She stops by the Krishna-Radha idol on her way and asks for Kanha to be with her as he knows where she is going and why. Suddenly Amma pops up next to her (I would have screamed in terror) and smiles and waves her hand telling her to go.

Rads walks in the night hiding her face from ppl and comes to the dharamshala. SHe is about to open the gate when the guard comes nad asks if she wants a room. Rads says she needs to meet someone and guard wonders this late at night. Rads says its important and he lets her in.

Part IV

Vikram is drinking and thinks how because of Vish he is stuck in this place hiding and searching for her in the dirts of Vrindavan. He is angry with her and says he\’ll make her pay when she comes. Rads comes and knocks on the door and Vikram thinks its Vish. He opens the door and they are both surprised to see each other. Rads remembers him and he asks mockingly isn\’t she Dev\’s wife and Purohit\’s choti\’ bahu. Rads says yes and Vikram is very amused. He bad mouths Dev and Purohits and says how low can they go. First they had a problem with him coming to their house and then Dev said so much over the phone to him and now sends his wife at night to him. Rads warns him against saying anything about her family. Then he asks why she is here and she replies she is here for her sister. Vikram looks confused and inside his room and then out at her and asks who? Rads says Vishakha. And Vikram is amused again. He says Vish is your sister then Dev is very lucky.. first he has a beautiful wife and then his adhi-gharwali is also so hot. Rads is irritated and tells him to stay out of Vish\’s life and she won\’t let him do anything. Vikram says he\’ll ruin Vishakha\’s life. Rads yells at him that he\’ll do nothing and she won\’t allow him in her sister\’s life. Vikram tells her that Vish has done so much compromising in the name of becoming a heroine that even a prositute will be ashamed and Rads slaps him. Vik rubs his cheek and asks why she punished him. Rads says for taking her sister\’s name from his mouth. Vik laughs and says what about her sister who keeps chanting his name. Rads says she is naiive and she will explain things to Vish but he better stay out of her life.

Rads is threatening Vikram when Vish is standing afar hearing the convo (the last bit only). Rads says she\’ll remove Vikram from Vishakha\’s life. Vik tells her to ask VIsh what she wants first but Rads says you don\’t worry about what she wants and just go away and if you don\’t go away then i\’ll call the police. Vik is arguing with her and Rads says she knows the police is looking for him. Vish is shocked hearing this and Amma is standing with her smiling. Vish is about to march up to Radhika but Amma holds her back. Vish then sees two cops sneaking upto Vikram\’s room while Vik and Rads are still fighting. Vish tries to get out of Amma\’s hold and then hides herself and watches as the police come up and grab Vik and arrest him. They says they had been looking for him and finally found him. Vikram is saying why they are arresting him alone and points to Rads and say her sister is also involved but the cop slaps him and is taking him away while Rads is watching socked. END

Precap: Vish is angry with Rads and says she was never her wellwisher and has ruined everything. Amma smiles as she watches Vishakha loosing her trust in Rads.

– JC –

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