Choti Bahu 21st January 2010 – Written Update

no update yet, so putting the highlights

episode starts with dev saying no to radhika for vish wedding. chacha comes with a phone and asks rads to call VN and talk about not coming to the wedding. Vaishali says CB will go to vish wedding, actually we all will go. rad will not go if we tell her not to go, but as a daughter, sister, she must go. dadi is surprised and says nobody else will go. vaishali says we can not let CB go alone, then people will think her family is not with her, so all will go. after sometime, everybody including Dev agrees
sweet moment of Radev ….dev tells rads I am with you always and I am going to ur sis\’s wedding not vish wedding.
in VN, all shadi preparation going on. Shastri ji is the only one in senses, and he kinda scold Devki, for inviting rads. he says that rads has to suffer in sasural due to all these. he is firm and says u didn\’t do right. devki said in herself, i had to, otherwise u won\’t do kanyadan. amma and vish are rude to others.
amma is crying in front of kanha, vish comes and says why are you crying, don\’t cry for me, i told you, I made arrangements already.
the PF comes to VN, and then the barat comes. everybody is shocked to see the groom (he is not that bad…come on…). the his daughter is also with him. Dev, rads shocked. amma tells rads to stop the wedding. only she can stop. amma sas “for their own daughter, they found this gromm, for somebody else\’s daughter they found price!!” Rads asks devki why has she chosen this groom, devki answers we may not find this kind of groom also later (devki, situation is not that bad also, wasn\’t vish in some movie????? why can\’t she find a groom).
shastri ji says it\’s time for the bride. rads goes to her room and finds vish jumping out the window saying this wedding is not for me. purab was waiting there, they start motor bike and dhoom dhoom dhom…..(I am happpy for radev today, so singing dhoom music, whenever my hottiee John abraham used to come, dhoom dhoom dhoom used to play in that movie….ha ha ha…)
precap: dadi tells rads not to mix with “this” kind of people as theymade you and your family name down.

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