Choti Bahu 26th January 2010 – Written Update

In VN Devki is thinking about what happened when Vishaka runs away and all talking about Vishaka and what Shastriji says about doing tarpan of Vishaka. Amma is praying to Kanha to take care of her poti. As no one is worried about her. Her parents are bucher.
Who will take care of her. There is a knock on the door. Devki and Amma come to open the door and see sweet storeowner. He wants the money for the sweets made for the wedding. Half the money was paid but the rest, Amma says what are you saying. Everyone knows there was no wedding, you can take the sweets back. The owner says why should I take the one day old sweets. Devki says please come in the evening and take the money from Shastriji. He leaves. Amma says he knows we are upset and he haas come to add fuel to the fire. Devki says why blame others when our own child has burned us.
In PB, Radhika is sitting in her room. Waiting near the phone, looking very worried. She keeps pacing from here to there. She is restless. She remembers what she had said to Vishaka and than talking of her duties towards Vishaka to Devki. Voshaka saying no one is worried. The phne rings. She jumps and runs to pick up. It is the Devil Vishaka crying and saying Radhika….acting……Radhika says Vishaka where are you? I have been worried about you. Vishaka is crying and saying first listen to what I have to say. (My god Vishaka is really a devil worse then Amma.) I have less time, who knows I am calling you for the last time, my life is in danger. Radhika says Vishaka….Vishaka keeps saying my life is danger someome is after me and keeps crying. They show someone coming towards the phone booth. Radhika looks worried. Vishaka says all of you have send me to death. No one is there for me. When I needed my sister most, you were not there for me. You did not help me. Wished you would have understood me and helped me. Radhika says it is not too late. Vishaka says it is too late. They are going to find me even if I am hidding in Huas Khus lanes. Radhika says Huas Khus. You are in Delhi. She says yes I am in Delhi but you will not be able to help me. She hangs up the phone. Radhika says Kanha what should I do? I cannot leave my sister in this state. I need to talk to Dev. I know he will be upset and get angry but I need to talk to him.

Part 2
In PB, they show Dadi, Vashali, trio clowns, Vivek and Dev very happy. The priest has given them some good news. They are giving some gifts to the priest. Radhika is walking down and listening to all this. Vivek sasy we will give a big party. Vaishali says ask Dev first. Dev just smiles. Viahsali says Radhika why you are standing there, come and sit. Take the priest blessings. The priest gives her good blessings says be blessed with sons. Vaishali says, do you know why the priest gave these blessings. Tomorrow is full lunar ecplise. When Dev had gone to maut ki gofa, the priest over there had said you will become completely alright on lunar ecplise. This priest says, tomorrow you will go with your husband and do pooja there and then you will take bath in the kund (pool). Astavakr ( sorry for the wrong spelling.) also had taken bath there and had become alright. Here there is a very beautiful Radev look. Very nice music is playing. Priest says after you have taken bath in the kund, you will be back to normal and beautiful as you were before Radhika looks very happy and is smiling. Dadi says this means you two can start you married life with all happiness and be happy. Mrinalini is looking and is very upset. Vaishali says this means in this home there one bal gopal can come soon. Radhika and Dev have a beautiful look with each other and Dev is talking to her through his eyes. OMG what a look. The priest says for a healthy boy, we should do the pooja today only before the ecplise. It is a good muhart. Dadi says Ok we will do the pooja today itself. Dadi says CB you remember your promise, Ha. The Trio clowns look at each other and are getting angry. Radhika nods her head, is blushing and then walks away. Dadi says she is feeling shy. All have smiles. Dev has a cute smile.
They show Radhika walking towards the courtyard. She is pacing and is looking very worried. She says whom shall I tell about Vishaka. She says yes, I will talk to mother. She calls VN and tells Devki about Vishaka being in problem. Devki says, I do not want to know anything about her, I do not have any give and take with her. I will also advice you, that you should not think about her. You should take care of your in-laws and worry about them. Pay more attention on you married life. If youe in-laws came to know you are talking to Vishaka, this will create problems in your married life. Radhika say bur ma Vishaka is in problem. Devki says Vishaka can take care of herself. She has always taken her decisions. When she is not worried about us then why should we worry about her. Also for me Vishaka is dead now. Radhika is shock to hear about it. Devki says you also forget her. No need to give us any news about her. Please take care of yourself. She hangs the phone. Radhika looks worried.

Part 3

They show PB all set for the pooja. The Trio clowns looking upset and are talking. Chachji says, look all ready for the new child to come. Whatever little izat we had will be gone. Arjan says babuji I am thinking, I should go and open our home in Agra. Chachji says Arjan, why you are doing this. The person who should be worried is not doing anything about it ( Chacha and Rajan are looking at each other and are trying to make Mrinalini do something ) Mrinalini says I am not sitting quite. What ever we have done so far has been backfired. I had got one person to help is, but she also not there. What to do? They show Vivek, Dadi and Vaishali talking. They see Dev going. Vivek calls him and say where are you going. Dev says to see what Radhika is ready? (Dev is in a very beautiful light blue kurta with nice work on it.) Vivek says, spend time with us too. Radhika will be fine. They all laugh.
In her room they show Radhika very worried. She is changing her jewels. She is wearing the bangle which Dev had given her. She hears the bell ringing anf goes to open the door and there they show cops bringing a death body. The cops says you are Radhika RP. We eant you see who this is it? Why me?

Part 4
They show radhika opening the beds heet from the face with trembling hands. Very funny music playing and puts her hand on her mouth. It is Vishaka. Radhika wakes up. She was dreaming. Radhika remembers what Vishka had said. Save me, my life is in danger. MY god when is Radhika going to learn. They show her leaving her room and going. Govind , govind playing. Outside all are preparing for the pooja. Dev is standing and looking in the sky. Very sweet. Mrinalini is staring at him. Radhika comes near tulsi folds her hands and is walking out. As she is steping out. They show some one saysing stop Radhika. It is another Radhika telling her, she cannot cross the Laxman Rakha of this PB as the PF trust her. She stops. (She is in rad saree.) Then she hears another voice telling why did she stop. It is Radhika dressed in salwar kurta. Even babuji did not think to bring you home why are you thinking? He brought home. Even mother and Vishaka must have not thought. You know Vishaka cannot survive without you. Radhika start go and than the Rad saree Radhika says stop, do not break the trust of the PF. You want to go and help and save a person who has insulted and dishonor your family. Salwar Kurta Radhika, says Radhika Vishaka is waiting for you. Her life is in danger. The voices go on you are the Choti Bahu of this home what are you doing. Stop. The other voice saying go, you need to go help Vishaka , she is waiting for you. Radhika just closes her ears with her hands and is shaking her head. She is looking in all the directions. She is outing her foot out and the episode ends. ( They have shown beautifully the different voices and thoughts going on in Radhika\’s head. One telling he rabout her honor as Choti Bahu and ither about being a sister.)

They show the roop top with all the decorations and all are ready for pooja. Deepika says where is Choti Bahu? Mrinalini says where she is, she need someone to go and get her? Vaishali says no, she is getting ready for pooja. It will take time. Trio clowns are making faces and Dev looks worried.

My 2 cents.

It was a very good episode, showing the feeling of Radhika. Tomorrow we have to see which Radhika wins the Choti Bahu or the sister. The way they have shown Vishaka playing with Radhika\’s mind. Real Pyhco. Hope Radhika is a perfect Choti Bahu and pays heed to the honor of the family.

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