Choti Bahu 29th January 2010 – Written Update

Part 1
The episode begins with Dadi giving orders to the purple clad servants about arranging for the puja at Thakshak Gufa and what items are needed and to tell Birju to take out the car because RaDev are going to leave right now. Radhika is pacing back and forth nervously, wondering how she is going to sneak out to deliver the money to the hotel. Rads calls for Dadi and touches her feet, but before she can say anything, Dadi requests Rads to remove the items from the food storage room for donation and carry them with her when she goes for the puja. Rads is distracted and doesn\’t seem to be listening. Dadi asks two servants to accompany Rads to get the things out. They go to the food storage area and Rads asks Urmi and the other servants to get the platters to carry te things in. After she fills the platters and the servants leave, Rads notices that the money she had hidden in her shawl to pay the hotel bill is no longer there. She frantically searches around but can\’t find it. Deepika and Dadi are talking out in the living room area and as the servants come out carrying the donation platters, Deepika says, wait let me see what choti bahu has arranged in the platters. Rads sees this and panics, fearing Deepika and Dadi will see the bundle of money that has probably fallen into one of the platters. One by one Deepika uncovers the platters. When she\’s at the last one (the one with the money in it), she is about to uncover it when Dadi stops her and says choti bahu arranged this so it must be fine, you don\’t have to check. Dadi and Deepika leave to check on the other preparations and Rads asks Chandru, the servant, to give her the last thali, she has to check something. While the servants are talking, Rads discreetly lifts the coth off the thali and sees the money there.

Part 2
Rads removes the money from the thali and puts it under her shawl, but Mrin walks by and startles her. Mrin asks Rads why she looks so pale and Rads mumbles that she\’s fine. Suddenly, the money falls out of her shawl onto the floor. Mrin is shocked and asks where Rads got so much money and what it\’s for. Rads picks up the money and says the money is for something important. You can ask me what you want but I don\’t feel it necessary to answer you. This sets Mrin off on a tirade and she screams at Rads that just because she has the keys to the all the safes doean\’t mean she can do what she wants. She is the choti bahu, not the owner of the entire house. Dadi comes in and asks what\’s wrong choti bahu, and Mrin gets more angry and says I am standing right in front of you, why don\’t you for a change ask me what\’s the matter, why always choti bahu? Dadi replies, fine, I will ask you…what happened badi bahu? Chacha, Arjun, Vivek and Deepika come in as Mrin is explaining about the money in Rads\’ shawl and how Rads talked back to Mrin when Mrin questioned her. Chacha also pipes in and says oh, so choti bahu is taking advantage of the fact that she\’s been given the keys to the safe? Dadi says SUSHEEL! but Chacha continues and asks why does a newly married woman need so much money all of a sudden? Vivek tells Rads to tell them why she has the money and just end the whole conversation here (he looks meanly at Mrin as he says that part). Rads replies, how can I explain this to you? It\’s possible that you all may become angry with me after hearing what I have to say. Mrin barks, see see! At least we know this much that whatever she is doing is going to anger all of us! Rads says, I didn\’t take this money from the safe. Just then Dev appears and says, Radhika is telling the truth, she didn\’t take this money from the safe, I gave it to her. She probably wants to donate some money somewhere. Chacha interupts and says, but choti bahu said that we would become angry at her reason for having the money. Dev says Radhika did not ask for the money as the choti bahu of the home, but as my wife. The matter is settled and Dadi says, see all of you? My choti bahu is one in a million because she always thinks of others. Now why are all of you standing around? Go have breakfast, we have to leave for the puja soon. Mrin walks away in a huff, angry that her plan to defame Rads was once again foiled. After everyone leaves, Rads says to Dev, how did you…but Dev cuts her off and says, how did I know why you needed the money? Simple. I know how kind and pure hearted you are and why else would you need the money? To do something good for others, of course. The honesty in you heart is written all over your face. Rads looks very guilty at hearing all of this. Dev tells Rads he\’s going into the study to get some work done before the puja and she should please tell Dadi where he is and call him when it\’s time to leave for the puja.

Part 3
Rads is thinking to herself, everyone loves me so much and I am hiding everything from them? What\’s wrong with me? No, I cannot take this money. She goes into her and Dev\’s bedroom and says to herself, I cannot break my husband\’s and my in-laws\’ trust. I cannot take this money and hurt them. Rads puts the money into an envelope and is leaves it on the desk. Then she second guesses herself again and says, I cannot leave Vishaka in a mess either. If I don\’t deliver the money to the hotel then someone from there will come here and the situation will get worse…what should I do? Suddenly Rads recalls that she received some money from Shastriji at the time of the bidai and she takes it out of the box it\’s kept in, deciding that she will use that money instead of the one she got from Dev. She justifies her actions by telling herself that she is helping her sister. Next we see Rads walking out of the gate onto the road. Inside, Dadi receives a phone call from Shastriji and she tells him they all are about to leave for Thakshak Raj gufa. Shastriji asks if anyone at home arranged for a kalash (water pot) and explains that a water pot that is dripping water must be placed on the outside of the gufa at the exact auspicious moment before the puja begins and RaDev must enter the cave before all the water drips out of the water pot. He offers to place the kalash at the entry of the cave and Dadi agrees and is happy. Dadi asks Deepika to round everyone up as they must hurry and get to the cave. Meanwhile Rads reaches Vishaka\’s hotel room. Vish is sitting on the floor, kind of hiding behind the bed. The sisters hug and Vish tells Rads she is very scared. Rads tells he not to be afraid, she is safe and the bill has been paid so she can relax and stay in the room comfortably. Vish appears to be a nervous wreck and asks Rads to stay with her for a while.

Part 4
Radhika tells Vish she cannot stay even for a moment because she snuck out of the house and if anyone comes to know she is missing this will cause a big problem. She tells Vish about the puja at the cave she must do and the bath at the lake she must have in orde to be cured of her injuries. Vish keeps insisting Rads stay, saying she is afraid and didn\’t sleep all night. Rads makes her lie down in the bed and try to sleep. She then leaves, saying to herself, I\’m sorry to leave you like this Vishaka. Meanwhile, at home everyone is looking for Rads. Dev enters the bedroom, calls for her, and doesn\’t see her there. Dadi is searching in the temple room, Deepika in the kitchen. The evil clown trio are in the living room and Mrin tells Chacha that even last night Rads was out of the house, and now today she has so much money with her and is again missing. Mrin deduces that Rads is not as naive as she looks. Chacha tells Mrin to take advantage of the fact that Rads is missing right before the puja and get her in serious trouble. Arjun suggests calling the police and reporting Rads missing in order to create an even bigger drama. The rest of the family assembles in the living room and nobody can find Rads. Deepika suggests that perhaps she went to the muth with Vaishali, but Dev says that\’s not possible because he himself escorted Vaishali to the car and Rads was not with her. Dadi worries that RaDev will not make it inside the cave in time and that all the water from the pot will drip out before they can enter. The scene changes to Rads leaving the hotel in a rush. Someone seems to be following her. Rads turns around and we see that a little girl is begging to her for some money. Rads gives the money and continues walking. She feels like someone is watching her and turns around again. This time it\’s Birju who is standing there, looking angry. He tells Rads, you should not be doing this. I know who you came to meet here…Vishaka! Rads is shocked. Birju tells her that he also knows that Rads put Vishaka in the hotel under her (Rads\’) name. He says, before doing this didn\’t you once think how your family members would feel? Did you consider how hurt your husband would feel? Rads replies, bhaiya (brother) what could I do? I have some duties towards my sister don\’t I? Birju says, yes, you do…but that sister which caused so much pain to your entire family? To even think about Vishaka is a sin. Come now, lets go home. Rads asks Birju to keep the whole incident a secret, but Birju says keeping secrets from family only causes problems in the home. Just as Mrin is suggesting to Dadi to call the police, Rads walks in the house, followed by Birju. Dev and Dadi sternly ask her where she went. Birju says I will tell you where Radhika went. Episode ends on Rads\’ worried face.

Precap: We see Vish\’s hotel room door opening. Vish is sitting on the floor and a man with black pants and shoes enters the room. We do not see his face.

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