Choti Bahu 2nd February 2010 Written Episode

Dev and Radhika come close to the idol and both of them pray. The snakes are watching. Radhika says oh lord Takshakraj, please take out my fear, we have come to thank you. Dev says all due to you, my wife\’s every burn and pain is going to be cured with your blessings. Beautiful slohkos are playing and they both, with Dev holding the kalash, Radhika with her hand on Dev\’s arm bath thee idol. Then they fold the hands and pray. They both sit near the idol and Dev takes out the thread from Radhika\’s hands. They get up and Dev puts it back near the mani. Radhika also touches her head on the idol. It is such a beautiful scene with Radev looking so happy and taking the blessings. It gives one goose bumps to watch such scenes. Very well done by RaDEv.
In the hotel. Vishaka is calling Radhika at PB. She says Radhika please pick up the phone. The maid picks the phone. Vishaka says I want to speak to Radhika…Maid says who. Vishaka says Choti Bahu. Maid says they all have gone to Takshak raj gufa and they will come back tomorrow. Vishaka says but I want to talk to her now. Maid says call on Dev\’s bahu cell and hangs up. Vishaka is scared and is crying.
Outside gufa, they show Shastriji and Devki praying and then they show RaDEv coming out. Sounds of conch playing. Beautifu music of Krishan…. Radhika calls ma. They both turn and are happy. They hug each other and Shastriji tells Dev, I knew you will be able to finish your mannat. It is all Kanha\’s blessings. Let me go and inform the priest. Devki says I pray to god, that you never have to go through any pain and sorrows again in your life. Shastriji tells the priest, they have both finish the puja. Priest says this is such a difficult mannat and not only Dev did this before bit now both of them done it again. This is indeed Takshak Raj\’s blessings. My faith has become strong that you two are like Ram and Sita, Shankar and Gurai and Krishna and Radha. Your jodi is blessed. Dear daughter now you have to take bathe in the blessed kund. Here only you and your husband will go. Only those can go who have taken the mannat and for whom the mannat has been taken. Devki says, Radhika, PF is waiting for us down, we should go and take their blessings and then you both should go to the kund. They all agree and priest says let us go. It was beautiful Radev looks and happiness.

At hotel, someone is knocking and saying open the door, otherwise we will break the door.

Part 2

All are waiting for RaDev. Dadi, Vivek, Vaishali, Deepika and Briju. Vishali says, Deepika tell Arjan to call and see how Chachji is feeling. She says Arjan is not there and also Mrinalini is not there. Dadi says where are they at this time. It is so dark Vivek has the look of knowing. Dadi sasy Briju go and look for them. Deepika says you do not do anything. I will go and find them.
Over on the other side, they show Mrinalini crying. I am the badi bahu, but everything for Choti Bahu, gufa, mannat etc. Why? She will be giving them warris. Why, I can give them too. Both are looking at each other. I cannot become mother because it is all because of my husband. No one blames him but me. Arjan says, why are you worried, let us enjoy what we have. Mrinalini, you are with me. Rite. Arjan says, yes I am always with you. This is tooo much. The way Arjan is touching her and she…..Deepika is looking. Arjan says you can test me and they both are hugging. All of sudden Deepika is calling listen. They break apart.

Part 3

Mrinalini hides and Arjan goes and asks Deepika what are you doing here. She says all are looking for you. Do you know where Mrinalini is? He says no. He says why you came alone let us go. Deepika says, you come with me and I will send Briju to find her. Ok let us go. She will come. They come back where all are. Deepika says, I do not know where she is. Mrinalini says I am rite here. Vivek looks at her and tells her to stay with all as there are different types of animals here. She says what should I do here wait for the most pampered son of the family who will come back with his wife. All are looking at her surprise. She says you\’ll need to understand, that it may take them long to come and anything can happen to them as the gufa is full of snakes. All are shocked. Vivek says if you cannot think good, then do not think anything bad. Mrinalini says you are feeling bad. Ok then I will leave and go back to Delhi with Arjan. All have the look. Dadi says Badi Bahu, no one will go anywhere. Please stop it and not create more. Mrinalini says yes I have to wait and see so much importance been given to Radhika, which was never given to me. My god she is on roll. Dadi says RaDEv are getting what was due to them. But if you really want to do something, then why don\’t you do the same thing what Dev did for Radhika? My god Dadi gave her good.
Then they see RaDEv coming down. Briju says Mamaji see Radev coming with all smiles. RaDEv come and touch Dadi and Vishali\’s and Vivek\’s feet. Vaishali and Dadi hug Radhika. Happy music is playing. Shastriji says Mamji, RaDEv completed all the puja of Takshakraj, everything went without any hitch. Now the last part of Dev\’s mannat is kund bath, which Dev has to go with Radhika. They will go now. Then Radhika will be completely cured. Dev\’s mannat will be complete. The priest asks if all the stuff needed for the bath and puja are there near the kund. Dadi says yes, everything has been taken care of. We will leave for Delhi, as it will take full night to finish all the rasams. They will come back in the morning. Radev start to go towards the kund with the priest. As they are walking away, Arjan goes to wish them. Dev just walk away. Shastriji says thans to God. Dadi says Shastriji, we have arranged a party tomorrow for Choti Bahu as all good things are going to come to her. We want you\’ll to come too. He says but… Dadi says you must come as these are happy times for your daughter. He says OK. Vaishali says bring AMMa too. He says I will try. He says since you all are waiting since so long, come to our home to eat something. Mrinalini jumps in and says Shastriji you forgot what happened at your home last time we came, we were insulted so badly. You want us to come and get insulted again. Devil. Dadi says Badi Bahu, it was not Shastriji\’s fault and we have not complains with Shastriji. She says you should think 100 times before speaking. Dadi says Shastriji, please forgive us, we cannot come this time as we have to get ready for the party. The all leave.
Part 4

Vishka running n the streets and some guys behind her. She is running and hides. They pass by her. She is scared. They see her and coming running after her and then the dogs are coming. They catch her. She bites the guy and runs away. Gets the taxi and tells him to go.. The bad guys are following her. There is the chase.

Shastriji and Devki are walking. He says I am so happy. He says what can I say. I am full of pride, not only for my daughter, but to get such a son-in-law, who kept this mannat and did this for my daughter. Devki says, yes now our daughter will be completely alrite. Shastriji say not only that but the PF are so happy that they are having a party in her getting well party. Devki looks worried. Shastriji says what happened. Devki says I am worried about Amma, she is so sad and upset about Vishaka. She does not eat well and is worried all the time. Shastriji says, Vishka has not only got us insulted but has taken a toll with amma too. Let us go and try to make amma happy.

They Show Radev and priest walking over the rocks to come towards the kund. As they are walking Radev are holding hands and Dev is saying this night is going to bring the most beautiful morning for us. In night in darkness all are sleeping but our happiness are going to be awake. I remember a story Dadima told me when I was little. When Satyabama (Krishan\’s wife) got injured and she was worried if Lord Krishan loved her or not. She doubted him. Dev says Radhika even you were worried, if I loved you or not, with all your burns. Radhika looks with surprise look. Dev says, I want to say, I have always loved you, love you and will always love you. OMG so loving and so beautiful. Radev has such loving look and music is playing. Dev says, I want you to be free of your wounds.Your wounds are making you weak and I do not want my Radhika to be weak any time in het life. Radev look.

There they show Taxi stops and Vishaka is surrounded by the bad guys.


The kund, Radev in it. Dev in dohti and no shirt, Radhika in saree worn as wrap, you can see her arms, folding her hands, her eyes closed while first, Dev pours water over her, then milk and then flowers.

MY 2 cents.

All Radev addicts are going to enjoy the episode. Their happiness and love, they showed it so well today..
My god it is so sick between Mrinalini and Arjan.
The best scene when Dadi tells Mrinalini instead of complaining she should do something for Vivek as Dev did for Radhilka. The shock look on her…..LOL
I really think Vishaka might be in danger.
Tomorrow is going to be an amazing episode.

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