Choti Bahu 11th February 2010 – Written Update

Part 1
Sushil scolds Deepika for creating an uproar for nothing, waking everyone up except Arjun who slept through it all. Deepika says feebly that she saw the door open and Dadi wonders about that. Radhika thinks of something up quickly and says that she must have left it open. Dadi says I don\’t think there is any thief, even the watchman said no one came from the front and Birju has checked that all the windows and doors were close. Sushil says but chachima we did hear a noise. Dadi replies something must have fallen down. Sushil adds but what about Birju who saw a shadow. Birju quips that he must have been mistaken. Radhika is very tensed. Dev scolds Birju for scaring everyone. Vaishali adds and the worst is that you trouble the groom, now take your bride inside. Everyone disperse.

Radhika thanks Kanha for saving her from this situation. Dev comes in front of her and says you love so much that because of a thief you did not let me go into the storeroom and now you are praying to God. Dev jokes with her that she prays to Kanha all day and now if she will dedicate her evening to Kanha, what will happen to him, I will not be able to compete. Radhika starts crying and hugs him.

Dev says now no fear nothing will come between us, not even Kanha. He holds her and closes in slowly.

They are about to kiss when the clock chimes loudly and Radhika says it\’s now four o\’clock I will have to get ready for the pooja. Dev sulks and tells her whether she cannot go for one day. Radhika pacify and asks that only yesterday was she proclaimed as Rajpurohitain and if she does not go today it will be bad. She says she cannot break her dharamm of Choti Bahu. She asks whether she can go and Dev agrees.

Part 2
Vishaka is cribbing that Radhika left her to stay in this dusty old store room. She recalls the time she was the Choti Bahu and Radhika came to stay, how she had taunted her saying yes you are not used to staying in big rooms anyways. She realises how the wheel of fortune has turned for her, today she has to stay in the very place Radhika had, she got separated from the one she loves, my own parents rejected me, I have no one as support, I am all alone in this store room. There is no one who can understand me or who wants to. Suddenly her baby kicks, and Vishaka is in wonderment. She gets so happy that she can now feel her baby and says this means now I am not alone, I have
you, you will listen to me now my child.

It is morning. Birju is lost in deep thought. One of the servant is calling him repeatedly. Radhika calls him and Birju snaps out of it. He talks with the servant who then leaves. Radhika thanks him for hiding the truth and saving her. Birju says it is not right, I have lost my sleep over this. She must not stay here any longer, if Dev or the family finds out, there will be big uproar. Radhika says she came here so suddenly, I cannot send her back to Vrindavan, Babuji considers her dead, and now even Mom has broken all ties with her. Birju says why are hell bent on ruining your married life, you know how everyone hates her here. I request you to send her from here. Radhika says yes I will take her away during the day. Birju tells her someone might see in the day, to let her stay in the storeroom and he will help her take her somewhere. A servant comes to call them.

Part 3
Deepika comes to serve Dadi and Vivek tea. She complains that since Choti Bahu has come, she never gets the chance to do anything in this house. Dadi praises Radhika that she does everything in this house and never complains. Dev comes in and is sulking. Vivek pulls his leg that it is only now that they are seeing him, looks like you have slept till late. Dadi says arey rotlu smile a little nah. Dev goes to Dadi\’s lap. Dadi says my time is over, you have your wife now. Dev is really sulking like a child. Dadi asks whether he fought with Choti Bahu. Dev cribs that he has to spend time with her to be able to fight. He says most of the time got lost because of that thief episode, and then we talked a little and before we knew it, it was already 4 o\’clock. Dadi and Vivek laugh. Vivek pulls his leg saying he sympathises with him. Dev says this house has stolen my wife from me. Dadi says arrey then who can stop you steal the Choti Bahu from this house. Dev is confused. Dadi says when Choti Bahu came she was unwell, but now you both can go on honeymoon. Dev says great plan Dadi, now your Choti Bahu will be gone for days.

Vishaka hears a noise and hides herself. It is Radhika who has brought her some food in a tiffin box. Vishaka wants a taali, Radhika says she could not hide a taali and to make do with the tiffin box. Vishaka cribs that she could not do this much for her. Radhika says Birju and I, we will take you from here tonight. She says he saw you yesterday but did not reveal anything. It is very dangerous to let you stay here.

Part 4
Vishaka says after all this is now your house, it is no longer mine. Radhika asks her not to misunderstand. Vishaka says there is nothing to misunderstand left. I have told what had happened there, they came to get me, I was in danger, I could have lost my life and despite this you want to send me away from here. Radhika says I will send you to a safe place. Radhika tells her she will have to go now, otherwise someone might end here looking for her. Vishaka stops her and says she feels like eating from katha, she asks whether there some pickles. Radhika says but you never used to eat before. Vishaka says but today I feel like it. Radhika says she will go look in the kitchen. Dadi is calling for Choti Bahu. Dev suddenly take Radhika hand and tells her to come with him. Radhika says she something to do in the kitchen. Dev does not heed and bring her to their room. He says that he has spoken to their travel manager and that he will be taking her away for a few days. Radhika is tensed and says but… Dev says no buts, I am taking you somewhere where you will not be Choti Bhahu nor my wife. Radhika is shocked. Dev says just Radhika, my premika. Till then you can do all Choti Bahu stuffs, but once we leave you will be only mine.

Radhika informs Birju and says we will have to Vishaka somewhere else as soon as possible. Birju says don\’t worry, I will take out the car, you go fetch her and bring her from the back door.

Radhika cannot find her. Vishaka has left the store room. Vishaka is dressed as one of the servants in purple saree and looking for food in the kitchen. Dadi tells Vishaka thinking she one of the servants to bring her some water as she has to take her medicines. Vishaka has her back to her and does so. She tensed and slowly turns around.

Precap: NONE! Radhika asking for votes…

My thoughts: Vishaka is still as selfish, Radhika very much the usual liar and chupe rustam, and CB seriously getting on my nerves. I really hope those irritatives buckle up.

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