Choti Bahu 16th February 2010 – Written Update

Part 1

the scene starts where it left yesterday, Radhika brings Dev to the store room, Birju follows them, and Rads says u want to know why I don\’t want to go to honeymoon, this is the truth. Dev is surprised. Birju is surprised too. Then Rads is surprised too. She tries to look here and there and Off course there is nobody. Dev asks her what did u want to show me, what is here? Mrinalini comes to the storeroom too. Dev leaves the room and Radhika is tensed and follows him. Birju is standing in the storeroom, notices mrinalini and then notices a letter in the box (I think the same box where the doll was). Mrinalini also looks here and there and notices that Birju is uncomfortable. She asks what\’s the matter and what is he trying to hide. Birju has the letter in his hand and the hand is in the boz. He says it is really dusty here so I am trying to clean. Shall I lock the door? Mrinalini leaves then Birju takes the letter and locks the door.

Everybody is standing downstairs and Arjun is talking on the phone. He want to pass the phone to chacha and chacha says “cut it”. always u r on the phone. chacha says why are we standing here? Dadi comes and says I want to tell u why choti bahu doesn\’t want to go to honeymoon.

Part 2

Dadi says that she doesn\’t want to go because she wants to stay here to celebrate my birthday. She wants to be with me on that day. Everybody is happy and the evil trio are making faces. Radhika is tensed and have a guilty face. Mrinalini is suspicious and can not really digest it. Dadi tells Rads to go to honeymoon and vaishali supports her. Vivek says I didn\’t even make the list of guests and u already planned everything, All rae happy. Dadi tells Dev, you better not be angry with rads ever. Dev makes a very cute face. Dadi says now you both go and pack your stuff. Radhika want to say something about the truth, Birju interupts and says now everybody know the real truth, why are you bothered now. Mrinalini is watching them and have something in her mind.
Everybody leaves.

Part 3

Rads is thinking in the room that how can i lie to everybody about this? I have to tell the truth. I can not break all the trust. They trust me so much. Dev notices her and comes and sits on the floor. Rads says why are u sitting there? Dev says I am here to apologize as I didn\’t trust you. I am wrong. please forgive me. I did a sin. I should have known that you think about others before u think about your happiness. I am wrong and this is a sin. Dev was saying I did a sin 2-3 times , I don\’t know why. He says lets go down and tell everybody that we are not going for HM. they put their hand together and leaves and near the door. Dadi comes and says go back. She says you both should go to HM, Dev says no, we will be here on your bday. She says tell me what u want to do on my bday. Dev says party, people will comes, we will give gifts. Dadi says whatever gift I will ask for u will give,right? dev says yes. dadi says then u both go to HM, thats my gift. choti bahu doesn\’t get to spend time with u here, u mentioned that before. now u go to goa and have a lot of time together. When I will have my great grand son on my lap next year, that will be my best gift. now you both pack your stuff as u will leave early tomorrow morning.

Rds is still guilty and says that I have to tell the truth. Dev says what r u thinking? Rds says I have to tell u something, dev says I needs to tell u a lot of things too when we reach goa. Rads tries to say something, dev interrupts and says we need to do a lot of packing. hurry up. where is the red suitcase, in storeroom, u go and get that, I am doing the rest here.

Mrinalini is trying to say to chacha that there is something going on . Birju and rads are doing something. chacha is rude and says they were planning for surprise bday. mrinalini syas then why she took dev to storeroom? chacha answers must be something for the bday. mrinalini says there was nothing. chacha says birju must have hidden it. Mrinalini says there is something. I saw birju taking tiffin box out of that room. I think….chacha is rude and says u think a lot. you r very intelligent and we r not, that\’s what u r trying to say. she says I suspect….chacha again interrupts and say because of your suspicison, we suffered before. if u get something solid, then only come here. arjun supports chacha. then mrinalini leaves. arjun follows but chacha stops him, and asks how many times I need to mention u same thing??? go to ur own room.

Part 4

Rads is going towards the storeroom and thinking where is vish? if she was here, everything would have been clear. how long can I lie to everybody? I am hiding one thing and for that saying so much lie. she comes and loks again in the storeroom. Birju comes and gives her the letter. Vish writes “there were so much difficulty staying here. I am leaving for a better place where I can live peacefully. don\’t think about me. I can take care of myself”.

Birju says she left so u don\’t need to say anything now. Rads says but she lived here, I have to tell the truth. birju answers u know how much people dislike her. if u mention this to everybody, all will be upset. u better not say anything. we hide things from our near ones, right? u go and spend good time with dev bhaiya and forget all these. rads leaves with the red bag.

she comes and asks dev whether he wanted this bag? dev says yes and take out ur cloths, we won\’t have time in th emorning. rads comes with some saree. Dev is very sweet and tells her to sleep as she is tired. rads objects, but dev says u sleep now as I am not going to let u sleep in next 3 nights. rads is shy. he says we are dev raj purohit and CB here, but in goa we are dev and rads. we will have our suhaag rat also there. go, sleep, and have sweet dreams. he kind of takes rads to bed, and put her down. puts comfoter etc…very sweet part …a must watch for radev fans.

in the morning dev calls rads and tells her to hurry, she says I did everything very quickly. dev is mischivious and says u tool 4 min 45 secs to get ready. rads smiles. he says that if u smail like this then we will get late as I will like to love you more. they are almost going to kiss and a knock on the door (as always). Its vaishali. she asks if everything is ready. dev says yes, just one thing is remaining. I think we need to complete that in goa only. rads smiles. vaishali say somebody is coming to the airport to pick u both, right? dev says yes, vaishali continues, do u have the tickets? dev says no I forgot. vaishali says I will send khetu to pick up the luggage.

rads and dev go in. rads near the dressing table wearing jewelry and dev searching for tickets. vish letter is also next to the tickets. dev picks up the letter, opening and says what is this, rads looks and shocked.

Precap: dev reads the letter, rads is tensed and sad. dev looks angry and looks at rads.

I want the precap to be true. but the creatives change the precap cacording to their conveniences.

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