Choti Bahu 18th February 2010 – Written Update

Part 1
M finds the clothes. She becomes convinced that something fishy is going on. She is determined to unravel what Radhika and Birju are hidding. Birju enters the store room and notices M inside, he is shocked to see M with Vishaka\’s clothes. Birju leaves quietly.

Dev and Radhika reach their hotel. Radhika is in wonderment and feeling a bit out of depth. Radhika wonders about their luggage, and the lady replies not to worry she will have it sent and asks whether there is anything fragile to which Dev says no in english. They are given their key and are being brought to their room. Radhika stops Dev and asks him to explain what the lady at the reception was saying to him in English. Dev replies that she was asking whether there is anything fragile with them. I told her that we have nothing as such, except for my DIL. Radhika laughs at that. Dev puts his hand over her shoulders and they both leave from the pool side.

Vrindavan. The phone rings.Vaishali has called up Devki to chit chat. She conveys that Radev have reached safely and that it is good that they now have got the chance to go on their honeymoon. Devki says whatever bad had to happen has already passed by, now only good will happen to them. Vaishali agrees and says on top of that our blessings are with them. Vaishali invites them to Delhi for Dadi\’s birthday. Devki says she will ask Shastiji and let her know.

Part 2
Radev reach their room. Dev hugs Radhika tightly and says I have been waiting for this moment from so long. Suddenly, someone knocks at the door. Dev gets irritated and says even here we are not left on our own. Radhika tells him to check. A lady brings them refreshments. Dev asks whether it is alcoholic and she replies that no, it is simply fruit punch. She leaves. Dev hugs Radhika tightly. Rad asks why was she speaking in English, she is Indian she must speak in Hindi only. Dev says are you feeling jealous, Radhika retorts that no. Dev says even if you are jealous, it means our love is growing stronger. Dev suddenly leaves, opens the door and put the DO NOT DISTURB sign.

The phone suddenly rings. Dev gets super irritated and asks Radhika why is she laughing at him. Dev answers, it is someone from reception. He asks whether they can come to decorate the room. Dev replies that they will be going out, and to do that in their absence as he wants to surprise her. Dev tells Radhika that the car is ready, and they can leave for the beach. Radhika gets all excited and says she will even be able to do pranam to saagar devta. (seagod) Radhika says she will get ready. She goes to the bathroom but does not understand how it works, and calls for Dev\’s help. Dev jokes with her and says this is a special tap, you have to take the name of your beloved and put your hand underneath. Radhika says you must be joking. Dev says he is very much serious. Dev gives her a demo. Dev tells Radhika that she must tell his name. Radhika does so and is surprised that the water is falling. She does it again without saying Dev\’s name, and realises that Dev conned her. She gets miffed and throws her clothes at Dev who is running away. Dev throws it back to her screaming what will you wear?

Part 3
Dev brings her to the seaside and tells her to open her eyes slowly. Radhika gets super estatic on seeing on the beach. She feels like she is in heaven. They walk by a lady in a bikini and Radhika looks away quickly in embarassment. Radhika goes to do pranaam to saagar devta. Dev tells her to go in a little further. She does so, but rushes into Dev\’s arms when the waves crashes in. Dev laughs and thanks saagar devta for teasing Radhika, and to also do this so that Radhika can stay in his arms. Radhika gets miffed and says the water was cold that is why, otherwise who gets scared of water. Dev laughs at her. Radev are enjoying themselves, running after each other, splashing around, laughing, hugging, they write their name in the sand. Soundtrack of Tum Mile is playing. Radhika has a sip of seawater and discover that it is SALTY!!!

Part 4
Dev does the same, saying he cannot let her go through this alone. He says lets find something to wash down the taste.

In Purohit house, everyone is having tea when someone bring the pictures of the party. Vaishali praises Rad for looking beautiful. Dadi is proud of their CB. Vivek pipes in that Dev is look quite daper. Deepika whines that she is looking fat in the pictures or perhaps that the camera was defective. Arjun sarcastically replies that she slim and trim, it must be the camera not working. Deepika asks M to have a look at the pictures. M gets very nasty and says what is there to look at, it does not interest her at all. But then she notices that in one picture there a girl with her pallu down wearing the same cloth she found in the store room. She remembers how Radhika brought her upstairs, supposedly to the washroom. She wonders what is the connect between the dancer and Radhika. Dev asks a lady in english whether they can have something to drink. He tells Radhika to have some water in the meantime. Radhika says it is tasting bad. Dev says that perhaps you need to eat something sweet. The lady brings two special called Divine pleasure. Dev explains the meaning to Rad. She says it is such a sweet name and has a sip. Radhika says but is so bitter. Dev replies maybe you will find it bitter in the beginning, continue to drink. Radhika downs it. Dev suddenly realises that the drink is tasty funny and sees that Radhika is holding her head as if dizzy. He asks the lady the content of the drink and he realises that there was alcohol in it. Radhika on the other side is totally gone.

Precap: Radev are returning to the hotel. Radhika is totally tipsy and singing loudly zara sa jhoom lou mein. Even Dev looks gone. Radhika knocks down a picture and thinking it is a person begs for forgiveness.

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