Uttaran 18th February 2010 Written Episode

Gunwanti introduces Vansh as their older son, and he takes Jogi and the rests\’ blessings. She tells Vansh that they all have come with his marriage proposal. Everyone is confused and Jogi tells them that he thinks there is some misunderstanding here, and that they didn\’t know this proposal was for Vansh, infact they did not know that they ever had an older son until now. Gunwanti tells him that Taps knew of all this. Jogi asks if he can talk to them in private, and Jogi-Dadaji-Gunwanti go inside to talk.

Inside, Jogi tells them that he thought this rishta came for Veer. Dadaji tells him that that wud never happen, since Veer is a married man. When Jogi brings up the topic of divorce, Dadaji tells him that in their house the elders decide what happens. Gunwanti asks Jogi how he can openly talk of his own daughter\’s divorce. Dadaji tells her that Jogi\’s family\’s values are different from theirs. Gunwanti tells Jogi and Vansh and Ichcha know each other and Taps too was aware that this proposal had come for Vansh. Jogi thinks back to the times when Taps talked about reuniting Ichcha-Veer and is hurt. Jogi tells them that he will take their leave for now. He leaves with the 3 women.

Vansh asks his parents whats happening and why broke this rishta. Gunwanti tries explaining to him that there was no misunderstanding and everything is fine, but Vansh screams out and says he knew this would happen since he is a druggie and no one would ever want to marry him. Hurt and upset, he leaves to his room. Kaasa follows after him.

Later, Vansh is sadly walking on the roof as \’Ya Rabba\’ plays and he remembers Ichcha. He stands ominously on the edge of the roof. End.

Precap: Jogi asks Taps if she knew this rishta was for Vansh. Tapu shakes her head in denial. Jogi tells her that Gunwanti told him that she knew.

Comments: Today\’s episode was amazing, and I\’m glad we finally we got one of those \’edge-of-the-seat\’ episodes that we could usually expect from those old episodes of Uttaran. Vansh\’s acting was superb, and it was heartbreaking seeing him feel so rejected abt himself. The end of today\’s episode does imply a suicide attempt but I doubt anything wud happen to him since he was just standing on the roof of his house. Tomorrow\’s episode will def be interesting… esp to see how Taps tries to wriggle herself out of this one! I dont know why she bothers lying, after all the things she\’s done in the past, I doubt Jogi will believe her over Gunwanti. Also interested to see Ichcha\’s reaction. At first I\’m sure she\’ll be surprised, since she knew nothing abt Vansh\’s feelings for her. But once she realizes that this wud mean Veer-Taps cud be together, she\’s going to jump at this relationship!

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