Choti Bahu 25th February 2010 – Written Update

I am just posting this briefs as nothing was posted so far and many are eager to know what happened so here it is… Just highlights… You may look for the details when the updater will post it… hope it is ok… love to all Evasumi…
Ammaji is asking Birju to tell what happened and if radhika helped Vishakha or did she bring her in the house…

Listening to all these Birju makes an innocent face and tells her that he does not know what she is talking about.. than he says so innocently that without any needle nor thread and you are trying to run sewing machine to stitch the cloths.. and than he laughs and says Radhe Radhe and walks out.. Mrinalini who was behind the curtain could not get anything and was frustrated.. Amma also walks out of mandir area frustrated..

Arjun comes and asks Mrinalini if she found anything.. She said she could not listen anything? Arjun says you know you need to find something as father\’s trust is in you is diminishing? Mrin says of course it does look that way that his trust is lessening and here your love.. Arjun says it is not so.. Mrin says than prove it.. Arjun says here? She just gives him a look and walks out on him? Arjun than starts another Shammi Kapoor number? Aaj kal tere mere pyar ke charche? So they dance on that with the angry stare of Vivek and Chachaji.. Everybody claps.. Vaishali than walks to Vivek and brings him near to Shashtriji to request him to sing a song from any movie? Devki says he really does not know any movie song he only sings Bhajans so everyone request to give him Bhajan.. He sings Sri radhe govinda man bhajle hari ka nam pyara nam hai?

Than shashtri ji request Vaishali and so does dadiji and she comes with one of my favorite birthday song..
Tumhe oor kya do mai dil ke siva tum ko hamari umar lag jaye? She really was natural in her performance?
Loved her number?

Than everyone request Dadima and she comes with her original number from julie.. Yeh ratein nayi purani aate ..aate jate kahate hai koi kahani?
Every one comes around her in cirlcle and walk around her and than gives her pranam? Looks very beautiful..

Than birju rolls the table with a nice chocolate cake.. Looking at it she stops and as if remembers her darling grand son who has not called yet? Sushil says now please cut the cake? are you waiting for the call from Dev and Radhika? When they have not called you all morning they are not going to call now do not be sad..

Dadima says I am not sad but I am happy I am glad that they did not call as it means they are together and they are in my heart and I already got their wishes than she blows the candle and cuts the cake..
Looking at all this birju feels sad and goes inside to call Dev.. ammaji sees that and follows him.

Birju calls Dev but does not get through Dev and calls Hotel.. Hotel also says they are not in both Dev and Radhika are out.. He mumbles that he needed to talk to Radhika about important issue? amma catches him and ask what was that he wanted to talk to Radh.. She says she is my grand daughter too and I need to know.. Birju keeps quite.. Meanwhile dadima comes looking for amma and takes her away.. Birju is saved..

Mrinalini walks in her room followed by Vivek? She says I am coming to party.. Vivek confronts her about her dance with Arjun.. she laughs and scoffs at him.. saying that she is not more than a servant in the house and than tells him to ask the servant of the house what he stole from their room and than come and lecture her.. Vivek goes away in anger and downstairs looks for Birju? finding him he takes him away to the mandir area for private talk.. ammaji looks at that and follows..

Vivek asks Birju what he stole and what he burnt.. Birju says if you trust me than do not ask me anything but I can tell you only one thing that whatever I did was for Radhika bhouji.. Vivek is trying to ask the details but biruju falls at his feet and says please do not ask me anything now once Dev bhaiya and Radhika bhoujiis here I will tell you everything?

Ammaji was listening all these? in the living room all were living and were waiting for Vivek to say good bye to all? Shashriji asks permission to leave.. amma insist on talking to Radhika.. the call is placed to Dev\’s cell but he does not pick up.. than to the hotel.. Call is put through the room to Radhika who listening the voice of Dadima breaks in to tears..

Dev walks in the room .. Radh is anxious to know what happen why he did not come she went out looking for him everywhere but could not find him? Dev says very calmly that he wanted to ask something….

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