Choti Bahu 26th February 2010 – Written Update

Part 1
The episode begins with Dadi calling Radhika and Radhika sounding morose. Dadi asks Radhika what\’s wrong and why she\’s crying. Mrin, Vaishali and everyone crowd around the phone to listen and Amma is watching too. Rads replies that she\’s not crying she\’s just tired, but Dadi is not convinced. Radhika tells Dadi, it\’s your birthday and I didn\’t even wish you until now so I\’m feeling bad. Dadi tells her not to feel bad as birthdays come every year. Rads wishes Dadi a happy birthday and Dadi thanks her and tells her that she does not mind that she and Dev didn\’t call because she knows they are having a great time and are very happy. Radhika is very upset and trying to hold back her tears. Dadi asks to speak to Dev and Rads blurts out that she doesn\’t know where he has gone, but then quickly covers and says he must be doing something for me because he is always showering me with love. Dadi wishes her well and says I will not take more of your time now, and hangs up. Rads dissolves into sobs.
Dadi informs everyone that RaDev are fine and happy. Everyone but the evil trio and Amma look pleased and Mrin questions why Rads was crying. Amma tells her simply because she was feeling bad at not calling to wish me a happy birthday. Mrin says “oh…” but doesn\’t look convinced. Amma asks Dadi why didn\’t you let me speak to Rads, I had something important to ask her (Birju is watching Amma) and Dadi replies, you wanted to know if RaDev are fine and happy, right? Well they are. I didn\’t think it right to keep Rads on the phone so long since she and Dev are on HM. Amma looks annoyed. Shastriji asks to take everyone\’s leave and Devaki asks him to wait a few minutes as she wants to change out of her costume. The scene shifts back to Rads in Goa crying and saying, where have you gone, where have you gone, I\’m so afraid…suddenly Dev comes in the room. Rads is relieved and runs and hugs him, but he doesn\’t hug her back and looks upset. Rads asks Dev, where did you go for so long? She cries on his shoulder and tells him she was so worried and searched everywhere for him. She was going crazy with fear as to where he was and what could\’ve happened to him. Dev doesn\’t respond and stares straight ahead looking sad. Rads asks him why aren\’t you saying anything. Dev looks Rads in the eyes and says, because I want some answers from you. Rads says, yes ask me how I felt that my husband was away from me all night…that I sat waiting for him in my bridal attire, and then searched for him in every corner of a place unfamilar to me. Dev just looks at her. Rads goes on to say that her very life breath had stopped when she couldn\’t find Dev and that the night they both had been dreaming of for so long just dissolved in tears for her. She then says, before beginning my new life with you I wanted to unburden myself of all I am keeping inside me, and Dev asks her what are you keeping inside of you that you want to tell me? Rads says I had wanted to tell you the truth about everything I had been hiding from you until now. Dev looks at her. Rads says, I don\’t want to build my life with you on a foundation of lies, I want to tell you the truth. Dev anxiously asks, what truth Radhika? Rads admits that although Dev warned her not to help Vishaka, she did. Dev is stunned.

Part 2
Radhika begins her confession and we are shown everything in flashbacks as well as Rads\’ talking to Dev in the present. She explains to Dev that Vish called her and told her some bad people were after her and tells Dev how she went to help Vish and put her in the hotel in Delhi. Dev asks, why didn\’t you tell me this at the time it all was happening? Rads replies that she tried many times to tell Dev but one thing or another prevented her from doing so, and she then explains what happened the day she and he were supposed to go to Thakshak Raj Gufa and how she had to sneak out to go to the hotel. She further explains that after they returned from the Gufa and were at the party, she spotted Vish among the dancers and Vish told her the goondas found her in her hotel and she came to PB. Rads then admits to hiding Vish in the store room and swears she wanted to remove Vish from PB the very next day but as they were on the road to Nari Niketan, the goondas started chasing them, so they had no choice but to return to PB. Rads then tells Dev that that day itself she was going to tell him the truth and even brought him to the store room to show him that Vish was hiding there, but when they opened the door Vish was gone. Rads says that at that point she didn\’t tell Dev anything because she didn\’t see the point in hurting him just before their trip by telling him about the one person he detests more than anyone. Dev is listening to every word intently and has tears in his eyes. Rads folds her hands and asks Dev to forgive her. She insists that she was going to tell him everything before that night (before SR began) but he was gone from the room the whole night. Dev tells Rads that he knew everything since last night and Rads is stunned. She asks him, is that why you stayed away from me and left me alone all night? Well, I suppose I deserve that for deceiving you. She falls at his feet crying and again asks for forgiveness. Dev says, no, it is I who should ask you for forgiveness, Radhika…whatever I did to you, how I dealt with this was wrong. How could I forget that there must have been a very good reason for my Radhika to keep the truth from me (there is beautiful flute music playing in the background while RaDev\’s conversation is going on and it\’s really a lovely scene). He goes on to say, how can I forget that my Radhika would never do anything to hurt me…or that before she thinks of herself she always thinks of everyone else. Most of all how could I forget that my Radhika loves me so much! RaDev are both crying and they hug one another. There is a look of sheer relief (sukoon in Hindi) on Dev\’s face during that hug, as though he feels so good to have heard the truth from Radhika\’s lips. Rads asks him, but who told you this truth before I did and Dev replies Vishaka did. Radhika is shocked.

Part 3
Dev tells Radhika that Vish told him that Rads is the one who brought her here. Rads looks completely stunned and bewildered. Rads leaves the room and it appears she has come to Vishaka\’s room. Vish says, Radhika you? Rads marches up to Vish with a very angry look on her face and SLAPS HER! Dev is standing by the door watching everything. Vish says to Rads, how dare you slap me! Rads says, you speak of dares? How dare YOU lie to my husband and tell him that I brought you here? How could you do this to me, Vishaka? Answer me, why did you do this? Vishaka puts her hands on Rads\’ shoulders and says, just calm down and listen to me…but Rads pushes her hands away and yells at her, don\’t you tell me to calm down! Why are you after me? What have I done to you that you are so hell-bent on ruining my married life? Answer me! I came here with my husband to spend some happy moments and you stole those moments from me too! Because of you I spent all of last night in this starnge place searching for my husband and crying every last one of my tears! (Dev is listening to all of this and is really angry!) Rads continues: I never expected this from you, Vishaka. You were in trouble and I helped you…you are my sister so I lied to my husband and my in-laws to help you in any way I could so that you would be safe and happy. And you Vishaka, you tried to build a wall between my husband and me! Vish is fumbling for words but Rads doesn\’t let her speak. Vish grabs Rads\’ hand and says, Radhika listen to me, but Radhika pulls her hand away. Dev walks over and stands next to Rads and tells Vish, it would be best if you stayed away from Radhika! Rads gives Vish one more angry look and then Dev puts his arm around Rads\’ shoulder and leads her out of the room. Vish gives one of her wide-eyes psycho-astonished looks to the camera. Back in their own room, Dev tells Rads to forget about Vish. Rads is really angry and says I cannot forget what Vishaka did and I can never forgive her. How could she do this to me. Dev tells Rads that these are Vish\’s true colours and she was, is, and will always be like this…she only thinks of herself. Dev explains to Rads that this is why he and his family dislike Vish so strongly and why he wanted Rads to stay away from her. Dev says Vish\’s own father has disowned her even declared her dead, so why do you constantly chase after her to help her?

Part 4
Dev continues talking to Rads and tells her that Vishaka is always the one making the mistakes and Rads is always the one paying for those mistakes. He warns Rads that the same thing almost happened today and that this time even he himself was almost swayed by Vish\’s lies…up to the point where he suspected his own wife. Dev touches his hands to his ears and asks for forgiveness. Rads puts her hand on his and shakes her head, stopping him from saying anymore. Dev tells her he cannot bear to see tears in her eyes and always wants to see her smiling. He says he will do anything in his power to make Rads happy and Rads smiles through tears. Dev slowly kisses Rads on her forehead and they move over to the bed. Suddenly there is a knock on the door. RaDev\’s smiles fade and Rads goes to open the door. It\’s Vish . Rads tries to shut the door on her face, but Vish holds it open and tells her, you said what you had to say, now let me say what I have to say. Dev also joins Rads at the door. Rads says she doesn\’t want to hear anything Vish has to say and Dev tells her to stop bothering Rads and leave. Vish doesn\’t move so Dev says, fine if you don\’t go from here then we will. They walk out into the lobby and Vish follows them, calling after Rads. She grabs Rads\’ arm and says, Radhika, please listen to me…I had told you at PB that you should tell your in-laws about me being there. After all goondas were after me and you saw it for yourself so you know I\’m not making that up. Rads starts to walk away and Vish grabs her arm. Rads winces in pain and Vish screams that Rads cannot behave this way with her. Dev is watching and getting upset and Vish keeps insisting that Rads has to listen to her. Rads says, Vishaka let go, you\’re hurting my arm. Dev gets angry and yells at Vish to let go of Rads and pushes Vish away. Vish tumbles down a flight of stairs clutching her stomach and screams. Rads yells Vishaka! The episode ends on Rads\’ shocked face.

Precap: The Purohit family are standing around a stack of logs decorated with marigold garlands to begin Holi festivities. Dadi says, together we shall make all bad omens disappear. This Holi, may all new, wonderful colours come into my Dev and Radhika\’s life. Mrin rolls her eyes. Vivek lights the logs on fire and the camera zooms in on the flames with dramatic music playing.

My comments: The whole time I was watching today\’s episode I was pinching myself to make sure I wasn\’t dreaming. The creatives indeed gave us a nice surprise today by having Radhika confess her lies to Dev. I loved how Dev let her talk without interrupting her and that he was very understanding of her dilemma. Kudos to the creatives for also having Rads mention to Dev that she had tried telling him the truth before the trip to Goa and even brought him to to store room to show him the truth. Of course a big thumbs up to the creatives for finally giving Radhika a spine and standing up to Vishaka! I love the way Dev just hung back and let Rads get her anger at Vish out and say what she had to say! He only intervened when he felt Rads was being threatened.
I found it interesting that Rads did not mention going to see Vikram. It might be because the creatives and writers have selective amnesia or because they have nixed the idea of bringing Vikram back and thus did not feel it necessary to have Rads bring him up.
The last scene was a bit unsettling for two reasons: First, seeing Vish take a tumble may influence Rads emotionally and she might revert back to guilt and self-sacrifice mode and blame herself for Vish\’s condition. Hopefully Dev helps her snap out of it and makes her realize that everything that happened to Vish is her own fault. I can\’t predict whether the creatives are going to have Vish lose her baby or use the fall as more reason for Vish to get revenge on RaDev, but it will be interesting to see what happens.

Ratings for today\’s episode: 9/10 I would\’ve given the episode a 10 had it not been for the last bit about Vish coming to RaDev\’s room and then chasing them down the hall, resulting in the fall. I don\’t want this fall to cause further problems for RaDev.

Performer of the Day: Today I\’m going to bestow this honor upon Rubina. She was just superb today! Rubi not only delivered her dialouges excellently, but she gave great expressions. I absolutely loved seeing Radhika in this tough new avatar! I was clapping my hands (between typing ) when Radhika stood up to Vishaka and unleashed her anger and disappointment. Great job Rubina!

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