Choti Bahu 1st March 2010 Written Episode

Part 1

They take Vishaka to the hospital, a doctor checks her and says we have to do her operation now, both Dev and Radhika are shocked. They are in the waiting room. A doctor comes out and says I am sorry. Dev and Radhika are shocked. The doctor says Vishaka is out of danger but I could not save her baby. Radhika and Dev are shocked. Radhika says baby? what are you saying? The doctor asks you didn\’t know she was pregnant, she lost her baby. radhika is shocked. The doctor says we are shifting her to a private ward she will gain consciousness in some time. They see Vishaka being pulled out. The doctor says I need to talk to you about her, please come with me.

The doctor says I am sure the Vishaka feel the baby inside her and now she won\’t anymore. At this stage when women lose their baby, it is very difficult to come out of the shock. You have to take a lot of care of her. You have to give her a lot of love, how did this happen? Both dev and Radhika look at each other. The doctor says if you were with her, then this accident wouldn;t happen. A nurse comes and says Vishaka has regained consciousness, and she is in bad shape. They all go and see Vishaka crying out for her baby. Vishaka sees them and says why have you come here now, when I needed you, you weren\’t there. Radhika goes to hug her, Vishaka refuses at first and tells her to leave her, but starts crying. The nurses and doctor leave, Dev is watching. Vishaka says he was the one would be my support, I was waiting for him and living for him and now my baby is taken away from me. Vishaka is crying bitterly. Vishaka says what am I being punished for, what did I do, what is my fault? This that I wanted happiness for myself, I was made bad to this extent, that noone wanted to see my face or love me. I am your sister right, even then you had to hide me in your own house, why?

Part 2

Whose fault is that, mine or his? and today, he took my support, a part of me, my child, Dev killed my child. Vishaka starts crying, your Dev killed my child…killed my child. Dev leaves from there and goes to stand outside. Radhika tries to console her, Vishaka winces in pain and says your husband is giving me wounds non stop and you want to put ointment on it? No I don\’t want to live without my child. I will die, I don;t want to live. Vishaka takes some tongs to put it in her stomach, Dev stops her. Vishaka says you don;t have a right to stop me, you brought me to death\’s door. Leave me. Dev says what I took from me, I will never be able to give it back to you. I can promise you that if you need anything, I will help you. Whatever you ask for, I will give you. I promise you. Now remove the thought of killing yourself. Radhika hugs her and they cry. Dev watches and then leaves. Radhika says your whole life is ahead of you, I will pray to Kanha to give you courage to bear this pain, Radhika makes her sleep, the nurse comes in and says I willgive her injection to make her sleep, please leave. Radhika comes outside and sees Dev. She touches his shoulder and he says I am responsible for her condition. Radhika says why are you saying this, it is not your fault, whatever happened was an accident. Dev says if I hadn\’t pushed her away, she wouldn\’t have fallen down and I didn\’t even try to stop it happened cos ofmy anger. Radhika says who can change fate. Dev says Vishaka\’s wounds will not be healed, I pray that she comes out of her condition soon. Radhika says I pray for the same, see Kanha will make everything ok. In the morning, both Dev and Radhika come to Vishaka\’s room and see her on the bed.

Part 3

It is nighttime and Radhika is with the nurse and is near Vishaka, Vishaka gets up on the bed and Radhika tried to feed her food. Vishaka refuses to eat, dev is watching and ghrn leaves to sit outside.

Dev gets a call, it is Vaishali. Vaishali asks him why they have not reached home yet since they were supposed to come back. dev tries to say something but Vaishali says you could have caled if your program had changed or is it that you don\’t even have time to make a call? Dadi arrives there asking if it is Dev; Vaishali passes the phone to Dadi. Dadi takes the phone and says what do you think your dadi has gone to God? Dev asks why she is saying this, Dadi says you didn\’t even call me on my birthday, I am doing the Holika Dahan puja without you but I want you here tomorrow, got it? If you don\’t come, no member of the family can play Holi. Now put a break on your romance and come, if you feel like going somewhere else afterwards, go then but at this time, come home soon. Dev says ok, Dadi says pack and come back both of you. Radhika comes to the lobby, Dev tells her of the Dadi conversation. Radhika says we will go, Vishaka is better than before. Because of us if noone can celebrate the festival, it will not be nice. Radhika touches Dev\’s arm, saying they give us so much love, we should atleast respect them. Radhika says today is Holika Dahan let\’s pray to God that all our troubles go away in that big fire. Dev looks at Radhika.

Back at PB, the entire family is surrounding a big pile of wood ready to be burnt, Vaishali wishes Dev and Radhika are there, dadi says they are with us in spirit, I hope all bad things get my children\’s lives get destroyed in the big bonfire, and for Dev and Radhika, this holi brings new colors. Mrinalini watches. Vaishali then does puja and Vivek lights the pile of wood, everyone is watching and praying.

It is morning, Holi starts, there is a song and dance routine (I am not sure if the two people dancing in the front are leads of some show). Purohit family is watching and smiling. Arjun and Mrinalini are eye flirting.

Part 4

Holi song, dance and colors continue, Purohit family are enjoying the festivities and clap once the show is over. Dadi thanks the two leads dancing and the leads ask why they look unhappy today and if they won\’t play today. Dadi says ofcourse we will but we have a custom that till Rajpurohit comes and puts color on Kanha, till then we cannot touch color. The male lead says oh so you are waiting for Dev and Radhika? The leads ask Dadi to wish Dev and Radhika since they have to go. They leave, Birju complains that they cannot play with color. All of a sudden, a car comes, eevryone is looking at the car, Dev and Radhika come out of the car. Radhika and dev look at each other so sadly and then Radhika smiles and they both go towards the family. They take blessings and Deepika asks what they saw in Goa, Chacha says listen to that later, first let\’s do the work that is needed. Dadi explains none of them have played, they are waiting for RP to put color on Kanha. Vivek teases that now RP has come, so what is the delay for. Dadi explains Rp duties for Holi that only a pure soul like RP can do this puja for Kanha, Dev asks Dadi if it is possible that RP is also an apavitra atma (impure soul). Everyone is shocked to hear that.

Part 5

Dev continues that even the RP is human, who makes mistakes to make the soul impure, there could be burdens on him too. Vaishali says that is not possible, RP is such a post whose divinity does not allow one to commit mistakes. Dadi says I saw your grandfather and father and now you, I am sure even by mistake you wouldn\’t commit a mistake. RP gives justice, has an understanding of bad and good. Birju asks him to do the puja. Dev and he family proceeds towards Kanha. Dev is about to put color on Kanha and he remembers what Dadi said and what happened to Vishaka. Dev announces nahi Dadima, main Kanha ko rang nahi laga sakta (I cannot put color on Kanha), everyone is shocked. They take snapshots of everyone shocked and confused.

Precap: Radhika asks Dev to look towards his mother who is wondering why her son is not playing holi, you have to celebrate for her sake and as an RP do kanha abhisek too. Then Radhika is singing a song tose naina lage re. Dev looks sad, Radhika sings around him

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