Choti Bahu 2nd March 2010 – Written Update

Part 1

The episode starts with Dev saying I can not apply rang on Kanha…dadi is shocked and asking why are you saying so? Dev again says I can\’t apply rang, but Radhika as my wife will. Evil trio are not happy. Chacha says we can not break ghar ki parampara (tradition of our family) because of just love between the couple. Dadi says Dev is right. Radhika is raj purohitain, so she can do it. aslo, radhika is biggest kanha bhakt…if we start counting radhika\’s good nature (gun) from morning, it will be night when we will finish (subah se sham ho jayegi). So it is okay. Mrin is angry. Radhika looks at dev, goes in the front and applies rang (Govinda gopal radhe radhe in the back ground). then she goes to dadi and take blessings. Deepika also asks dadi\’s blessings.

Radhika goes and searches for Dev. the song “holi khele raghuvira” starts…vivek sings. Arjun looks at mrinalini when the song is playing. Chacha is drinking like crazy. Dadi and vaishali sing looking at chacha that chacha is drinking so much without thinking of his age…

Part 2

Deepika plays with arjun…arjun and mrin are not happy…nobody bothers playing with Mrin…then birju also ignores her and passes her without applying gulal (color). Then arjun plays with her..radhika sees dev leaving. she follows hm.

She tries to talk to him…she asks why r u doing this? Dev says u know the reason. rads says why don\’t you tell your heart to cheer up and play holi with says the can make the heart understand but what will I tell my soul took the responsibility of the crime that I did. rads says for your family…u need to play holi and as a RP you should do the abhishek of KANHA. also it is our first holi and all are happy about that. he says I can\’t…I can\’t touch the idol with my hand or even look at Kanha.

Radhika says look at your dadi, who wants to play holi with you. look at your mother, who is tensed that why r u not playing holi…u r RP, u need to do the abhishek.radhika takes some gulal (rang) and tries to apply to him, he holds her hand and says i can\’t..rads drops the gulal..

then radhika starts singing…piya tose naina lage re….

Part 3

Radhika keeps singing looking at him…at the end she applies gulal to dev and worried what dev will looks sad but the he takes gulal and applies to her cheek and head as sindoor…rads is happy…

chacha, vivek and birju drinking…dadi and vaishali comes…they are faking kind of anger that why r u all drinking so much…all 3 are drunk and says we r not drinking bhang…it\’s thandai (some cold drink with milk)…then deepika brings radev in front of dadi and vaishali…she says these 2 were playing holi alone…dadi says holi function is about to end. please prepare for aarti and abhishek. as a RP when u do this abhishek, u earn punya for your family…vaishali says it\’s right…..maji is so proud of Dev…dadi says he is my pride and abhiman….dev says dadi main….rads looks at him and signals no…dadi says kya main main ….prepare for then snan (cleaning kanha) and says what if radhika does this tradition too? Dadi says why? as a rajpuritain, she did the tilak…but this puja needs to be done by you only….birju comes and says dadima, sharma ji wants to leave…dadi and vaishali leaves…

when they leave, radhika says please do whatever dadi says. dev answers i am not a pure soul anymore…I killed a baby..rads says it was an accident…nothing happened…i could have done that says but u didn\’t, I did. Rads says kanha is in front of us…if he let u kill the baby, he choose u to do the abhishek too…let\’s ask him if it was against his wish??? u need to do the puja and abhishek…dadi and vaishali comes and they all proceed for the aarti and puja..

Part 4

The arti is about to begin….vivek sings again…jai radhe radhe…bolo jai radhe radhe…all r happy including the evil trio…dev and rads are happy and they r playing…SUDDENLY FROM A KIND OF SMOKE OF GULAL, VISH IS THERE IN A WHITE SALWAR….looking sad…all the shocked, very shocked..except dev…RADS IS MAHA SHOCKED….dadi says what is she doing here? holi is a happy occasion…I don\’t wwant to see this girl here, vishakha please go from here… vish still standing…

Dev says loudly…vish will not go anywhere…I brought her here…vaishali says why dev? did u forget what she has done? (the way vaishali was talking I thought she will have heart attack)..chacha says what is the big thing here> she is CB\’s sis…it must be CB who called her here… vaishali says is it true CB? Radhika doesn\’t know what to say….dev says it\’s me who called her..from today she will stay with us (didn\’t I tell u guys yesterday that one more sane became insane??? ) all are very shocked…vaishali says r u mad? maji r u listening???

Part 5 and 6

vaishali continues….i don\’t want to see her face…u can\’t do this dev…dev says I told u all, she didn\’t come of her own..I brought her here..I gave her shelter…I took the decision already. vish will stay with us …and in this house.

dadi slaps dev…rads shocked…dadi says r u in ur senses? I am demanding an answer…i know we all hate far as I know u also hated her until yesterday…now u have to tell me why this change. i want folds his hand and says I can\’t tell u all…I took the decision..I thought a lot and then took this decision..vivek and vaishali very angry…evil trio happy..RADS IS ALSO VERY SAD…chacha says now leave it chachima, he is the RP, he took decision…who can talk before him??? sab kanha ka mahima hain (everything is kanha\’s wish) …we came here to see dev and radhika\’s first holi, but seen so many colors…now lets finish the puja…

dev goes to take the aarti thali….dadi says wait dev…don\’t touch…u r a RP but u r lier too….i can\’t let u touch anything here….chacha says then what will happen to puja, who will do it? dadi says arjun…(why not radhika???)…all r stunned…now if dev sends back vish, then only he can do it…arjun smiles like a monkey and looks like a monkey…chacha says do u know what u r saying??dev says I can\’t change my decision… arjun comes forward.. passes dev…smiles like a monkey…passes mrin..smiles like a monkey again…mrin shows thumps up…he starts cleaning kanha…actually somehow I felt kanha also looking sad…chacha and mrin very happy…all are very sad and all leaves except dev, rads and vish….episode ends here

Precap: rads dev and vish are inside the PB…rads says u can\’t do this…vish can\’t stay here…vish is looks at rads..

My comments: it was a painful episode to watch. the way dev was talking vish will stay here etc…I was very angry and really wanted to slap him. he really became insane. the outcomes are dev loosing RP position soon….as dadi is also angry, anything may happen…I hope rads does something. also, isn\’t it dadi who takes all decision…also the property belongs to radhika as far as i know…so why dev is saying again and again I took decision…vish saw how everybody hates her…she is still there….also, why dadi took the decision that arjun will do it? why can\’t radhika do the abhishek….shame on you creatives…just making things complicated…

final bad thing will happen…now seeing all these..vish will fall in love with dev…and vish rads battle will start…now rads is not happy about the situation…I think they closed the vikram track and police chasing vish track too….if it goes like this…seriously guys…I will stop even reading updates.

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