Choti Bahu 10th March 2010 – Written Update

Part 1

The episode begins with Mrinalini saying all the arrangements have been made, ek teer se do nishaane lagenge (one arrow will have two aims), the RP will not remain and neither will remain the RPtain. Chacha is listening, Mrinalini is smiling. Chacha asks mrinalini what she is thinking of and not to take a wrong step in naivety, Mrinalini saying there is no naivety nor a wrong step here, just know that such a lottery ticket has come in hand due to which our luck will shine but Dev and Radhika\’s fate will be ruined.Once everything is set, I will tell you.

Vaishali and Dadi are in Dadi\’s room, Vaishali complains that there is not a moment\’s peace, bad thoughts keep coming. Radhika comes in with food and says I know why you are upset but Dadima, everything will be ok now (as she serves them tea), my main purpose to take him from here is so that he changes his mind, I have full faith that he will understand he has no responsibility towards Vishaka, Dadi and Vaishali are happy. Radhika sits down near Dadi and says what you told me the other day about changing your loved one\’s mind is not bad especially when everyone thinks his decision is wrong. I have faith that I will be able to make him understand that it is better if Vishaka stays somewhere else. I will end the confusion that he facing inside him. Dadi and Vaishali smile. Now you see dadima, once he comes back he himself will ask Vishaka to go. Amma is nicely listening to this conversation from outside and thinks to herself forget it girl,I will not let it happen, you can do this only when you and Dev go from here. Amma leaves and goes back to Vishaka and wakes her up and says get up and come with me. Vishaka says where are you taking me? Amma says to dev, you will go to Dev and tell him that you have a problem with him going out. Vishaka is surprised and says what are you saying, I will not say anything like that. Amma says that girl is purposely taking Dev away from you, listen to me and do what I say. Vishaka says no Amma, I do not know why Radhika is doing this and I don\’t want to know either,I just know that Dev is the one who has done so much for me and I will not do anything to hurt him, I will not stop him from going Amma. Amma shakes her head and says why don\’t you understand, if she goes with Dev, then Dev will go forever from your life, Vishaka says enough Amma, I told you once I won\’t tell Dev anything, once I take medicine, I get deep sleep so please go. Amma is thinking.

Part 2

In Shastri house, Shastriji tells Devki I called the bus stand and the last bus from Delhi has returned, and Amma hasn\’t returned or called. Devki says maybe the PB car is dropping her, Shastriji says but there should not be this much delay. Devki says you call them and ask what time they both left from there. Shastriji calls PB and Vaishali picks up the phone, they greet each other. Shastriji asks Amma and Vishaka left for Vrindavan, Vaishali says they are still here, please talk to them, I will call her. Shastriji asks Amma why she is still there and she should have left for Vrindavan by now. Amma says I came to meet Vishaka, how do I go without her? I want to bring her, Dev is not listening to me. You don\’t worry, whatever I decided I will do and come. Shastriji reminds her that she is in the inlaws place, Amma says you think I like it, I am helpless, because of her we have to see this day today. Amma says I do not like talking in front of everyone like this (there is noone there), and bids Shastriji good night. Meanwhile Mrinalini is calling someone and cannot get through to someone. Mrinalini says such an important news and the phone is unreachable.

Part 3

Radhika comes to Dev\’s room (guestroom) and she smiles, holds his arm and says kula lampi main un kapdon ki zaroorat padegi? (in Kuala lampur, will we need those clothes?) Dev smiles and corrects her saying Kuala Lampur. She bites her tongue playfully . Dev teaches her how to pronounce it, they then pack some clothes for the trip. dev says I don\’t think you need clothes for cold weather but take 2 shawls, you might need it at night. Radhika asks happily, ok tell me what else will be there. Dev says it is a very nice city, you will like it, you would have seen something like it for the first time. Radhika asks just like a city of angels? Dev smiles and so does Radhika and she says I am so happy I cannot contain myself. Dev says seeing you happy makes me feel good otherwise you and the family are sad because of me. He sits on the bed and says the atmosphere in the house has changed and everyone is upset because I have Vishaka shelter but what do I do Radhika, I didn\’t have a choice. I do not like going against Dadi, you can understand right? Everyone hates Vishaka, even I did but today when she comes in front of me I don\’t see that girl who gave the entire house trouble, I see that girl whose child I snatched, you know I never wanted to give anyone pain and I don\’t know how I committed this sin. Radhika seems upset on hearing this and she comes closer and lays on his shoulder and says everything will be ok, don\’t worry, Kanha will make everything ok. She thinks to herself that I have to remove you from this guilt ridden state, I will remove this burden from your mind. Meanwhile Amma comes to the kitchen and says I have to do something so that Dev and Radhika do not go roaming outside. Amma goes to start the gas (she looks similar to the fire burning incident, sinister) she starts the fire, then boils come oil and takes it in a bowl.

Part 4

Amma says to herself now I will see how you go, she slowly takes the hot oil upstairs. She takes it to Dev and Radhika\’s room and slowly brings it (we do not see who she is pouring it on but presumable Vishaka who might be in deep sleep), she is about to pout it and Radhika stops her. Radhika asks what she is trying to do and says you have done this before too, but this time I will not let you do it. I know why you are doing this. Radhiak screams and says to separate me from my husband you…you were going to hurt your loving granddaughter Vishaka (they show Vishaka in deep sleep). Radhika looks disgusted with Amma, she folds her hands and says bas kijiye Amma, mujhe aur pareshaan mat kijiye, mujhe apne pati ke saath ek sukadh vivahit jeevan jeene dijiye (don\’t trouble me Amma, let me lead a happily married life with my husband). Amma says taking someone else\’s right, can anyone be happy? Radhika says I did not take anyone\’s rights, what came to me was always mine. You are stopping me from going na, but I will take him from here, whatever happens, our new life will start. Amma says have shame girl, have shame. Here she is sick and you want to go abroad, can;t even take care of her? Radhika says how much I have taken care of Vishaka, I don\’t need to tell anyone, especially that person who has brought hot oil to burn her hand. Amma looks sinister and says you started talking a lot, how did you get the strength to speak so much? Radhika says itni shakti mujhe mere pati ke prem se mili hai (this strength I got from husband\’s love), you listen to one thing carefully Amma we will certainly go to Malaysia and noone can stop us, noone. Before Radhika leaves, she says you are elder, taking your blessings is my duty. radhika bends down and takes blessings (Amma doesn\’t give her any, she is still holding the hot oil), and Radhika leaves. Amma has this sick look like she is obsessed.

Radhika is walking outside, Mrinalini is waiting and she smiles and Radhika leaves, suddenly Mrinalini hears her cellphone ringing and she says everything is fixed, now there is no doubt that Radhika is coming to Malaysia, I have done my work and sent Radhika to Malaysia. Now what to do, you must have thought of, what do I say? Mrinalini shuts the phone and smiles.

Precap: Radhika and Dev are in Malaysia. Radhika is with open long hair, she looks stunning , Dev has sunglasses and is wearing jeans, looks great too. Teri Ore from Sing is King is playing, Radhika plays hide and seek with Dev.

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