Choti Bahu 11th March 2010 Written Episode

Part \’ 1

The Episodes begin AMMAJi calling chachaji at his back and wishes him \’hearing this chachaji you are stopping me at my back so it means matter is something spl\’Ammaji asks why are you telling like this now you are the only support forme I know that\’\’ like Mrinu you also did not want Rads to become Cb of this house.Chachaji says so what ?\’\’AMMAJI adds I know at that time you became very angry did all the bad things but nothing work out \’i think which did not happened that time now will happen\’.vishaka has come back now \’\’if you help me I will throw out Rads out from PB \’chachaji asks how can I help you ?

AMMA says I don\’t know whose side is Mrinalini she is sending Radev to Hm and now my grand daughter will become alone \’\’hearing this Chachaji asks Ammaji you are religious women na \’Amma says yes \’then chachaji asks you will do namaste(SURYA NAMASKAR) to Sunrise or Sunset?Amma says smilingly who will wish to do Sunset ,all will do to Sunrise only \’.then replies to her the answer for question is also in the Sunrise only..saying this chachaji leaves\’.

Nextday \’they show Radev leaving PB and vaishali telling them to Take care of eachother and do arti and give them blessings she says hope god gives you so that you take right decision in your life and then Radev go to Dadi to take her blessings\’Dadi wishes them but she only sees Rads face and bent down Dev looks silently\’dev goes to Mrinu and request her to take care of vish \’mrinu says forget about all these iam here to take care of vish you go enjoy and have fun

Dev looks at Vish silently but Vish seeing him smilies rads also looks vish silently..radev leave Pb vish go to her room were AMMA follows her andyells at her now you are happy na?

Part- 2

Amma continues yelling at vish \’Rads has gone to HM\’..Vish looks at her in sad face\’ AMMA seeing her face sad \’asks when I was telling you do something but you did not listen to me now why are worrying?Vish reply iam not worrying coz Rads took Dev with her\’ but iam worrying coz you are making me to worry\’\’without any reason you are yelling at me AMMA asks angryly without any reason? Dev went away leaving you is this not a reason?..Vish says if there is any reason what will happen if you yell at me and adds if Dev was in my fate he would not have leave me like this you remember once I use to leave him \’now he has left me this is my destiny\’.but AMMA says destiny is all what made by us only we can make our destiny and change also telling this she leaves but turn once again see vish and says in her heart I will make your destiny\’..

Next scene they show all are coming to hall after doing sendoff to Radev chatting with eachother while AMMAJI asks for tea Vaishali says ya I will say deepika to make tea and calls out deepika\’. birju says maaji deepika has gone to mutt with bhaiyya so I will make the tea\’.but AMMA stops her and say why are you going Vish is there na she will make tea for alll and calls up Vish \’.vish comes down AMMA tel her to make tea for all \’ vish goes from there lazily \’ Dadima interuupts AMMA ji why are you ?but AMMAJI interuppts and say what is there your CB as went out so Vish will do al the work now if she wnts to stay here she should not be lazy \’Vish comes there with tea tray AMMA tells her to serve tea for all vishaka nodding her head goes near Daima but Dadima stoods from there leaves saying to Vaishali you make tea for me and sent it to my room \’\’vaishali also leaves from there \’..Vish looks AMMA face worryingly chachaji also leaves ..but Mrinu comes neaar to vish and says I don\’t have any problem drinking the tea you know I have always supported you\’\’.Ammaji asks if you have to support her then why did you sent them to HM\’..mrinu replies coz I wanted them to go to Malaysia so I sent them tp Malaysia

Part \’ 3

Flight landed in Malaysia Radev on the way to hoptel where Rads enjoys watching all the buildigs and dev explainig her all this \’.They enter to the hotel and a person (face not shown)having mouth organ in his hand follows them\’

Next scene in PB Dadima talking with Vaishali in her room Vivek is also listens what ahappened today mornig from now it will happen daily\’.and I doont like h its I don\’t want to see her face also\’ I cant tolerate this anymoreand teurns to vevek says Beeta vivek you do something plz make hem to leave form here \’.vivek replies dasima iam also thinking the same if AMMA has come here to take vish with her then why she has not taken her still I think now I have to talk ammaji to take vish with her home Dadi nods her listening to this \’.but vaishali interrupts and says if we do like this our reputaion will spoil \’vivek trys something to say\’vaishali stops him and says we have to bear all these for time as Rads said when they will return Dev will sure tell Vish go \’we have to trust Rads\’.she will convince Dev with love hen dev will sure listen to her and agree what he was doing is wrong\’.Dadima and vivek nods hearing this\’.Radev entering the Hotel

Andreceptionist greet them Dev tels them he has booked a room in the name of DRP and Rads smilies at him \’A boy take them to the room and a strai-nge person still now face was not shown half of his back shown having mouth organ in his hand\’follows them\’.In PB Mrinalini laying on her bed says smiling now he would have seen Radhika and now he will believe me \’now what will he do..sill he go in front of her or he will see her hiding himself whatever but it will be full of koy says laughing

Part 4

Radev Love moments

Radev enters their room Dev gives some money to the roomboy and the room boy leaves \’ Rads closes the door and sees the room with smiling face( she looks so beautifull in her yellow saree,short sleeves and hair let open she looks the room all over with smiling and sees dev standing in front of the Window looking outside with not so happy seeing this she felt worried and goes near to him with smiling face and asks him what are you looking Dev shows his hand outside\’rads sees him smilingly says to him\’.Listen if I ask something will you give me \’I know iam going to ask which was already mine but it was lost somewhere ,,Dev looks at her with sad face\’she adds Someone who fell in love with me in vrindavan and and that lover use to search me in the streets of vrindavan it looked like I was everything for him \’his every moment started with me and ended with me\’ im so lucky today im his wife but that lover has lost\’will you give me back the lover to me Rads asks him lovingly \’Dev looks at him so lovingly and holds her hands they looks eachother smiling Rads hugs him and says \’ we will forget all of our worries which we have in our life nad only will think about ourself..only about our love and life for which we both dreamt about \’smiling she says dev also listens to her with love\’.Dev hold rads arms and looks at her so lovingly he cupps her face with his hands bring closer to her rads was looking at him blushing\’thay are staring at each other\’she has hold his hand Dev placed a small kiss on her fingers\’\’ Rads blushing looks away\’.Dev placed another kiss on her shoulder slowly he moves upper and he blowed on her ear rads closes her eyes now he looks at her slowly places a kiss on her cheek..rads smiles and blushes they loook each other so lovingly and came more closer their nose touch each other and when they were about to kiss ..Suddenly they hear a music near the door \’Radev look at the door Rads ask Dev did you listen the music? Dev says Yes someone is playing motuh organ\’Rads says in front of our room and she goes to open the door she was looking shocked


Some glimpses of Radev enjoying their HM

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