Choti Bahu 20th March 2010 Written Episode


The episodes begins Vish getting ready she is selecting the sarees looking herself in mirror where Ammaji brings her a saree some jewels and snatches the saree from vish and throw it on bed vish asks why i have to get ready but AMMA tells you have to wear this saree as Dev is coming and you have to look good in front of him so you wear this she gives her the which she brought with hera rads blushes hearing this…Amma adds so that enemies planned should back drop….
There in hall a party has been arranged and Dadima and vaishali checks whther everything was ok
Mrinu and chachaji come ther chachaji asks to Mrinu what happened everything was going opposite see how all arrangements are ..all your plans flops everytime he was about to say something….
Dadima interrupts and asks him whether Birju have gone to pick up Rads are not chachaji replies hanumanji has already went to pick up his Ram and Sita.
Daima laughs hearing and you always do joke ans suddenly they hear band music…
Radev arriving at PB ..birju brings them with band music..
vaishali does aarti and Dev gets blessings from her and says Maa im sorry im Sorry for my mistake i have come so everything will be ok now…….
vaishali smilies at him and says iam proud of my DIL as she has given back my old dev…
dev looks at Rads and he goes to get blessings from Dadima and asks Sorry I have given you so much of pain …
Dadima hugs her and says have realised your mistake i dont want anything now without you the house was in silence …

Vish getting ready and Amma was helping her….

PART – 2

Dev goes to get blessings from Dadima and asks Sorry I have given you so much of pain …
Dadima hugs him and says with teary eyes you have realised your mistake i dont want anything now without you the house was in silence …
birju changes the topic by saying you will talk all this here in itself….
plz let him settle himself he has from plane will be so tired …….all smilies hearing this
Vivek says happiness has come back now and evs Yes bhaiyaa but i the time to also to do my duties also….
i will be get forgiveness from this house only when i will throw vish from this house…all look at him with smiling face wwhereas Mrinu looks shocked
and asks Dev weel its okay then why did you brought her home how doed this big mistake happen by you Dadima replies Mrinu we wont talk about this today
as today is celebration day and we will celebarate out happiness here Mrinu leaves from there saying whatever
deepika comes near Dev and asks him what else you saw in Malaysia but birju comes near and says what bhabhi ask me… there wont so much time for them to see allt this
dev bhaiyya would have reached their and not sighed even left or right all the time he would have been staring at Radhikaji
and then packing time have come coz they have to return..all starts laughing hearing and Mrinalini says Dev we all missed you a lot
and also the spl person whom you have left here ..your responsibility your vishaka….all look at Mrinu ….
she adds i have took care of her hearing this Dev says Thanks bhabhi you took care of her
but now noone needs to take care of her coz hereafter vish wont be staying here…..Mircha gang looks shocked while dadi and Vaishali smilies
Mrinu asks Dev really nice Dev first you give pain and the you give medicine also…….
and adds first you only brought her here and argued with us but suddenly what happened a new turn what is the deal
tell me the truth hearing this Dadima says yes dev tell it otherwise she wont sleep ….
vaishali asks rads in soft tone …Cb plz tell me you would have known everything plz tell me …
are you hiding something from us …. No maa nothing is like that..and vaishali and daima smilies at him
Visha comes ther and ASks you have come Dev …she addss all are waiting for you and me too …hearing this all
look at her replies i was also waiting for to return home soon and to realize my mistake
and he says i have decided here after you wont be staying here …
you have to go from here ….vish lookes shoocked hearing this she says where will i go from here plz dont let me out i dont want to go from here
for the frist time in life someone has give me this much of support and shelter plz dont snatch it from me
she adds have you forgot for what reason you have borught me here…have you forgotten your promise …
Dev replies i have not forgot anyhting i know i promised you i will take care of you and will give you shelter but not in mny homuse i will alloow you to stay in MUTT
AMMA comes near to dev and asks how could you do this so easily you are getting washed from your sins
in which pond have you took bath

Dev replies to AMMAJi in Angry tone if you dont talk about faults and sins it will be better for you

amma asks ok tell me onething adds in which religious book it has written first bring home and then throw it away…
ont you fear about god…dev replies i have the fear of god so that only im doingand this is my duty..and now you are my gusets it will be better if you
be in your border and he goes nera vishaka nad sayst o pack her belongings but dadima stops him as today is function in our house so it will be not good if you
leave seeing dev ….dev agress and says ok after function is over you have to go birju will leave you to MUTT
Vish agoes toher room and Amma follows her sh e starts crying and says to AMMA why all these happens to me i dont want to leave this house AMMA says her to be silence
coz of ards onlyi know this all was bwe will talk to dev and there Rads come inside the room

seeing her Amma is anyhing left out to say she tries to talk to vish but vish says dont show sympathy now
you never bother about my happiness Rads says viskaha listen to me till howmany days will you stay at my IN LAws

Amma ji interrupts you have become very strong now you are giving advises to vish now remember one hitng all thes you were having
are becoz of Vish only…
visha goes near rads and asks her why did you do this why did you made dev to change his decision ..
Ammji is right i have the first in htis house after me only you came here..did you understand this….rads replies very strongly plz try to understand me
iam the CB of this house and your sister too..all are questionig my husband becoz of you what will he say …what will happen if all will come to know about this truth
and i wont allow this to happen so it will be better if you leave this house after the function is over and leaves the room

Part 3

next scene deepika was questioning Dev about HM and what all the places he visited…
Mrinu asks him about did he have done any shopping for our family
Dev replies no i have not have time but rads has bought done shopping for all
Mrinu asks did you got any new relationship any friends over there
Rads trys to say smething but Dev suddenly ya i got a man who was behaving very starnge
he was focing me to make friendship but i….
rads replies ya but he was a nice person he saved dev life ..
hearing this Vaishali asks what happened And rads clears them and adds
Thant person saved his life and gave me new life listening toi this
Vaishali says to dev it means he must be nice person you should have
invited him to our home by saving your life he has become god to us
hearong this Mrinu tells in her why did he beacame god to all
becoz of him my all plans got failed
Next scene Part started nd Radev comes down to party hall and Vaishali introduced them to a lady
and radev greets them and took wishes but the lady asks to plz give a good nes
soon Vaishali was waiting for alongto b come Dadi so give a bal gopal to her soon rads blushes
And a voice came from the back agreeing them they see back
ABHI and SIMI (KAROL BAGH – SERIAL)have Come there
all goes to them abhi and simi gets blessings from daima and vaishali says to daima
MAAJi you are also thinking the same na waht i think SIMI is looking good after marriage
Dadi says she will look more beautifull when she becomes mother
Simi blushes hearing this dev comes there and tells till now they
were all talking about me and radhika and they started taliking about you so better to leave from here
but vaishali says where are you ging i wnt to see the dance of ABHI and SIMI
they dance for the song from the folm KAMINEY
Birju enters to vish room and teasing tone he asks vish all are celebrating there down why are you sitting here …
vish says you go from here but birju says see i have come to give here food to you she how tasy food are prepared in retun of Radhikaji..
vish get angry and say to go from here birju says dont get angry you have to leave from here
so eat this food…who knows after that you will be able eat this food or not
Ammaji come there and she yells at birju she says i am alive till now i wont allow this
go away now birju again in teasing tone sys to AMMA dont get mad at me im going and he keeps the food and leaves from there

Amma goes nera to vish and says dont dcry why you dont tell all the truth taht why Dev has brought you here

Vish says if i will tell the truth all wiil ask me you is the father of this child
Amma suddenly repplies tell to them that Dev is the father of this child…
Vish loooks shocked Amma adds Dev wont also refuses to this as you
have spent not a single night but lots fof nights with him
when all will come to know about this all happines will go away from their faces
all will be worrying and you will be laughing……..

Radev are clapping to the dance of ABHI SIMI and suddenly a guy was going hitting them
Radaev turns and sees they found Shantanu and looked shocked
rads asks him you here ?…shantanu replies i have come on your invitation
Dev replies angrily we hav not invited you here
shantanu replies not you but Radhika has invited me she said me whenever i come india
i can come here so im india and i have come here
vivek and all come there and asks about him
rads introduce him saying he is the one who saved Devs life inMalaysia
Vaishali asks ohh you ok tell me how did it happened
Shantanu replies nothing it was just like ans accident
dadima says you have not only saved his life but has aved all our life
without him we would have nothing shantanu replies this my dity i ave not done anything
vaishali says you yi htink aayou are from a good family they geven you good
qualities on you ,,shantanu says dont bring them in between
as they gave me birth but i came here to this stage and saying this he took

blessings from Dadima …..dadima gives her blessings he will succeed in his ife

she also adds you thnk this as your home…..shantanu looks at dev smmilinghly but dev looks angry on him
vivek and all leaves foem there taking radev with him and tells Mrinu to take care of
shantanu as he is our gusest
mrinu takes shantanu with him and he asks him welcome you have come here to
attend the partyt vbecoz of you my plan failed
santanu asks what i have did mrinu asks you are loving rads na then what happened
you promised me you will separate aradev but they are lookig more closer now

shantanu says ya i will separate them but it will take time
i have come here to do this only
as my home still need the guests
Mrinu says go lets go and enjoy this party
deepika comes there and she assk mrinu to dancce and nrinu also agrees to dance
she dance for the song of ANJAAM while Rads sees Dev is looking worried
Dev goes from there after the dance is over and Rads follows him
Dev teels rds the do not want to tolerate more
he does not want to see Shantanu here
he adds i dont want to make friendship with him
but he is following us
Rads says see now he is our guest wo we have bear him we cant say anything now
but dev replies iangrily
i wont allow to enter anybody in my happiness becoz of who we and our family will get hurt
whoever may be is vishaka or shantanu

there in vish\’s room Amma was brainwshing vishaka about tellinh her idea
but viskaha was thinking deeply
and Shantanu enters there i have one more idea
you woont need to leave this house

AMMA asks you are you
and vish aslo why are you helping me and how did you know about me
shantanu says i am helping you
coz our destinations are same
Vishaka looked surprising……..

Rest Coming….

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