Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th March 2010 Written Update

Part 1

episode starts with akshara leaving the room.naitik is sitting on the bed.he speaks to himself-it was such a good chance 4 us.only u and i.better than sitting here alone,i wud hv gone to the office.he opens the drawer and removes a book from it.suddenly a paper falls down.itz akshara\’s letter.naitik reads it(FINALLY! y did he read it SO early?!!)he feels sad.he picks up akshara\’s photo frame which is kept on the table and starts speaking with it.he says sorry i hv hurt u so from now on i\’ll never let a tear drop come in ur eyes.i promise.and smiles looking at her pic.he starts reading all the sheets of paper there.there is a paper in which akshara has noted down naitik\’s fav dishes.he says wt wt u write down akshara!there\’s another paper with akshara\’s fav dishes.In it,gur ki kheer is at the top.naitik reads it.
shaurya returns from the office.all ladies r sitting on sofa in the living room.he is very happy and excited.vishambhar has given him the entire responsibilty of their new hotel.all get very happy and bless him.rajashri tells him to b very careful and keep up his father\’s name.she says try nt to make any mistake.he says how will i learn unless i do any mistake!varsha brings sweets from inside.rajashri and shaurya feed sweets to each other.

Part 2

In the kitchen,
some faltu tiff btwn maharaj ji nd gulabo.naitik enters kitchen.both ask if he wants anythng.naitik says he wanted some medicines.he asks maharaj ji to get them 4 him from the market.he tells gulabo he wants to hv jamanlal\’s gaajar ka he tells her to go and get it 4 him.maharaj ji leaves.gulabo says she\’ll leave after sometime.naitik tells her to leave immediately.she leaves.
all ladies return from mandir.gayatri and bhabhimaa start calling gulabo.maharaj ji enters the house from the entrance.all ask where he had gone.he tells naitik wanted medicines so i had gone to the market.gulabo enters the house.maharaj ji goes inside.all question gulabo where she hd gone.she says she had gone out to bring gaajar ka halwa 4 naitik.suddenly maharaj ji shouts from kitchen.gulabo and others go running in the kitchen.all r shocked to c the messy scene in the kitchen.maharaj ji starts screaming at gulabo.she says she hasnt done anythng.she wasnt even present in the house.naitik enters the kitchen.he wonders he has made the kitchen how much messy!daddaji and rajbanna also enter.both enquire abt the mess in the kitchen.daddaji tells tht munim(jeweller) has come in the house.gayatri says i hv called him.both maharaj ji and gulabo r still argueing.gayatri tells them to stop fighting and clean up the mess.all leave.naitik and akshara smile sweetly at each other.
gayatri tells munim to show some jewels.she asks akshara to select any of her choice.she gets confused.she picks up 1 and asks naitik 4 approval.he approves.then gayatri says to akshara tht she was waiting 4 so long tht wen she\’ll b handing over the keys to her DIL.she hands over the keys to akshara.akshara denies taking the responsibilities saying i hv to still learn so much more from u both.these keys look gud only with u.gayatri says she is confident akshara will b able to handle it all.akshara says i hv got such a gud i cant take up these responsibilities now.she returns the keys to gayatri.gayatri smiles.
@dining table
akshara has prepared the dinner.all appreciate it.(gayatri seems to hv become very caring towards akshara)rashmi asks naitik if he didnt like palak paneer.he says he liked it.y?she says then y didnt u thank akshara 4 tht.he thanks her.

Part 3

all r sitting on the sofa in the living room.varsha serves dessert to every1.dadi appreciates her.rajashri asks varsha if the phone\’s receiver has been kept down properly.varsha replies yes.vishambhar says to rajashri tht she has already asked her this b4.rajashri replies tht i juz thought so,as ur important calls can come.anshu comes in runnig saying some photos hv come.those r holi pics.all r seeing the pics.suddenly phone rings.rajashri gets up to pick it up.gayatri is on the other side.she asks if she was waiting 4 her daughter\’s call.she says she can understand rajashri might b missing her!she hands the phone over to akshara.a very short conversation btwn maa-beti.
In naitik\’s room,
naitik is present there and akshara enters.naitik says i was waiting 4 u 4 so long and u hv come now.she says wt cud i do.maa herself dialed the phone to my maa and gave me to talk with her.she is so caring.he says afterall she is my mom.y did u go to mandir with maa. anywayz,2day i hv a plan to stay awake all night.akshara blushes.she says i hv to still tidy up the room.2day maharaj ji is also nt happy.dnt know who messed up the kitchen.naitik says he wants to take her somewhere immediately.


In the garden outside singhania house,naitik and akshara r feeding gur ki kheer to each other.daddaji comes there and sees them feeding each other from a distance.he seems to gets angry.

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