Choti Bahu 1st April 2010 Written Update

Vishaka threatens using law again!!
Vishaka is about to slap Radhika when Dev holds her hand and angrily says, Radhika is my wife and will always remain one. But Vishakha argues back by saying legally i\’m still ur wife, and it\’s bigger than the rules that you as a Rajpurhoit set out. I have the law with me, so don\’t forget! She leaves after saying this and Dadi starts feeling dizzy hearing this. Everyone calms her down and asks her not worry, Daadi says she can\’t see injustice being done on Radhika, Dev tells her that he has a meeting with the city\’s biggest lawyer and he will try his best to sort this issue out.

Lawyer : Divorce papers need to be signed again
Dev meets the lawyer who tells him that he has file the divorce again as the case is very complicated and he has to get Vishaka\’s divorce papers signed again. Dev and Vivek are worried as Vishaka will never sign the paper and they ask for other options. The lawyer says this is the only option with them or other wise they just have go through a long court battle, which can take years and might not even result in a divorce.

Radhika – Dev – Vishakha
Dev and Vivek come back home. Dev is very tensed and Vivek asks him to calm down as he has to keep the rest of the family and Radhika happy too. Radhika comes to see Dev and asks him what happened with the lawyer, but Dev lies and says all is fine and the case has begun. Radhika asks u r hiding something from me right? Dev says yes and says I couldn\’t tell you I love you. And he hugs her. Vishaka watches from the top in anger.

Dev takes Radhika to the dinner table as she hasn\’t eaten yet as Dev was away. Dev feeds Radhika with her own hands, Vishaka keeps looking at them in anger is jealousy. She picks up a glass and throws it towards the dining table. The glass doesn\’t hit anyone but just falls nearby, Dev get\’s up and stares at Vishakha in anger!

Dev offers Vishaka Concessions to sign the Divorce papers
Vishaka goes away to her room, and Dev comes to meet her there. Vishakha is happy seeing him there and says “I know u will surely come, after all for how long a husband can stay away from his wife”. She takes her arm and takes him in. But Dev stops and says i\’m here to give you divorce papers, you have to sign them! I will give you whatever you, want, I can give you money, I can make a film for you. Vishakha answers, can u give me ur heart?? Dev is stunned, and asks are u mad?? Only Radhika is my wife! He offers her more stuff like a bigger house etc, but Vishaka says I will still need you.

Dev says u have to live without me. Visakha says u have already taken away my baby. Dev says he doesn\’t even want to think about that, he made a mistake then. Vishaka says what can she do now, and asks you should kill me. She picks up a knife and asks Dev to kill her!! Dev grabs the knife and throws it and asks her to stop acting!! Vishaka says she will never do what he wants either, which is to sign the divorce papers!! Radhika hears this and she runs away crying.

Vishaka puts forward her baby demand to Dev
Dev tries to appease Dev calmly now and says I always loved Radhika, she\’s my true love etc. Vishaka calms down and says fine I can sign the divorce papers only if you give my child back. She asks for a kid from Dev!! Dev is totally stunned and asks what she is blurting!!! Dev says this will never happen, as only Radhika has the right on me. He leaves from there in anger!

Dev doesn\’t tell Radhika about Vishaka\’s offer
Radhika is crying in her room as she remembers Vishakha saying she won\’t sign the papers. As Dev comes into the room, she hides her tears. And tries to give Dev her support and says Vishaka will one day be forced to sign the papers, you don\’t worry. Our Kanha will support us, Dev says\’s you don\’t know Vishaka\’s intentions, but Radhika says don\’t worry and hugs Dev. Dev in his mind things Radhika has soo much belief in me, in her kanha, I will never break her trust.

Vishaka – Vivek – Dev
Dev has to go and do some paperwork, and asks Radhika to sleep. Radhika says she will wake up with him as well, but at last Dev puts her to sleep. Dev goes into the courtyard, it\’s stormy as he thinks over Vishakas\’ request for a baby. He\’s very distraught, and upset, Vivek comes there and asks Dev what Vishaka said. Dev doesn\’t speak much and Vivek understands that Vishaka hasn\’t signed the papers. Just then Vishakha comes there and says no, i\’m ready to sign the papers for Dev\’s happiness!! Vishaka says she just asked for one thing, Vivek asks Dev to go ahead and give what she wants. Dev asks Vivek not to fall in her traps as her answer is basically NO!. Vishakha won\’t quite down and says she wants to tell Vivek her demand. Dev asks Vishakha to be quite and Vivek goes away.

Dev says NO to Vishakha\’s offer!!
Vishaka pressurizes Dev more, and says i\’m only asking for my right. I love you sooo much, I would have killed myself for you (Dev should say go ahead). And you can\’t give one night of yours to me?? Dev questions, is this your love that you are putting conditions in front of it? Dev asks her to just remember one thing, that I won\’t accept defeat in front of your conditions. Ends with a stunned Vishaka face.

Lol sorry for the title guys, it\’s April fool

This Vishaka is just getting over the top now!! No morals at all!! The episode was pretty slow with loads of talking from Vishakha. And now Dev is in a dilemma, becuase of Vishaka\’s demand!! Unfortunately all the legal doors are being shut one by one. And Vishaka has the upper side in all of this, only Radhika can save the day now by letting the first marriage truth out.Otherwise, anything can happen here….and the title I wrote may not be be a april fool one day.

Vishaka is doing some pooja in the house, and Daadi comes there and holds her arm. Daadi says I still have the power in the bones to stop anyone from breaking this house traditions. Daadi is holding Vishaka\’s arm soo tight that she breaks her bangles. Everyone else is present there as well.

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