Choti Bahu 5th April 2010 Written Update

Vishaka\’s on the phone with Amma and she tells Amma how soon Dev will be hers. Amma\’s proud of her and says that she knew that Vishaka wouldn\’t lose to Radhika. She also says how she shouldn\’t have forced the family but Vishaka justifies herself that if she hadn\’t done all that then Dev would never have agreed and that she realized that Dadi ma is Dev\’s weakness and that soon Dev will be hers.
Radhika goes to Dadima and apologized for all that Dadi ma had to face because of Vishaka. Dadi ma tells her not to worry and that it\’s a test from God (I think that\’s what she said) but that she feels worse knowing that Vishaka can go to any extent to have Dev and take Radhika\’s rights. Rahdika reassures Dadaima and tells her not to worry because she has Dev\’s love and as long as she has her husband\’s love nothing will happen. She basically says how Dev won\’t let anyone take her rights. Dev hears this and gets upset and wonders how Radhika trusts her so much and that he can\’t tell her that he\’s about to betray her. He then decides that he won\’t betray Radhika and will never do what Vishaka wants.
Dev goes to Vishaka\’s room and Vishaka gets happy and wonders why Dev came so early and that he didn\’t even give her time to decorate the room. Dev ignores her and tells her to come with him. Vishaka asks him why but then says that she wont ask him anything today and she\’ll go wherever he wants her to go. She gives her hand for him to take but he ignores it and leaves.
Dev and Vishaka arrive at the his lawyer\’s office and Dev asks the lawyer to transfer all his property and shares to Vishaka\’s name and asks Vishaka to sign the divorce papers. Vishaka asks the lawyer to give them some time to talk and after the lawyer leaves Vishaka tells Dev how she loves him and wont accept it. Dev offers to send her money every month as well but she rejects that offer and rips the property papers. She says how she only wants one night with Dev and Dev says that that right belongs to Radhika and how everything of his belongs to only Radhika. Vishaka accepts that she can\’t have his love but can at least have his child, which Dev refuses. Vishaka basically threatens Dev and tells him she can do anything to get what she wants and she leaves.
Dev walks on the road, upset, and remembers Radhika saying how she knows that Dev will never give her rights away and then remembers Vishaka saying that he can\’t take her rights away by trying to get her to sign the divorce papers and that she\’s his wife, not Dev. He remembers Dadima getting handcuffed and then him hugging Radhika. While walking Dev hears a bell ring in a mandir and goes there. He stares at the idols and starts ringing the bell over and over again until a pundit comes and stops him. He tells him that he doesn\’t need to hurt himself to ask something from Kanha and that Dev coming to the mandir is enough and that Kanha will listen to him and the pundit leaves. Dev goes towards the idol and says that he can\’t see a solution to this problem and that he can\’t betray Radhika.
Radhika asks Madhav kaka if anyone called and is informed that everyone went out and Radhika asks about Dev and gets worried because he didn\’t say anything. She then sees flowers being brought and taken upstairs. She asks Madhav kaka and he tells her that Vishaka asked for it.
Vishaka\’s in her room and she lights up candles. Radhika comes and sees the room so decorated. Vishaka asks Radhika to help her decorate. Radhika asks her what she\’s up to now. Vishaka says she\’s not doing anything and that she\’s happy and asks Radhika to get her sehj (?) ready. She then asks Radhika for her shaadi ka joda. Radhika gets surprised and asks Vishaka why she wants it. Vishaka says that she\’s going to wear that shaadi ka joda and become Dev\’s dulhan and that Dev is coming to her.
Pre-cap: Vishaka says that she\’s going to have her suhaag raat today and Radhika slaps her.

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