(manavs house) sav aai sees archu in the house … archu is scared …aai talking to bappa and asking she asked for a laxmi and not this night mare (aai thinks she is dreaming) archu is doubly scared … aai turns around and sees her still there … she talks to bappa again … archu says “aai” sav aai realises she aint dreaming … sav is angry that she in in their house … aai is instigating her but then when archu tries to say manavs name, aai tells her to stop lying and starts talking ill of her family … then aai thinks she has come here to steal jewellry … archu is trying to explain herself … aai is not believing her and asks why she hasnt signed the papers yet … aai is asking her is she is using manav … aai gets angry and then takes archus hand … archu lets go of her hand infront of the neighbours but then aai gets more angry … aai tells her to get out but then takes her hand and takes her out … (outside manavs house) satish reaches the chawl and then satish sees aai taking archu out of her house and then satish goes to help…. aai pushes archu and satish catches her … aai asks her why she has come to her husbands house with her lover … aai now thinks she has come for money … aai starts to shout ill of archu infront of the chawl … satish tells her to stop talking rubbish and then says she has crossed all limits … satish saying she should be ashamed for creating a natak infront on the chawl … aai then accuses them of having an affair … then satish says she wont understand their relationship and says she cant understand anyother relationship but affairs between a man and a woman … then satish says he came here to support archu from ill people like sav aai … then satish puts his hands on archus shoulder and says he will fully support and archu and stand by her …. manav sees this in the background … aai sees manav ….archus turns around and sees manav …archu takes satishs hands off her shoulder n then walks to manav … archu thinks that manav set this all up … now archu is angry at manav … archu says i would have signed the papers but why did you have to create this natak… manav says he knows he came late but … archu stopped him … they are both talking about how they both dont care about this relationship … manav then says if she cared about this relationship then she wouldnt have come here with her yaar (satish) … archu is shocked … manav says she had already decided what she wanted to do before she even came here … archu didnt expect this from manav and says that manav thinks their relationship has no meaning, then she says relationships are based on trust and today she has no trust in manav … then says from the start of this relationship she has maintained this relationship … then she says manav created this relationship and now he will end it … archus continues saying that she supported him in creating the realtionship now she will support him in ending it … (aai is getting happy) … archu says she will break this relationship … then archu says “shaadi is lifes biggest rishta, a pavitra rishta, which brings two strangers together … who are tied together for 7 lifetimes …from human to god.. all people belive in this rishta … ” archu says she had so much hope for their rishta and then says manav has ruined it …she says even going thorugh soo many “agni parikshas” he doubted her … then she says he cant hink of howhis one thought has hurt her soo much … then she says she came here to save their relationship but these people and house dont accept me … then says the person i was joined with is not joined with me anymore … (aais happiness has gone and has an understanding expression) archu says the world might doubt manav byut she doesnt because she knows her manav can never be wrong … BUT NO … thinks thought was her biggest mistake … whenever she used to step out their house, she always asked bappa that the last time she walsk out of this house is when her soul dies ….and bappa has listend to her … my body might leave this house but that body will have no life/soul … she says all her dreams/emotions/love/trust will all die today …manav is heartbroken … archu says manav has broken her trust … then says she is leaving forever and she wont even look back… archu gets out a pen and signs the papers … there are flashbacks of their wedding in reverse … (aai has a smug look on her face) archu has finished signing and tells him to take the papers … he doesnt take it so she throws them in ther aai and they all land around him … archu walks off angry … manav is heartbroken and aai is happy … satish goes home in the car … (archus house) aai is pacing outside and is waiting anxiously for archu … satish and archu arrive in his car at the house, they both get out and aai is confused … archu walks straight into the house … everyone sees … archu is upset … aai is asking whats going on but archu runs into her room … aai asks satish .. satish says she signed the divorce papers … vaishu/aii/baba/vinod are shocked and mnaju is happy